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Interviewing Touchpadwarrior

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a very special and highly requested guest!! I’m talking about the most famous beard in the gaming community aka @touchpadwarrior aka Justus!! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Of course! I’m honored to be your guest.

You are a real legend in the gaming community! How did it all start? What was your first approach to the video game world?

I had been playing WoW since late classic, I was a VERY noob player at the start. I had intellect plate gear, rolled need on cloth in RFC, and was even specced prot until level 50 until I went to a buddy’s house who also played and wondered why Concussion Blow was on my bars and I was using a 2hander. My IRL friends that introduced me into the game quit well before even Burning Crusade came out, but I still had a burning passion for the game and continued to do so, It wasn’t until late MoP that I made an instagram account for my character Justus and that name was obviously taken, so I went a very transparent route and went with “Touchpadwarrior” since I play a warrior in game, and I play on a touchpad keyboard. The next morning after taking a very lame picture of my character with my phone, not even a screenshot, I saw the comments below of “Omg I love WoW! What server do you play on?” “I like your gear! Taurens are awesome!” and I realized I wasn’t alone in my passion for the game like I thought I had been for years. So I kept posting and making great new friends who shared my same passion!

What was the first game you ever played?

First game I EVER played? Mario Kart 64. Mostly stuck with mario kart, smash bros, and pokemon growing up.

And the first one that you fell in love with?

I would say they are the same, due to the fact that my older sister got me into video games and that’s who I would play with when I was younger.

The gaming experience change for all of us during the years, we grow, we change but we still play. Tell us more about your gaming experience! When did you realize that you were a gamer and that it will always be a passion in your life?

I really didn’t consider myself a gamer until I started more hardcore progression in burning crusade with Justus. Taking the time to analyze, study, and hours of research to adapt and get better at what I was doing, 12hr days playing the game when I didn’t have a lot going on in my life I caught myself really pushing to work harder and perform better each day. With that in mind, I almost don’t consider myself a gamer after more heavily looking at what I do, I only really play WoW, but… “Warcraft’er” sounds funky so it’s easier to tell people that I am a gamer

Warcraft changes so much, with each expansion the game evolves, how did your experience with the game change?

Initially it was an immense world to explore, being a novice has its perks of discovery which is always a fun time. But as you get used to things, you still become eager to discover more about your surroundings. I would say that It started off with absorbing the environment around me, then as I got older my quest to discover new things were more so in how they worked, how to use the fields I’ve been exploring to my advantage and become a master of whatever it was that I was tackling at the time, as simple as the fastest archaeology / mining routes to rotations for certain boss fights or talents for VS. specific classes.

What is your favorite thing to do in game now?

The easy answer to that is Arena, it’s been 10 years since I’ve done as much pvp as I have been recently. It was as of this content patch, I decided to halt progression raiding after 12 years. This season is easily one of the most chaotic ones I have seen with corruption into play, but I still enjoy it. But to be honest, one of my favorite things to do in game is to fish. It seems silly, but I enjoy taking a break from all the fights and just fishing up materials while listening to soothing music. Its something I almost miss doing. Despite what it may look like, I don’t play WoW nearly as much as I used to. I play for about 3hrs a day and since I stream it, I don’t spend that time fishing since I know for most folks it’s not that entertaining.

And this brings me right to my next question!! You are a successful streamer, you currently have 3.7k followers!! What made you decide to start streaming?

I decided that I wanted to start streaming because I wanted to share my passion with people and be helpful / knowledgeable for newcomers into the game. What it evolved into was something a little different, sometimes people would come into my chat and I’d ask how their day was and they would say not well, I’d ask why and a lot of people, much like myself struggle with depression, anxiety or just a general tough time in their life. They would pop in and be able to talk to someone who would listen. I didn’t consider this to happen but I was just being myself and trying to be there for someone in need. I kept streaming for this reason. I am grateful to be someone’s source of entertainment in the day to help have a laugh, learn something new or just have a space to be able to talk and get through the rough days together.

And that’s absolutely awesome and beautiful and we are grateful for what you do! Is there a game you would like to play and maybe stream too?

