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“Glory, battle, great moments, are where we give to the world. But we cannot give without receiving. We cannot share what we do not have inside. It is this quiet, the pause between breaths, that makes us what we truly are. Gives us strength for all our journeys.”
― Christie Golden, Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects

I’ve been a part of the Instagram gaming community for almost two years. When I first created my account I wasn’t prepared for what was coming. I found a family. A kind, loving, supporting, wierd family that has members all around the globe. I created this blog to thank some of them…hope all of them someday. All the people who make my life better each day with a comment, a like or a dm.

I will post here two interviews per month where I talk to some of the members of the Instragram community so me and you all will get to know them a little better, in order to make everyone know how wonderful and great a community can be and how much a simple account can change our lives forever.

With love,


Interviewing Aska

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I’m very happy to have you back here for yet another interview! My guest today is a special one and I’ve been waiting to have him here for a long time! He’s an artist, a gamer and a wonderful friend! I’m talking about Math aka Aska! Welcome to my parlour! 

Hey! Thanks for having me!

As for everyone of my gamer guests we have to start from the origins of your passion for video games! How did it all start?

Well I don’t have a lot of memories from my childhood, I never really was the gamer one in the family. I remember when I was very young, I got a Gameboy and the game Pokemon Silver which had a problem, because I couldn’t save so I always had to restart from the beginning, I suppose that was my first experience with video games.

When did you get really passionate about the gaming world?

I played a lot of Call Of Duty when I was younger, but the games I played the most were definitely Assassin’s creed 3 and 4, I discovered the pleasure of running into another world where everything seemed possible, where I could do or be anything I wanted and as a kid full of dreams this was incredible. I believe Assassin’s Creed started my passion for video games. Where other games used to be just a way to entertain me, Assassin’s creed was my first “open world” game and gave me the experience of walking into another world. I think that’s what I liked the most: discovering another world and being a badass pirate assassin haha. 

What is your all time favorite game?

Honestly I haven’t played that many games, or at least not that much, I think the answer I would give today would be World of Warcraft, which is the game I played the most and with the most people, no doubt. 

How did you end up playing it?

Don’t show this to Blizzard or imma be banned haha, when I got my first pc which was around 6 years ago I was looking for games to play. I played a lot of League of Legends, but I kept thinking about WoW so I looked for a way to play it freely, which I more or less found. I played on a private server for…I don’t know maybe 4 years? Then 2 years ago I started to get some money and finally  moved on the official game. 

What made you stay passionate about the game?

World of Warcraft gave me a lot of good and bad memories, but there is something in Azeroth that makes me come back all the time, is it the need to escape reality? Is it the way I enjoy playing my characters or making edits? I couldn’t say, but one of the best thing in World of Warcraft is the people you meet, the community you play with, those rare moments, in the late night or even very very early morning, where you log in and do stupid things with friends just for fun. WoW has a lot of faults but also a lot to offer to dreamers like me, stories, characters and amazing places. I don’t know exactly what keeps me passionate about the game, but I know it won’t go away before a long time.

The new expansion is almost here! What are your hopes for it and for WoW’s future?

YES! I really want to take my time for Shadowlands, I tried to see nothing about the zones and stories, I want to discover everything by myself! I cannot wait to visit the new zones, to be part of the new story and see all the new mounts hehe, I can’t wait to use what Shadowlands has to offer to make more edits and characters! The new leveling system seems alt friendly and omg if it is, you gonna see a lot of Askas everywhere, I can tell you that! If we want to say the truth, World of Warcraft is getting old in a video game industry where new video games are created everyday, but it’s still one of the best (in my opinion), my only hope for the game is to keep surprising us with content, they already did in the past, we know they can come up with new ideas and concepts, they just need to make the right choices even tho it’s impossible to make everyone happy. I don’t know what they have planned for the future but I’ll be there to see it. That’s a fact.

Are there any other games that you would like to try in the future?

I’m currently playing on a small pc so I sadly can’t really play a lot of games, but there is definitely more games I would love to play, I tried Black Desert Online once and I really loved how it looked but my pc didn’t so I had to stop, you know I also really want to play Final Fantasy too, the day I get a better pc you can be sure it’s gonna be one of the first games I’ll play. The only fear I have is to log in and never come back to reality haha, that game looks pretty and seems really fun to play, and I know people who play it so I know I wont be alone when I’ll start. 

Speaking of friends and gaming, how did you end up joining that crazy place we usually call IG gaming community?

Haha honestly? I have no explanations for how I ended up where I am today, I was just a guy who wanted to share the photo of the game that he took on social media. I already had a small account so I knew how instagram worked. It’s been crazy since I created that account, I’ve met so many people, so many things happened, bad and good like in every community, I’m just so glad that I’ve met the people I know today. I’m trying not to get into troubles and personal stuff after things that happened but I really cherish every relation that I have with everyone I know today. What a journey it has been haha, but it doesn’t stop here, the year just started and I’m back for another year in this crazy community.

Do you have a message for the community?

This community is precious, it’s a place where people can escape their problems and people they don’t like IRL, please don’t be toxic or mean to each other, lol!

You not only share with us your wonderful screenshots but your amazing art too! When did this passion begin?

Haha yeah that’s a long story but I’ll make it short. Basically, I draw since forever, I spent my entire school years drawing on my notebooks because I was bored to death, after my school years I went to university to study philosophy but after a week of drawing in my books and realising I was more drawing than actually writing things, I decided to change for something else. The same year I went on the official game and started my WoW instagram account, I’ve met people that talked to me about my drawings and how I should start the commissions, which I did, and when I became a little better at digital drawing I started commissions in digital too, which people liked more so I keep doing them today. I feel so honored that people like my work enough to buy it. I’m so deeply thankful to everyone who pushed me and helped me to start making commissions, I just love seeing people happy with a drawing or painting of their characters haha. 

What is your main inspiration for your art?

My inspiration? For my drawings I make only black and white drawings, with a lot of details and lines, when I was a kid I used to read a lot of mangas and tried to draw the character I was seeing in them so I guess that comes from there, for the digital I have no idea, I just do and learn everyday, I try to see how professionals do their paintings and I try to improve . I usually draw more fantasy related stuff though, the fantasy universe has always passionated me. 

We’ve talked about the gamer and the artist but who is the person behind them?

Haha there is not a lot to say, just a 21 years old dude from Belgium trying to play WoW and make his place in this world and find some joy in it.

Your screens are also full of meaning and stories! What is your inspiration for them?

Movies, definitely! I’m a huge fan of movies and I love when a scene is full of sense or just aesthetically beautiful, I try to make my edits or screenshots looks like they are coming from a movie, I used to do simple screenshot of places in Azeroth but I started to edit them and that opened a world of possibilities, with some editings skills I have an infinity of possible scenes, I can open a window on a closed building, make two characters fight when they are not even on the place at first, I love to settle an ambiance, that my pictures tells a story by themself or making my characters having an adventure.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Like I said I want to play and enjoy Shadowlands with people and maybe meet new players this year! I can’t wait to work on new commissions and improve my drawing and painting skills too! My hopes are just not to lose my mind, enjoy simple things and be happier in general!

And lastly who are three accounts that you would like to see as my guests?

I have 280 people in mind haha! I’d love to see my buddies Neylocplays_, Shakeablecowx and the amazing mer.nymps! 

And with this our interview ends! Thank you very much for joining me and for letting us know you better! It was a real pleasure!

The pleasure was mine, thanks again for having me! 

As always a big thank you goes to my trusted sidekick Unidess for helping me out with yet another interview! And thanks to all of you for being here with us again! See you all soon with another wonderful guest!

Interviewing Nayrunia

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a wonderful special person as my guest! Many of you know her, many of you love her! She’s an artist, a gamer, a sweetheart, I’m talking about Cas!! Thank you for accepting my invitation!!

Hello! Thank you for inviting me! ^^ It’s fun being here since I’ve never done this kind of thing before.

You’ve been a highly requested guest so I’m glad to finally have you here! Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? How did you get into gaming?

Oooooh, funny story, haha. I’ve been into gaming for as long as I can remember, but it all started on my Nintendo 64 xD my first ever game was The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’ve always found playing games a kind of way to vent all the energy I have, haha. I’ve always been very adventurous and using that trait through going to a whole new world is so awesome. Gaming is a huge part of me to this day and it helps me go through my life, making it easier to deal with things that are hard to face. For me it’s my escape, and a place where I can be myself. 

When did you understand that video games would forever be part of your identity? 

I don’t really know, I just love the idea of being somewhere else. I would never have been able to go through life without it. Since I never had a very easy time in school and no patience to sit still, I found it easier to just play to stimulate my brain a bit. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was between 10-12 years old, which explained the hyperactivity and lack of concentration, and it made everything harder. Gaming truly helped a lot through rough times and I’m happy I discovered it. I’ve always had video games near :). Most of my life is blurry to me under 10 years, but the video game part is easy to remember as its only good memories. 

What is the first videogame you really fell in love with? 

I would say Zelda all the way. The franchise is filled with adventure and for the first game I spent hours in, I fell for the different dungeons, all unique items, horse riding, sword fights, all being hidden behind an amazing storyline. There was so much adventure and puzzles to solve, keys hidden, bosses, you name it. I have a tattoo on my arm as a symbol of the game and how much I loved it. I still love it with all my heart, for a 10 years old a game like that is magical. I’m such a nerd, I know. xD

And what is your favorite game at the moment?

I have many favorites but currently I’m all wrapped up in Final Fantasy XIV. There is so much to the game. I really do love the story and the characters but also the fact that our character is so involved in the story. I really feel like I’m part of the game with my unique character. On top of that, I play with my best friend which makes everything so much more fun! 

How did you end up playing it?

Before I started playing FFXIV I played World of Warcraft for many years. I just lost interest in playing it and saw all the amazing screenshots from Final Fantasy. Both me and my friend Lexi moved to try the game, but I didn’t fall for it immediately because I had troubles downloading it and learning controls, my pc couldn’t take it so I’ve played it on ps4. I don’t regret staying to learn the game though, it’s amazing. ^^

What is your favorite ingame activity?

Leveling, I dunno why I find it so satisfying but I do. xD I had so many alts in WoW and I do in FFXIV as well, even though you don’t need alts there…..all classes on one character ya know. xD Other than that I do like farming mounts and stuff but also to do the different events. ^^ I can’t decide on one thing because there is so much to choose from. But apart from all that, the best thing to really do is playing with my best friend. 

Do you think you will ever get back to WoW?

As it seems now, no. :/ I don’t feel it at all, it got messy and the story just…no. I loved all about Legion and the beginning of BFA but I think it got too much off track sadly. I know many are disappointed I don’t post WoW anymore but I’m not gonna force myself to do something I don’t enjoy anymore. Besides, I remade most of my main characters in FFXIV. 🙂 

As I said at the beginning of our conversation, you are not only a gamer but an artist too!! What is your main inspiration?

Oh crap xD uhm, well…. my inspiration goes like a rollercoaster, sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not. I don’t choose when I feel like drawing, I just do. Usually when I put on music I can get some inspiration from that, or if I really like a character or something like that ^^. When I’m bored or at a meeting I can easily draw a horse, unicorn or a dragon and it looks amazing but at home….nope! xD Like I said, rollercoaster.

What are your dreams and hopes for the future?

I dream about starting over somewhere else. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing 99% of the time and I’m trying to figure things out but it’s hard. I also miss my best friend/sister more than anything. All I wish is for things to work out but still there is always this struggle. I know one thing though: I’m not one to give up. I believe that things will get better, they always do and I WILL go see my best friend again even if I have to travel between countries. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. 🙂 

And we all wish you the best of luck!! Speaking of friends, how did you end up joining the ig gaming community?

I had been thinking a long time about sharing my gaming life with others, so I made my first gaming page which is called Playwithcas. I took pictures of the tv with my phone, that was my way of taking screenshots xD I was posting there for such a long time, games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Until Dawn, Skyrim and many other AAA games over the years. Sadly I also played the games too much and ended up losing interest…so I left the page because I just didn’t feel it anymore. I then made Casnayruna which today is called Nayrunia. I started posting WoW and today FFXIV. But this aside, the IG community for both WoW and FFXIV is like a family and I made so many friends there, along them is Lexi (Tinydragon.ffxiv) who grew from being my friend to becoming like a sister to me. I’m so thankful to be part of the community and for all the new friends I’ve made. 

Do you have a message for the community?

Yes. I just wanna say that life is too short to think about giving up. We all have our own hell but all of us have the strength to get through anything. So I ask you to not give up. Be yourselves and do things at your own pace. No one can force you to be something you’re not, so believe in yourselves and go kick ass ^^ you all got this!! 

We’ve talked about your passions and your friends but who is the person behind the gamer?

Oh, I’m just another weird girl with a giant heart who tries to fight her way through life. I may have had an awful past but that doesn’t define who I am. I’m a god damn stubborn one, I tell ya! ^^

Are there any games you would like to try or replay?

There are countless games out there that I wanna try xD one day I will try more. As for replay, I may get on some old childhood games again soon. Games like Zelda, Jack and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Super Mario and maaaany more! ^^ It will be fun to relive my childhood again, the good part of it.

And lastly the most difficult question of them all! Who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

Uhm, I’ve already seen most being interviewed xD I honestly don’t know….sorry.

And here ends our interview! Thank you very much for joining me this evening! It was a real pleasure getting to know you better!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity ^^ it was fun! Thank you for the chance! 

And as always thank you all for joining me for another great interview and thank you to my trusted sidekick for all the help! Hope to see you all for my next interview!! 

Interviewing Nihilora

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little parlour! Today’s guest is a very special one and I’m more than happy to have her here! She’s a very special person and I care a lot about her so I can’t wait to get to know her even better, but most of all I can’t wait to help you all to get to know her better! I am talking about the marvelous Eleonora aka Nihilora!! Welcome and thank you for accepting my invitation! 

Greetings Kylara and thanks a lot for inviting me! I’m a huge fan of your interviews and it’s an honor for me to be here today. I can’t wait to begin!

Well let’s start, shall we? Of course we can only start from the beginning. How did your passion for video games begin? 

The one for video games is probably one of my first passions. I undoubtedly got it from my grandparents and from my mom. I remember my first console was the good old PS1. I was really young (I wasn’t more than 4 or 5 years old), so I wasn’t exactly good at it haha,  but I watched them play and that’s how I learned. As years went by, my grandparents and my mom passed the torch completely to me, but we often gather together to talk about game sagas that accompanied us through time. All in all, it’s a huge passion that keeps us close.

When did you realize that being a gamer forever was your destiny? 

I think I understood it when I was in high school, when commitments started to multiply almost overnight. I always studied a lot,  so it’s obvious at one point available time started getting scarce haha. Despite that, I never abandoned my passion for video games. Together with the one for music, they’ve always been there in my life and helped me through some dark times.

Which was the first video game you felt in love with? 

That’s a really difficult question. The answer probably dates back to when I was a kid. When I was 6 years old I received a purple GameBoy Advance, my first portable console. I remember how difficult it was to find the right lighting to play in, because the screen didn’t have retro-illumination yet xD. There’s a small gem on that console: “Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreaks”. It’s probably a game nobody knows, with an extremely simple story, but with gameplay I find interesting even today. I immediately fell in love with it. I still have the old cartridge, tucked away somewhere together with the console. They’re small treasures I will always keep with me.

And now an even more difficult one: pc or console? 

Should I answer with my heart, I’d say consoles. The reason being I have so many memories linked to them…from PlayStation to Nintendo, memories shared with friends and relatives. Should I answer with reason, instead, I’d definitely say pc. For really a lot of reasons (too many xD), but the main one being it’s the main platform I use for gaming nowadays. In the end? I think I don’t know how to answer. I can’t prefer either of them, because there’s pros and cons for both.

What’s your all time favorite video game? 

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. My first game of the saga and the one that pushed me to play all the others. The mix between setting, story and characters are elements that make me start it over again even nowadays, even if I finished it so many times already.

What does gaming mean to you? 

Gaming has always been a core aspect of my life. Playing a videogame is a bit like reading a book, just more interactive. And that’s a booklover saying that xD. It allowed me to get to know incredible characters, many of whom passed on me teachings I still find incredibly important in my life. I get angry when I hear people say that gaming is an  “unhealthy activity” for the mind. Sure, you shouldn’t overdo it, like everything in life. But I think gaming is an opportunity: to learn new things, to meet new people and to broaden one’s horizons.

Another game that is pretty important for you is World of Warcraft, how did it all begin? 

It’s all my boyfriend’s doing! Silvereaglex is a veteran WoW player and he couldn’t restrain himself from bringing me in as well. In truth, it took sometime before I decided to try it out. One day, when I was at his house, he asked me for the hundredth time to try it. In the end I caved in, he logged me in with his account and I made my first character, a Worgen druid. No need to say that once back to my home I created my personal account and haven’t stopped playing since haha. 

What made you stay a loyal fan of the game through the years? 

I fell in love with the characters, both NPCs and my own. As time went by I learned the Lore better, not only from the quests ingame, but also from the various books and short stories. Also, I set a lot of objectives to reach in the game and I still have a lot of work to do to complete them.

What are your hopes for WoW’s future? 

The main problem right now is obsolete mechanics that are still in the game. Shadowlands has some good promises for the moment, but we’re still far from having the perfect game. I’m impatient to try out the innovations, but I feel like saying there’s a will to change in the developers. My hope is they will keep following this road.

What are the games you would like to try or replay in the future? 