To be 100% honest.. no? I love playing WoW and sticking to this game the only… “secret” game I really play other than WoW is Pokemon Go and that’s a little difficult to stream lol. I keep WoW as my streaming stuff, and try to reset myself by enjoying other games off camera with friends and loved ones.

Tell us more about you, who is the person behind the WoW player and the streamer?

Well, I’m 28 years old. I love pottery though I’m not able to practice it anymore without a workshop. I am a chef with a culinary arts degree, I worked at the Playboy Mansion as an event chef for 4 years. Though at the moment currently working as a barista / supervisor. I have 2 dogs, Charlie and Thor. I live with my girlfriend of five years Melissa, and my father in Southern California. I REALLY enjoy my whiskey and dark ales, and I enjoy the occasional game of billiards.

That’s so interesting!! I bet you have the chef title in game! XD

Of course I do! lol I got that way before I ended up in the industry too! I found my passion for cooking in middle school, took 3 years between middle and high school, and perused it in college to get the degree

Oh I can totally understand! One of the first titles I really worked for was Archaeologist and I’m at one year of university from becoming one irl!! Anyway you’ve told us about how you joined the IG gaming community but what made you want to stay?

As my community grew, I’ve seen… a lot of things happen over the years. Whether they be good or bad. But what has kept me personally going is the fact people still comment or dm me asking questions about the game and I am glad I can be there to answer those questions. I also know the satisfyingly feeling getting a new rare mount of achieving hard goals in game and I love to see people complete them.

Speaking of community and WoW, you’ve created an amazing guild! What made you want to make it?

With my leave of hardcore raiding I wanted to make a space in game that people could make new friends and grow together like we have on Instagram and be able to play with folks more often from the community!

What are your hopes and goals for it?

Very easy, what it’s already doing. My hope is that people in the guild find new friends like I have and help spread positivity in game and the community. Hopefully get some community event nights in the future with transmog competitions and achievement runs.

Do you have a message for the community?

My message to the community is please, spread love more than hate. It’s entirely ok to express discomfort or struggles with things but do so in a constructive manner. The reason I love Instagram for the WoW community was the “toxicity” of other social media platforms made it unbearable for me to enjoy it. Stay positive, spread love and cheer. If you have complaints be sure to share them in a constructive manner. Be kind to one another, say gratz, ask how someone’s day is going, compliment a transmog. The real world, and the world of Warcraft have a lot of darkness in them, It’s up to us to shed the light upon the community and give hope.

Totally agree with all this, thank you so much for spreading such a positive message! Getting back to WoW what is something that you wish Blizzard will bring back to the game?

Silly, but Gladiator Stance for Warriors, lol!

What are your thoughts and hopes for Shadowlands?

I think it’s very exciting to see the things at play beyond our realm in game. My hope is to unveil more deeper lore of the game and of course, to see awesome new mounts and armor to collect!

If someone who is reading us doesn’t play WoW, what would you say to convince them to try it?

If you love exploration, raiding dungeons or pvp give Warcraft a shot, the game might seem intimidating at first, but if you remind yourself to take your time and really absorb your surroundings you’ll fall in love.

And to a fellow gamer who isn’t part of the Ig gaming community?

Take a look at what the community has to offer as a whole. Check out the hashtag #BlizzIGFamily and see what people are doing, sharing and enjoying from sharing their adventures with fellow players! You may make a few new friends to travel through Azeroth.. or the Shadowlands together.

We can’t end the interview without talking about your merch! What’s your inspiration for it?

Honestly that’s the creative freedom and design from the love of my life @monsterfex (Melissa) she asks roughly what I like then creates dreams into reality.

And the results are absolutely amazing! And the last question, as for everyone of my guests! Who are three members of the gaming community who you would like to see as my guests?

I’d like to see @Broximar, @Proxyttv, & @ragingbeardedscot.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be my guest and for giving me and us the chance to know you better! It was a pleasure and an honor! I wish you all the best in the future! And thank you for for the time here and in game!

Of course! The honor was all mine, I had a blast. I look forward to seeing who you have on next!

And thank you all for joining me for another interview with yet another awesome guest!! I’m always so happy to get to know better this community and the beautiful people that makes it special! See you soon for another interview and another special guest!

With love, 


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