I definitely need to try out Final Fantasy XIV Online and finish my Dark Souls III playthrough (hopefully both as soon as possible xD). For the future instead, I’m really hyped for the new Assassin’s Creed and I hope for the new The Legend of Zelda game to be announced. And among all the other things I wanted to replay the Tomb Raider saga, for good old times sake.

Moving on to a different subject, we’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community, but how did you end up there? 

I got to it completely by chance. I needed an IG account to participate in a giveaway and, not having a personal one, I thought of creating an account using one of my characters’ name (Nihilora). I really don’t remember how, but I ended up following other WoW accounts (among which yours was one of the first!) and I started posting my screenshots as well.

What made you stay part of the community? 

Its members, without a doubt. I was lucky to get to know awesome people. Each of them, through their story, taught me something. Besides having new companions for my adventures, the real treasure was finding kind and friendly people, always ready to help during difficult moments. This is the true beauty of our community!

Do you have a message for all of them? 

I’d like for them to know they will always find a dependable person in me. Even if sometimes I’m not often active with posts or stories, I’m always ready to help! I’m always looking for a way to contribute and I hope one day to be able to return all the help I got.

You’ve already mentioned that another of your passions is music, tell us more about it! 

The one for music is another great passion I got from my grandparents. I studied piano when I was 6 for a couple of years, but I never stopped practicing once in a while after that. When I was 12 I started studying transverse flute and it is my main instrument even today. I could never think of stopping playing. Recently I realized a small dream of mine, that’s to say recording a video game song cover together with my best friend and a university colleague, and it’s been a marvelous experience! I hope I can bring gaming and music together with another cover song soon!

We all can’t wait to hear more from you! We’ve talked about video games and music, your two main interests, but who is Eleonora besides all this?

I’m a full-time engineering student, with a passion for Astrophysics. I’m a single daughter but I compensate for the lack of brothers or sisters with a numerous family and a lot of cousins. I love animals, in fact I have a turtle named Vergil and a dog, a chihuahua named Willy. I’m lucky to always have my boyfriend close to me, who’s my number one fan. I’ve got incredible friends who can be counted on one hand, but they’re my lifeblood. You know my hobbies already haha, but besides studying, gaming and music, I also love drawing, writing stories and watching TV series. Little dream in the closet: I hope one day to be able to play as part of an orchestra.

When will you post some of your drawings? 

My drawings are all on paper. I’ve always drawn with pencils, doing shadows and greyscales and it usually doesn’t get through from a photo of the drawing xD. Should I manage to improve the photos quality I’d be really happy to show you some! I hope I’ll be able to learn how to draw on digital sooner or later!

What are your plans for the future? 

To get my Degree as soon as possible, to be able to get on with the Master’s Degree. Everything else remains to be seen! I have a lot of projects for the future, like finally being able to go live together with Silvereaglex, which has the highest priority. But it’s still soon to plan it. For now, I prefer to concentrate on my studies and on living the present to the fullest.

And I wish you the best of luck with your future projects! We’ve finally got to the last question, the hardest one. Who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests? 

You’ve had a lot of guests already, but the community is huge! A lot of names come to mind… But since I can only name three, I’ll say @iv_yoru, @gaming_alina e @unholycious!

And we’ve got to the end of the interview! Thank you very much for spending this afternoon with me (and us all), letting me get to know you better! It was a real pleasure! 

The pleasure is all mine! Your company is always amazing. Thanks for this beautiful opportunity!

And obviously a big thank you goes to all of you for sticking with me for yet another interview. And another huge thank you goes to my trusted sidekick Unidess! He’s the one who makes all the interviews so easy to read and most of all correct…and in this case (as for others before this) I also owe to him the translation of the full interview into English!! That being said, I really hope to see you all soon for another interview with another wonderful guest, this time picked by you! 

Interviewing Shy of Maldraxxus

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I have a very special guest with me today and I know for sure many of you want to know her better! She’s the most loving and supportive person in the whole community!! I’m talking about Luna aka Shy of Maldraxxus!! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Hi guys, a pleasure to be here, thanks for your invitation, it was a great surprise. I am an introvert, so if you feel me a bit serious it is for that reason. 

As always for the first question we go to the beginning! How did your passion for video games begin?

Well, my passion for games started with my dad. He was the one who bought us our first console, it was called the “Family game”, thanks to it I had a good childhood with tetris, super mario and some other games from that time. Then came the Playstations, it was a very big improvement, I became a fan of DBZ and many racing games, such as the GT, Need for Speed and others.

What is the first game you really felt in love with?

I can’t be sure of it, but if I can say that Gran Turismo was one of the ones I loved the most. The reason to love it so much was the effects and details of the cars, the dynamics of the cameras, the realism of the presentation, all that led me to want to have all the GT that went on sale. I could say, without lying, that I could spend whole days playing it and it was relaxing, apart from using it as a de-stressor, it seemed like a driving simulator. 

When did you realize that you were going to be a gamer all your life?

Well, this happened between the years 2008-2010, since it was not going very well in my personal life and my days were increasingly gray, so the games were my “salvation” apart from my family. So I decided to dedicate part of my life, entirely to them, since they helped me a lot with stress, and changes I had due to the situation outside my house.

What does gaming mean to you now?

They mean a lot, practically they are my life, although naturally 80% of the time it is only WoW, but honestly it is the best thing that has happened to me, and although it seems that I am talking about the love of my life, that’s how I consider them. 

How did you first approach WoW?

Well, it started in those years of 2008-2010, despite having bad streaks away from home, one of my classmates had W3 and the Frozen Throne, to play in the hours off or during recess. So, watching them play woke up my intrigue and asked him to pass it to me, he had no problem. And so I started to invest my time in Warcraft, I spent a year playing there and then it came as a surprise, that there was another version of it, only that it was paid. I created my account, started at the end of 2009 and I had my first night elf druid, with whom I had many adventures and made some acquaintances. I will not lie, after that I wanted to go a little further, for paying that bill and for believing in bad people, I lost it and so it happened with two more accounts. The one I currently have is the 4th, which I really love a lot, it has 50 characters made to my measure and effort. 

What made you stay in love with the game for so many years?

Simply put, EVERYTHING literally. The cinematics, the music, each race and class, the Lore, there has been nothing to disappoint me about this game, and nobody can change my mind about it, because it is magnificent.

What hopes and dreams do you have about the next expansion?

Well, my only hope is that it is as great as they have been showing it and I can enjoy it to the fullest, perhaps as always there will be content that I will not be able to access, but with the usual content that I have enjoyed in other expansions for years, which is so great. As always, believe me that is my best dream, apart from seeing my beautiful DK as I really like and so I can continue her story. 

What is your favorite activity in game?

My favorite activity right now is farming gold, I literally don’t do anything else. If I had more space, believe me, my favorite activity would be to level up more characters haha. 

We cannot do an interview about you and not talk about your OCs! Tell us something about them!

Well, I have many that is obvious, but you have learned more about my main oc, which is Shynisti Darksong, a night elf death knight. She is everything to me, from the day I created her, I have not stopped working on her, her history, her abilities and also her appearance! I am not going to deny, that I create her as she is at the moment so that it is an arduous job to even draw her, because I like that the things that I do original and own are like this. Shy, she represents me right and back, everything you see in her is everything that I have been, what I have lived and how I have tried to face, only seen through survival in Azeroth. Her appearance is my current goal to achieve and even so I represent her as a monster at times, that seems to want to kill everyone, it is that inner self that I try to control when frustration and anger dominate me.

Currently I will be working on those that I have not yet introduced, because in Shadowlands, I will dedicate myself to many more characters just for the sets.

Do you play any other games?

Currently not, surely I will start if my computer does not work as it should or if it stops working because of how old it is. 

What games would you like to try or replay?

Well, currently for the PS3, it is a bit difficult to get games, so I currently have the GT5, GTA5, DBZ Tenkaichi 3, Soccer, Boxing and UFC. I would really like to play their stories, again. 

You are not only a gamer but a great artist too!! What is your main inspiration?

Well, my biggest inspiration has always been music, any type of music that I like inspires me to create my art. I am not going to deny that every time something new comes out of WoW, it is also an inspiration to try something new. Lately I have tried to improve my art as much as I can, and the community liked it, that is also part of my inspiration. 

And the results are absolutely amazing! We’ve talked about the community but how did you end up joining it?

Well, if I said it, you wouldn’t believe me. It all started with a person who is no longer in my life today, for reasons not worth remembering. But hey, back to the point, this girl insisted that I create an Instagram account for my art and that therefore, if I was playing WoW or something else, I could also put it there. I did, and for some strange reason, the followers began to fall like torrential rain, and most were from the Warcraft community. Seeing their pages I learned how to use the Hashtag and other things, at first I put the caption of the images in my main language and then, I changed to English, which made it a bit difficult for me at first but thanks to this I met many wonderful people and I am really very grateful for the support they have given me in these almost two years. 

What made you stay part of the community?

That is a good question, when I had been on Instagram for a few months, I wanted to leave since there was a lot of drama and toxicity, which I had never seen before, so I had tried to make the decision to leave the community, but I could not do it. I had a place to which I could finally belong and I was not going to leave it, for 2 or 3 social misfits. So I stayed, and I continued to enjoy the content of the people who were worth it and for whom I stayed. Right now, I have friends that I really appreciate, three of them are Avicennia, Cupid and Jenesis, but there is also Neinhardt and Koristrasza who gave me the courage to start with the commissions, apart from being the first to support me in that sense.

What other interests do you have apart from gaming and drawing?

Well, right now with the pandemic, it is a little difficult to say it, but what interests me the most, is to be able to get a stable job, to be able to help my parents in everything I can. Right now, my interests are also in my physical and mental health.

What plans do you have for the future (once all this will be over)?

Well, I wouldn’t say it would be having a partner and raising a family, because I would really be lying. Apart from what I said earlier, I want to have a full life, without remorse or regrets, where I can give my parents everything they have given me for years and also get what I want, a room just for me where I get lost in Azeroth every time I want or need a distraction, as well as a place for my dedication to drawing so I can continue to draw smiles on the faces of the wonderful people of this community. 

Any messages for the community?

I just want to say, thanks to all those who still remain, they really help me a lot, for my art, for each post that I usually put sometimes many days apart. Thank you for making me a better person, than when I arrive and for putting up with those short messages of mine, which sometimes are just emoticons. Thank you very much with all my heart.

And now the most difficult part of the interview, the last question! Who are three members of the gaming community that you would like to see as my guests in the future?

That is a difficult question, since most of them have already passed through here. Well the first would be Jenesis, I would love to know more about her, and the other two would be, Amoria125 and Koristrasza! 

And here ends our interview! Thank you very much for accepting my invitation and for being such a fundamental part of the community! We all love and appreciate your constant support towards all of us! And thank you for the absolutely wonderful sketch!! 

It has really been a pleasure talking with you, and thanks again to all for your support and for the surprise of being here in your interview.

And thank you all for joining us for yet another interview! And as always thank you to my trusted sidekick Unidess for helping me out as always! See you all with another wonderful guest next month!!

Interviewing Silver.Eaglex

Hello everyone and welcome back to my comfy parlour! Today I have with me a very special guest that many of you know and that you’ve been waiting for a long time! I’m talking about Carmine aka Silver.eagle! Thank you for accepting my invitation! 

The first question is the most obvious one, how did you end up in the videogame world?

First off, thank you for inviting me to your parlour. My relationship with videogames began with Warcraft, more precisely with Warcraft 3. It was the first videogame I ever played. Back then I didn’t have a console like my friends had, but just a pc my father used. It was him who brought me into this magic world that subsequently evolved into a MMORPG.

What of the game pulled you in?

Speaking of Warcraft 3, the main aspect that attracted me was the story. Each time I began a new campaign I was falling in love with the characters and I couldn’t wait to discover their adventures. The story I enjoyed the most was the Night Elf one, meaning the story of Malfurion, Illidan, Tyrande and Maiev. If we’re talking about World of Warcraft, the concept is simpler: for the first time I could be part of their story, creating an alter-ego that would fight alongside them.

How did you get to WoW?

I got to WoW thanks to my father. One day he came home with an original WoW box and told me a friend of his asked him to play it together, and since I had the occasion to, I tried it as well. At the beginning we used his friend’s account, but my father created an account of his own soon after and that’s when my adventure began. Just to give an idea of how far back we’re talking, the Warcraft box my father brought home was a Vanilla one, back in 2005, a year after the game launched. 

What kept you so in love with the game to be still playing it so many years later?

That’s a really good question. I honestly don’t know if I can explain it, but I’ll try. One of the main reasons it’s the game story. Expansion after expansion, more pieces have been added to that story I fell in love with, which pulled me back every time. Another factor is the characters I created: I have a bond with them I can’t break and I love to keep fighting alongside them. Even if at times (like in this period) I don’t feel like playing and I’m without subscription, after a month or two I always return for a long period, especially if there’s a new expansion behind the corner.

Since you mentioned them, we all know there’s some special characters you created, and that many love! Tell us about them!

I created a lot of characters and I love writing stories about them because I feel them alive within me, but there’s one character in particular I have a really strong bond with: Pugnoferreo (Ironfist in english). She wasn’t my first character, I actually created her during Mists of Pandaria and she originally was a Pandaren Monk, because the expansion had just launched. After a while I realized I should have created her as a Night Elf (my favourite race in Warcraft). From her I came up with ideas to create my other characters she has a link to, whether by friendship or family. 

For those who don’t know Pugnoferreo, what could you tell them about her?

Pugnoferreo is a Night Elf Monk. She’s always ready to help others and never ponders about it, she just does it. She’s fearless and confident, and prefers to spend her days training and traveling the world. She loves discovering new places and is always ready to live new adventures. Unfortunately her childhood was ruined by a traumatic event, but she grew into what she is now thanks to that: a Grandmaster of the Monks Order. She’s reunited with her family again at this point, and she’s made new friends and even apprentices that want to become strong and brave like her.

What are your favourite activities in the game?

My main activity in the game is PvE, but I enjoy doing PvP as well. In my spare time I hunt mounts and I do all I can to complete the harder achievements. I enjoy guild raids and I’m always happy to make new friends and play together with them, but the person I love playing together with the most is my girlfriend.

Other than  WoW, what are some of your favourite games?

Aside from WoW I play different genres, but my favourites are: Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda, God of War. 

Aside from videogames, what else you like doing?

One of my main passions is martial arts, but I also love traveling (even if I’ve never done it yet XD). I really love watching TV shows, anime and going to the movies.

We met thanks to the IG gaming community! How did you end up in that place full of crazies?

My girlfriend brought me to Instagram. One day she told me she wanted to try that social and see if there were communities where to share videogaming experiences. We made an account, published our first shots, and got immediately thrown into this wonderful community. I’m really happy to be a part of it.

What made you stay?

Mainly the people. This community is made up of wonderful people, you support each other, you exchange opinions and it’s my small space where to express myself without being judged. I write my stories in this community because I know they’re appreciated, and I know people understand the emotions I pour into my stories. I’ve met incredible people who are my friends now (included you, Elena) and I’m always happy to get to know more.

Do you have a message for the community?

Continue being yourselves, support each other and stay united. Everyone has their own good and bad, but we’re all a big family here, and we can do and say what we feel like without being judged. We’re the best Warcraft community and I’m really happy to be a part of such a close-knit group of people as we are.

Your IG screens are easily identifiable thanks to your very personal style! What’s your inspiration?

When I create my screens I identify with my characters and I try to create a picture that reflects their feelings and their energy, so I can create a unique atmosphere. That means my inspiration varies from character to character. 

We talked about videogames and passions, but who is the person behind the gamer? Who is Carmine?

I’m a  22 years old guy. I’m italian and was born in Apulia (region in the south of Italy) and I live in a small town in the province of Bari. I’m studying at the university to become a psychologist, because one of the things I can do better is helping others to solve their problems and I feel good doing it. Just like Pugnoferreo, I’ve had a few not-so-happy moments in my childhood, but those events shaped me into what I am now and am happy about what I’ve become (now you know from where the inspiration for Pugnoferreo’s story is drawn).  I never posted a personal picture, in part because I’m also shy, but I’ve decided I’m going to do it sometime soon, maybe to celebrate 1000 followers, and am going to do it in a special way, you’ll see!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

My plan for the future is to become a psychologist and open my own study, so I can begin helping those people who might have need of me, and I hope I can earn enough to afford my own house where I can live together with my girlfriend and our gaming stations. XD

What about videogames? What are your hopes for WoW’s future, especially regarding the new expansion!

I can’t wait to play Shadowlands. I’m really really liking what’s being shown from the Alpha and I already know I’m going to spend the whole pre-patch modifying all my characters with the new customizations. I hope Blizzard will continue on this track and will make us experience a great story in Shadowlands.

Are there other games you would like to try/play in the future?

Aside from Shadowlands, I’m waiting the new Assassin’s Creed and Zelda titles. I can’t wait to get my hands on those! 

And as always the last and most difficult question of them all, who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests? 

Obviously my girlfriend Nihilora_ , a really dear friend of mine I met through the community: Unholycious, and my stories’  number 1 fan: Iv_yoru.

Thank you for your time and for sharing a bit of your life with us all! It was a great pleasure getting to know you better! And thank you for the amazing edit for the interview’s cover! 

The pleasure was all mine! 

And as always, a big thank you to all of you who joined us for yet another interview!! And a special thank you to Unidess for the translation of this interview and for editing all my previous ones! See you all later this month with another wonderful guest! 

Interviewing KheshireKat

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! It’s always such a pleasure to have you here with me and today we will get to know one of the most requested guests ever! You know and love her all, I’m talking about the wonderful Serah aka KheshireKat! Thank you very much for joining me in this little virtual parlour! 

Not at all, thank you for having me!

You are a gamer, an artist, a dog mom! You’re the full deal! But first things first, let’s talk about gaming in this gamersation, shall we? How did your passion for video games begin? 

That all goes to my older brothers who were very heavily into gaming/nerd/geek culture and decided to get me into it when I was a baby. So naturally growing up I would always watch them play games, anything from table-top games, card games like Magic the Gathering, to all kinds of video games and have no idea what was going on. I was the typical annoying little sister asking about who that character was, what card is that…you know, the typical “what does that do?”.
I would always sneak into my brothers’ LAN parties, and watch them play games like Warcraft 3, Final Fantasy 7, and many, many FPS games I can’t even name.
But among all of those influences what really sparked my interest for gaming was actually the Legend of Zelda franchise, more specifically Ocarina of Time. I think something with those games just clicked and I’ve been obsessed since. 

What made you stay passionate about games?

I stayed passionate about it mostly because it was something my brothers and I shared. We were so different in every other aspect of life but the one thing we had common ground with was gaming. Even if I’m not a big gamer like they were, it was something we could either play together, or separate and later spend hours talking about. Besides that core aspect for me, the story telling, the lore, game play and overall immersion into the different worlds is what kind of sparks my passion for certain games. I find myself starting to care, love and bond with the characters, whether it’s NPCs like Link and Roxas, or my own like Mia. 

What are your all time favorite games?

Without questions, The Legend of Zelda franchise! But also Dungeons and Dragons. I would sacrifice you all to the volcano gods for those games. 

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community and especially because of your wonderful WoW screens! How did you end up playing WoW?

First of all, thank you, and second of all that’s a funny story. So, one of my best friends had been telling me to join and play WoW for 3 years prior to when I actually joined. I kept laughing it off because I was dedicated to finishing school before putting money into anything else. Granted, I did want to join back when Pandaria launched but, you know, school first and all that jazz.
So after I graduated I finally told my friend I would try the game; however, my friend and my brother ended up buying me the game, and the equipment to play with them. It really all happened super fast, as in the time span of an evening…. annnnd here we are many moons later! 

What made you fall in love with the game?


Ahahaha! As I said we’ve met through the IG gaming community, how did you end up in this crazy place?

Honestly I don’t like talking about this much, but I created this account shortly after my break-up with my ex, who I had met in WoW when I first joined the game. He was a large part of my life and my experience with the game, so creating this account was a way for me to distract myself and move on without hating the game by association, if that makes sense? I never thought about there being any kind of a community, I didn’t think it would catch anyone’s attention, I just posted what I wanted because it was my visual memory book. 

What made you stay in the community?

After a while I started changing the content I was posting, you know…putting more effort into each post, editing, or writing snippets. When I started to gain followers and interacting with people I started receiving these heartfelt messages about how I inspired them or just really positive messages about what I had created with my account. I even started to get requests to reading, critiquing, and help other creatives in the community. It meant the world to me that my words, and my character meant something to others, so much so that they trusted my opinions and advice. 
I made it my goal that in some way, that I wanted to continue to inspire people, I wanted to make a difference here and be a positive influence on anyone who visited my page, interacted with me, or read the stories I wrote, even if it’s just one person.
Annnd of course the love and investment so many have for Mia and her story inspire me and remind me everyday why I’m here. 

Do you have a message for the community?

Oh gosh… there are so many things I want to say to sound profound! But I think the only thing I feel confident that will resonate with everyone is; don’t judge people based on others opinions… and embrace your individuality! Stop letting others paint pictures of people you’ve never met before. Be confident and build your own opinions about everything first and foremost! 

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A post shared by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀セラ ଘ𝐒 𝐇 𝐈 𝐑 𝐄 is afk🇨🇦🦊 (@kheshirekat) on

Going back to your OC for a second, since you have talked about her, many known Mia and love her but tell us more about her for the ones that may not know her! 

So first things first and to make everything more confusing…. Mia is my original character that I created back in 2004 after my brother had passed away, she and her story were a creative outlet and my way of dealing with grief. She is completely separate from WoW.
The Mia everyone knows is my hunter I main in game who is always been dressed in the same blue transmog. I’ll call her my WoW-OC, who only shares a similar name and appearance to my OC. Her lore however is a bit out of the box than what you might expect from WoW-OCs or RP characters… Her full name is Mia Sunseer, she is a very young and short hybrid elf with unknown origins, who at the beginning of BFA, survived the Lightforged ritual. Despite her young age, she has faced her share of sorrow and demons which allowed her to pass the trials.
She’s very curious, adores books, and has this strange way of working her way into the hearts of those she meets along her journey. Her key features are her bi-coloured eyes, ombré hair, and the Lightforged runes and tattoo decorating her body. 

You are also a FFXIV player and there’s a little Mia one too! How did you end up playing FFXIV? 

There is! I don’t have any lore backing that version of her. In FFXIV she’s called Mia Moonstrider, she’s a Viera bard and dancer. The game looked really pretty and I loved the idea of the Dancer class and Viera is my favourite race. So I thought I’d give it a chance, however I’m not a big fan of the MSQ being locked behind the dungeons… soooo I’ve stopped playing for now. 

As I said at the beginning of the interview, you’re also an artist! What is your main inspiration for your art?

This might actually be cliché to say but, it’s music. Naturally like most artists I pull inspiration from everything around me but I find it’s always music that inspires me to create my best pieces. 

What are your other passions other than gaming and art?

I guess this is where everyone finds out how boring I really am… I’d probably have to say I’m most passionate about books and everything involving them like reading and storytelling. You know the new book smell? That’s probably one of my favourite things. Haha. I think if I could live in a library or just own a bookstore I wouldn’t need anything else in life. Almost everyone who knows me knows I’ve been working on writing and creating my own book. 

Tell us more about this project!!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved storytelling, and it’s become a large part of who I am now. Back in 2004 or roughly around that time, possibly earlier, I started this project called “Project Echo”. In the very, very early days it was planned to actually be a comic or manga series created between 2 of my friends and myself. Unfortunately that dream sort of fell apart after the loss of my brother.
However, I didn’t give up on this project, it just became a larger part of my life and my vision for it has changed. It became my thesis project when I graduated; it’s a young adult fantasy novel, accompanied with its own separate artbook, featuring Mia (completely irrelevant and unrelated to WoW) in a world that is forgetting magic and embracing technological advancements.
So! Without further ado, Echo is about: A promise to protect the world. A prince in search for redemption. A beauty with the heart to challenge destiny. A truth locked in hidden memories. 

I really can’t wait to read it and I wish you the best of luck with this amazing project! We’ve talked about your interests and passions but who is Serah in real life?

Thank you! I’m excited for it to finally be published!
Well outside of gaming and social media… I’m a pixie sized brown girl from Canada. That’s about it. 
Haha, okay but seriously I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and creative director who writes as a hobby. I’ve won 2 awards so far for my designs as well as been a part of the design teams for large brands like Coke-Cola and the GRT. I’m a dog mom and I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life, I can’t imagine living without a dog. I have a severe allergy to sunscreen and cats. I speak 3 languages, Hindi, French, and English. I have this weird mix of needing to be organized, needing to be spontaneous, and needing creative chaos. I absolutely love the Goth subculture and I used to be a part of that until recently. I love horseback riding/ competing/ showing, swimming, hiking, plush thing, unicorns and traveling. I’d live by the ocean if I could. I have a huge Zelda merch collection. My favourite animal is a fox, second favourite would probably be a snow leopard. I’m probably a princess, I’m definitely a hopeless romantic through and through…. but I pretend to be edgy so no one has to deal with all the mushy crap I like. Hahaha. I like to think I’m funny and a positive vibe to keep around. I have been told that I’m really easy to talk to and I tend to get along with almost everyone, which I think it’s pretty cool. Since elementary school I was dead set on becoming a wedding dress designer specifically; and in high school I designed the dresses for all my friends and my cousins, haha, even though I changed my career path to becoming a concept artist. 

Since I’ve mentioned it too, we cannot go on without talking about the real heartbreaker, the most famous and loveable puppy of them all!! We need to know everything about Genn!!

Of course, of course! He’s really the star of the show! Baby Genn, aka Merlin the White is a Miniature American Eskimo, and he was born June 6th. So he’s juuuuuust over a year now! He’s extremely intelligent and this breed specifically was actually used in circuses because of how easy they are to train, do tricks, and how well they can balance and walk on the hind legs. Baby Genn always starts his mornings with zoomies and is eternally playing chase with you. He’s a bit possessive of his toys and food even if he’s not playing with them or eating at the moment… you’re not allowed to touch them! He loves cuddles and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a real king! He doesn’t like to eat his food unless you serve it on a plate, he’ll sleep in your bed with his head on your pillow and will only sit on the sofa or his fluffy blanket.

And he’s so cute he has all the rights to be the king! What are your plans and hopes for your account and for your future in general outside the gaming universe?

Haha thank you! I love him to bits!
And as far as my account… goodness, this has been something I’ve been mulling over for a while. I want to keep being a positive influence for storytellers and creatives, but I also want to keep creating and sharing Mia’s story and hopefully she will become a memorable and loved WoW-OC.
As for the future outside of gaming… I believe it’s full of endless possibilities! Our lives are eternally a work in progress and there are so many things I want to do or want to improve. And so many more things I’m scared to try but still want to.
There’s a group of my friends within the IG community that have hinted at meeting up IRL and that’s something I really want to make happen, I think it would be something amazing when we can finally organize that! 

And I wish you the best of luck with everything! As for the gaming universe, are there any future objectives in the games you’re playing and are there any other games you want to play in the future?

That’s very kind of you! Thank you! 
In the gaming universe, specifically WoW, I’d like to keep pushing myself to progress in the different areas of the game that I’ve only just been introduced to, like raiding, Mythic+, rated pvp; the more competitive aspect I suppose. As of right now I’m mostly interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons again, and finally trying out LARP.
The other games I’ve played and beaten, so there aren’t really any goals there to achieve, I just replay them for enjoyment now. 

And lastly, as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I’m going to break the rules here and pick 4! @orgrimmar_ , @lorepheus, @mich_royal, @jenesiswow

Thank you very much for your time and for being such a wonderful person! It’s been a great pleasure to get to know you better!! Wish you the best of luck, especially with your book!!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this and Gamersations! You do such an amazing job here and offer so much to the community, so really, thank you!!! 

And as always thank you all for sticking with me for yet another interview with another lovely guest! See you all next month with two new guests!! 

Interviewing Gohma

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Take a sit, relax and let’s have a little chat with an amazing person! She’s an absolute sweetheart, a great member of the IG gaming community, our sweet tooth fairy princess, Liz aka Gohma! Thank you for agreeing to be my guest today!

Thank you for inviting me. I feel so honored, so many awesome people been here for an interview and now I am here too.

As for every one of my guests we must start from the very beginning! When did your passion for gaming begin?

It all began when I was a sweet little girl XD, my parents were really young so they always invited their friends to our home and my father and his friends played games on the SNES. I loved to watch them gaming and when they allowed me to play by myself, my first game was The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past on SNES. It was awesome, I fell in love! Later we got the N64 and of course I couldn’t stop gaming. When I was young I didn’t have much friends, I’ve always been an outsider, so my parents offered me my first PC when I was 11 and I started playing games like Unreal Tournament, GTA, Quake and many more, so it began.

What is the game you have the best memories about?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game changed my life and i still love it like the first day, because it was a young boy who felt like he didn’t fit in his home, but he was chosen to be a real hero! He had to grow, get over his fears and kill the Evil that wanted to destroy his world.  When I was young I realized that even when I don’t fit in with others there will always be my own way to grow up.

What does gaming mean to you?

Gaming means to me to be free, to be a character you want to be in a beautiful different world. To let my imagination spread, create many different characters and their own story. When I´m gaming I just enjoy the feeling,  no matter if it’s an mmorpg, a first person shooter or a retro game. Mostly I like the stories that are hidden in the games. It’s like an endless adventure of joy. 

What are your all time favorite games?

Of course The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask), Unreal Tournament and World of Warcraft. These are games I still love to play and remind me of really good memories.

Speaking of World of Warcraft, how did you end up playing it?

I started playing World of Warcraft in 2015, one day I was hanging around with friends and one of them said, “We are always hanging around so why don’t we all hang around in Azeroth”, the next day we all started to play World of Warcraft, it was awesome! We created our own guild, created stories and characters. We all fell in love, but sadly all of them stopped gaming the same year. I also took a break from gaming, but in 2018 I came back to World of Warcraft. 

What made you want to come back and stay?

I’ll have to tell you why I stopped gaming to understand why I came back. In 2015 I had a lot going on in my life, everything went wrong. So I moved far away from my hometown and started a new life in Berlin. But I never felt like home in Berlin. It was a nice city and a great experience to start a new life but I missed home. Some years later I moved back in my hometown and met all my friends again. I remembered how much I missed gaming with friends. So I started again, I love WoW so much that I don’t want to leave it anymore, thanks to this game I found this awesome community.

How did you end up joining the community?

I had my personal IG account and I started to share gaming stuff on my stories. Someday a friend said I should stop to only spam gaming stuff and create a dedicated account for that. So I created a gaming account, just for fun to share my gaming stuff. I realised how many people do the same, to share what they love. Because I didn’t  get the support from family and friends, I felt a little alone ‘till I found all the other gamers, so I thought I wanted to support all the awesome gamers out there so they know they are not alone. I never expected to be a part of this awesome community.

What made you stay in the community?

Awesome people like you!! At the beginning I was a little scared to share my stuff, but I got such nice feedback. I met such great personalities in this community! It’s not about to have the best gear or the rarest mounts, it’s about supporting each other, to share the things you love no matter what game you play. I really care about these people and they help me when I feel bad, it’s like a second family for me and I don’t want to leave this Family.

Do you have a message for them?

Never give up on what you love! You don’t have to change because others said so! Many people have problems, or fears, or are searching for friends, you’re not alone! Gamers always support each other and it doesn’t matter how you look like, where you’re from or in what you believe. Just love yourself for who you are and stay strong, there’s always hope and love in this world.

Your account is so unique and you can always recognized one of yours from the others! What is your inspiration for your screens and for your edits?

Thanks! I think the most inspiration is from the landscape, sometimes I just fly around in Azeroth because there are so many beautiful places. Sometimes it’s the transmog, when I get a new piece which I love I have to share it in the best way. I love to edit pictures, many years ago I had my own homepage for templates and picture edits but I deleted it, so editing my gaming pictures makes me happy.

What are your plans and hopes for the future of your account?

I hope to meet more nice people, maybe play together, chat together or help each other. My plans are to share all I want to share, maybe inspire someone to play other games or to get their own gaming account and I really want to support all the awesome artists out there! I really hope this community stays together and grows bigger. 

You also play Overwatch! How did that start?

I always played Blizzard games (WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm), when I saw the preview of Overwatch I was really interested because of all the awesome characters and their abilities. When it was released I started playing it and loved it. It’s always fun to join a random group or play with friends.

Something that we all know is that you have a passion for tattoos! Tell us more about it and about your tattoos!

I loooooove tattoos! It’s like an addiction, I always want more. XD I stopped counting my tattoos but I still got enough space for more. Every tattoo stands for something, good or bad memories, passion or for something to identify with. Most of them are from games, I love all of them. My first tattoo was my Buddha on my lower back I got in Thailand because I’m a Buddhist.  The most important tattoo is Majora’s Mask on my chest, it’s an evil Mask, created by Warlocks, a Mask to control people. When I was young I felt like being controlled, to grow up to a person I don’t want to be, but like in the game you can defeat the Mask and put the evil out of it. All games/movies/animes which means a lot to me are on my body: Half-Life, Portal, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, The Legend of Zelda, The Lord of the Rings, Super Mario, World of Warcraft, Space Invader zim. I love to talk about tattoos and could talk about it the whole day but I try to keep it short :P. But I have to say that I got a tooth as a tattoo and the words “La fatina dei Denti”, which means tooth fairy XD.

And that’s why I call you tooth fairy princess!! We’ve talked about games and tattoos but you are so much more than this. Tell us more about you, who is Liz?

In real life I’m normally a really quiet person, I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know and It’s hard for me to meet new people. I was bullied a lot when I was young and my parents don’t care much about me, they had to work a lot. My childhood was not the most beautiful, things happened that shouldn’t have happened but I don’t complain about that, there are people who had it much harder than me. When I got older I was aggressive and when people tried to bully me I punched them. It took a long time to find out who I really am. I had close friends which supported me but stabbed me in the back and my family is small and most of them hate each other. I find it difficult to trust people. That is the main reason why I love gaming, you can be in a world where we are the same and support each other, of course in game there are always some idiots but that’s okay.  In school I was always a nerd, when I started working as a Tooth Fairy I finally found out that it’s a wonderful feeling to help people, to make them smile. That all made me the person I am today, I love myself with all my scars in the inside and all my craziness. Now I am a really positive person, I love to go out with friends, I go to the gym and stay active, I love doing my job and I love to travel. I try to fly away every year to see all the beautiful places around the world and I try to spread some love.

And we are grateful to have you in our community because you are truly one of a kind, and we’re lucky to know you! What are your plans for the future?

Thank you, I am really grateful to be a part of this community! I don’t plan too much in the future, some of my family and friends died young so I try to enjoy my life in the moment! I really want to travel a lot, there are soooo many places in the world I would like to see, I want to spend a lot of time with friends and I want to play many more awesome games! Also I would like to start streaming one day, but I’m still too shy. XD

Wish you the best of luck with everything!! Are there any new games you want to play in the near future?

I always wanted to play Final Fantasy XIV Online and I haven’t started to play Borderlands 3, also I am very excited about Overwatch 2 and I’m still waiting for Half-Life 3.

And lastly the hardest question of all! Who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

There are so many wonderful and interesting members out there but I have only three to choose. At first it would be you @Kylara_gaming! I know you´re doing this whole thing but I think it would be interesting to find out more about you, also I would like to read more about @iv_yoru and @mirialani.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person and such an important member of the IG gaming community! It was a pleasure and an honor to get to know you better! Thank you for agreeing and for all that you do for the community! And for spending some time with me in game doing screenshots! 

It’s been a pleasure, thank you for inviting me and thank you for doing so much for this community! You are incredible and I am very happy to have met such a wonderful person like you! Send you love and hugs! 

And as always thank you all for stopping by my parlour and spending some time with us! I am really grateful for these first 6 months of the Gamersations and I really can’t wait to go on and on making you know many other wonderful people from the marvelous IG gaming community! And as always thank you to Unidess for being my right and left arms, helping me out every time with all the interviews! 

Interviewing Huntress_avicennia

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I’m very happy to welcome here today a very special guest and a really dear friend of mine. You all know her and love her, I’ve asked multiple times to know more about her so here we go. Today with me I have the wonderful Huntress Avicennia, aka Gauri! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

I love reading all the interviews you take of the people from our community so it’s an honour to be here! I am so excited for this. XD Thank you for having me here today!

You are a gamer, a photographer, an artist, a university student…what other words would you use to describe yourself?

Hahaha that’s a lot. XD I’m just a simple individual who likes to do stuff, lol. I’m not that great when it comes to describing myself XD. The people I came across in my school, college and so on inspired me to develop and keep following my hobbies, so whenever I get time, I put my time into it.

Let’s start talking about gaming, how did you start playing video games and which was the first one that made you fall in love?

I love talking about this memory! I was just a child and my uncle (mom’s brother) used to play Warcraft III back then. So whenever I went to my grandparents’ place, I would sit besides him and watch him play. I didn’t really understand what he was doing or the lore but the music, scenes and stuff attracted me, lol. He didn’t let me play because I was too young and didn’t understand anything at that time. So after a few years, he gave me the game and I started playing it with cheats because I didn’t understand the complicated stuff XD, then I started looking into the story more and more and totally fell in love with the lore! Then I came across the fact that there were expansions to it called World of Warcraft but I didn’t know how to play that. So I just used to read the lore of characters I liked or the books. I also came across other games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Need for Speed, Midtown Madness and so on. But at the end of the day, Warcraft III takes the cake. XD

What made you stay a loyal Blizzard fan through the years?

The lore definitely! Arthas, Jaina and Tyrande were my favorite characters that time (and still are) and I used to love reading everything about them. And few years ago, I think I was in my first year of university that I came across WoW’s free trial that actually got me into playing WoW. After that, I even came across a TBC private server and I was sucked in totally. XD The zones, stories, classes, everything kept me a loyal fan.

What is your favorite in game activity?

I’m not a hard core person but I love to do everything! Exploring places and taking screenshots for Avi’s story, running mythic keys, raiding if my time zone permits XD and of course bgs too. Sheeping people in a bg is my passion lol. And transmog farming! I love to mog my girls in pretty stuff. XD

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community and thanks to WoW, how did you end up joining the community?

Totally out of curiosity. XD When I had started WoW, I was also new to Instagram. So I was wondering if people post about warcraft on social media or not so I just searched about it and it lead me to @kheshirekat’s account. I was very excited when I saw her screenshots and stories. But I didn’t make a WoW account till a year later actually. I used to follow all of you from my photography account. Then one day, I was just doing a dungeon run in Scarlet Monastery where I stopped to take some screenshots which came out great. My irl friends told me to post them so I brought up some guts and texted Kheshi and she encouraged me. I just used to think of my WoW account as a creative outlet but I’m totally overwhelmed by the response I got from everyone!

What made you stay?

Originally when I started my account, I didn’t care if I anyone liked the pictures or not. But then slowly, day by day, I got to know people from the community and some of them actually became such good friends! You are one of them haha! It’s mainly the relations that I formed with others that make me stay :D. And also the heaps of creativity that everyone has! I always get to see something interesting everyday.

View this post on Instagram

Avi took her bow in hand and nocked an arrow. She carefully took aim on the nearest Mo’arg and released it. But he had good reflexes and brought his axe down on her. She brought her polearm up in time to parry and the axe hit the rod of the polearm with force enough to push her down. She however maneuvered the force towards the ground and rolled out of the way. Duskfang tackled the demon from behind and while his attention was focused on getting rid of the animal, Avi again took aim and let an arrow lose. It hit home and the demon fell on the ground with a thud. The sound attracted the attention of other demons and slowly they started to surround her. She quickly slipped a small grenade below the shaft of the teleporter. Being quick on her feet, she shot down several gan’args while Duskfang made sure no one got closer. She let arrows fly one after the other and soon, the camp was filled with lifeless bodies of demons. She took the moment to catch her breath but that was short lived when felguards began their march towards her. She quickly shot down one and dodged the attack from the other while whistling loudly for Skyfeather who swooped down to help his mistress. He landed on top of the demon that was charging at her, pushing him into the ground. This moment gave Avi and Duskfang the chance to mount the gryphon who took off, away from the camp. Several legion forces had been culled and she had a sense of satisfaction. My amazing partner – The artist – @shyofmaldraxxus #nagrand #outland #warcraft #worldofwarcraft #wow #hunter #nightelf #forthealliance #wrathofthelichking #warmane #lordaeron #warcraftfan #warcraftscreenshot #wowigfamily #warcraftphotography #pcgame #mmorpg

A post shared by Gauri Joshi (@huntress_avicennia) on

What’s your inspiration for your screens?

The zones are so pretty that my brain starts thinking on how to apply the skills I learnt in photography while taking screenshots. And I always want to try out different things. The game gives me a lot of freedom to get creative which I can’t do irl. My inspiration for taking screenshots is same as taking photographs – to get creative and make a memory out of it. Something I can look back on and feel happy.

Tell us more about your passion for photography!

Of course! It all began when I was in 8th grade of school. My school had taken us to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve where I got to see free wildlife for the first time in my life. My father had gotten me a small digital camera back then which I didn’t know how to use properly. But the biggest achievement that time was when we saw a tigress at a distance of 3-4 ft and stayed with us for full 45 mins. Her eyes kind of stared deep into my soul and that time I knew, my heart belonged to the wildlife. That got me into photography. In my junior college, I used to run behind butterflies to click them on my phone camera and it was a huge struggle but totally worth it because I learnt a lot from that. I even set up a small photography exhibition during the college fest. When I got into degree college, I did a course on basic photography skills and got my DSLR and had been taking photos of nature and even people! Birds and butterflies are my most favorite subjects to click and at the same time the toughest but I love the challenge. XD Nothing beats the excitement of getting that perfect shot at the end of all that hard work and patience, lol.

You are really involved into environment preservation and nature. Tell us more about this really important part of your life!

It would be a pleasure! I always want people to see the beauty in nature and fall in love with it. Logic is simple – you preserve something that you love! I always go on nature trails and love telling about my experiences to others! I have worked with WWF (World wide fund for nature and natural resources) for 2 years on an environment education program where we used to teach school kids about the environment every week through games and activities. I was a part of bird survey in our local national park. And currently I’m involved with NaturalisT Foundation, an environment awareness NGO. We take nature trails and currently we have launched a new project which is a podcast and I’m a part of it too! We will be speaking about different news regarding the environment and wildlife every week in it.

What other passions do you have?

I love to draw! I used to do a lot of artwork and crafts in school and then I trained a bit for some government exams as well. Then life happened and I got no time for it until now! I also love research which can be painful sometimes but that’s alright. XD I had learnt an Indian classical dance called Bharatnatyam for 6 years and I even trained in karate for 2 years (had to leave because my schedule didn’t let me continue), I also love reading a lot but never thought I will start writing one day as well! People from the community inspired me to start writing and since then, it has become one of my hobbies as well!

Are there any games you would like to play?

One day I would love to try FFXIV! Especially after seeing you play and post screens of it. XD But I know I have no time for more than one game so maybe someday in the future

What other plans do you have for the future?

Probably a PhD. I’m currently pursuing my masters in plant physiology and biochemistry and I need to give some entrances for it. So I will be preparing for them as well. I will just go with the flow for now because research is something that you can decide once you experience things in it and I have just started. XD It’s a long road ahead!

Do you have a message for the community?

A big THANK YOU to EVERYONE! I can’t really thank enough actually. XD I never expected so much support from people from other corners of the world! I learned so many new things being a part of it, got confidence for my own skills and it was all because of the encouragement everyone gave me! There might be some disagreements between people but we are a society of humans after all! It’s okay. Just be kind as you all are, always. 🙂

We can not conclude this interview without talking about a very special someone in your life. The queen of your house, the most feared and revered bird of all, your little parrot! Tell us more about her!

HAHAHAHAHA YES! Her name is Cheeku and she’s a 19 years old female Alexandrine Parakeet. I was just 3 when my parents got her as a companion for me so we basically grew up together! I learned a very important aspect about animals from it – they have their own opinions! Cheeku is very bossy, mischievous and has broken and shredded several things she shouldn’t have even when she has chewing blocks for it. XD Birds just get a lot of satisfaction when they see you annoyed and it’s a drama for them. XD She always wants to eat what we are having (not all human foods can be allowed so we have to be careful). She’s like a forever 2 year old kid in the house. But at the end of the day, she’s my best buddy! People quite often get birds at home as pets but they need to know how much emotional and intelligent they are so those who would want one in their life should do lots and lots of research! They are difficult to maintain because they need lots of attention or else they go into depression and self mutilate! They also live for 40-80 years depending on the species so they are a lifetime commitment! Also, Cheeku hates phones or getting herself clicked. XD

And as for every single one of my guests, the last question! Tell us three people who you would like to see as my guests!

There are so many wonderful people that I can’t really choose just 3. XD
But since I can only pick 3 for now, it would be @kheshirekat @shyofmaldraxxus and @the_guardian_bear !

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful person and for letting us know more about you! It was a real pleasure to chat with you this afternoon! I wish you the best of luck with your future projects! And lastly thank you very much for the beautiful picture you did for us two for this interview!

Thank you so much! Lots of love to you for all the things that you do for the community.

And as always thank you all for reading another interview and being so involved in my project! You all are the reason why I’m doing this! A big thank you to Unidess for always helping me out, all this would not be possible without him! See you all soon with another wonderful guest! Have a wonderful time and please be kind with the world we live in and with yourselves.

Interviewing Renxian

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a very special guest! It’s a really dear friend of mine, an absolute sweetheart and talented bean and I’m really happy to get to know her better and to let you all know her!! Today with me I have Renxian aka Irene! Thank you for agreeing to this torture!!

Hahahah I’m going to be the torture! I’m super happy you invited me!

First things first, let’s talk about your first approach to the gaming world! How it all began?

Oh gosh, it all began thanks to my cousin. He often came to visit, at the time I was 7 and him 17, and being a single child I think he might have had this idea of turning me into a little version of himself. He started with TRYING to teach me basket, failing miserably. One day he brought his playstation 1 and Final Fantasy VII and forced me to sit beside him to watch him play. I immediately fell in love. I wanted to try and little by little he taught me, that was my first experience with a videogame and from the moment my cousin put a controller in my hand, I never dropped it since. As a matter of fact, I made my father buy me a playstation all for myself a few days later.

So you’ve started really early in your life!! That’s awesome! Besides Final Fantasy VII what other games have left a mark in your memory?

After FFVII, the game that had the biggest impact on me is definitely The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I played it years after its release but it’s the game that transformed me into a true gamer, and it’s also the game I spent the most time on because being it in english and without having my cousin there to do real-time translation like for FFVII, it took me a year to finish it without understanding a single thing about the plot nor anything else, but I got so enraptured by the music and scenery. It all seemed really marvelous back then. Sometimes I miss the music of Ocarina of Time, the sword sounds and those damn chickens! (Who has never been killed by an angry mob of chickens, after hitting them several times with your sword? No?)

What are the games you are playing at the moment?

Recently, aside from WoW, I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I adored, and I just restarted playing the Mass Effect trilogy, another of my favourite series, that I recommend to anyone who hasn’t played it yet and loves the sci-fi genre.

So you are both a single player and an mmo player too! Which one do you prefer?

Hah, what a difficult question. I love MMOs for the possibility to interact with other people, I built beautiful friendships over the years thanks to online games, although sadly the online community often becomes toxic, with too much competitive people doing everything they can to make you feel inferior. When I start feeling too much that pressure, single player games are a sort of peaceful oasis, where I can just concentrate on the story and relax without worrying about performing to meta standards to avoid insults from the next moron in line. 
I just realized I haven’t answered the question, which I prefer? Both. Depends on the moment. xD

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community, how did you end up joining it?

I began using IG in 2016 thanks to WoW, I wanted a place where to DROP my several millions of screenshots, I saw a lot of people publish beautiful pics of their WoW characters and scenery, and I thought, why not? Initially my profile was dedicated to simple RL photography, I deleted all the pictures and restarted from scratch publishing only gaming shots.

What made you remain a part of the community?

Surely all the creativity that many accounts share and inspires me everyday to bring better content. Secondly, but not less important, the people. Having the chance to gradually know who’s behind each post is a wonderful thing. Lastly, also my passion for photography and editing, that managed to influence the gaming world as well.

Besides the community, what other things inspire you? Because let me tell you, you have one of the most beautiful accounts in the community!!

Don’t say such things, I’ll get emotional and forget how to write! It’s difficult enough as it is. xD As I said, surely my passion for photography helped me a lot. When I have to take a screenshot I always look for the perfect lighting and angle. I surely need to thank my dad, who passed this passion onto me.

You’ve talked about WoW! How did you get to play it?

I knew about World of Warcraft by name since it was released, but I never got to play it because of the subscription, back then I didn’t have the courage to ask my parents for money for a monthly sub. xD We then get to the now faaaar away 2009, me and my best friend were playing Metin2 together (no idea if anyone heard of it, but apparently it was trending at the time, lol). I remember that one day after school he gets online and tells me he found a free private server of WoW: TBC. I immediately fell completely in love. I fully immersed myself into that world, so much that it was my first thought after getting home from school, almost forgetting about eating. With a single click all the daily crap disappeared and I could detach myself from reality. I played on that private server 4 years, until in 2012 I decided it was right to pay for something that could make me feel like that. So, with the release of Mists of Pandaria I subbed to the retail servers for the first time.

How did the experience change over the years?

I definitely saw a great change in regards to the social aspect of the game. I joined retail too late maybe, but I perceived less wanting for socialization and help each other out from people, turning into a game aimed towards progress where people are in a hurry to complete dungeons and not having time to stop a moment, even to say “Hi”. I’m really sorry the social aspect of WoW declined so much over the years.

How about FFXIV? How did it all start?

THANKS TO YOU! Really, hahaha thanks to you and to most of the community, that I slowly saw starting to try this MMO. BFA is known, hasn’t been the best expansion Blizzard released, and let’s say it bored me almost immediately. So with a drive for something new and having each day beautiful FFXIV screens slapped to my face, I thought WHY NOT?

Are there any games that you would like to play in the future?

I have a lot of games that I would like to try, in my backlog. xD First thing, I’d like to get out of my comfort zone and try games like Dark Souls or metroidvania genre. A recent title coming to mind is Hollow Knight, that I never managed to finish due to its difficulty.

Now let’s talk about you! Who is the person behind the gamer?

I’m a really simple person, born and raised in Italy, who sells flowers in a small shop in the province for a living, but with a dream to be able to travel the world over. My biggest dream is earning a living through photography and travel, get to know new cultures and people. I always wanted to combine these two passions, I’m quite not there yet, but a small step after the other I’m not losing faith. One of my life philosophies is I’d rather look back on my life and say “I can’t believe I did that” than “I wish I did that”.

And we really wish you the best!! What are other hopes and dreams for the future?

Mmmmh plans for the future? Definitely taking more trips among nature after this crazy period is over. This quarantine made me realize we should be more grateful for the small things we daily take for granted. One thing I dearly miss are the weekends spent with my father, taking the motorbike out and travel to one of the closer mountain woods and spend the day walking among nature. While one of my dreams closer to be realized (coronavirus permitting…eh.) is a trip to the north of Scandinavia to see the aurora borealis, I think it’s an experience outside of time.

Do you have a message for the community?

Always be yourselves, publish what you feel yours and not what you think people might like. Be positive. And if you see a player struggling take a moment to help them and be kind, it doesn’t cost a thing. Other than that, I would only say a huge THANK YOU to all of you, for the support, for sharing your creativity, for being a big inspiration to me and for having me open IG daily, curious about what new beautiful thing you posted.

How would you describe the community to a gamer who doesn’t know it yet?

Speaking about my specific personal experience with WoW’s IG community, as a BIG HUGE family that has always room for you. No matter how late you join, you’ll always feel at home.

And lastly as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community that you would like to see as my guests?

Ha! I’d be curious to read about nihilora_ , silver.eaglex and iv_yoru!!

Thank you very much for your time and for your patience! It was such a pleasure getting to know you better and spending the evening together!!

It’s been a real pleasure to be part of this project of yours! The daily effort you put out for the community is really incredible! So a huge THANKS to you!

And thanks to all of you who are still sticking with me for all these months! Thank you for the support, love and interest in this crazy project! Special thank you to Unidess for his help, all this would not be so amazing without his help! See you all later this month with a new and special guest!!

With love, 


Interviewing Touchpadwarrior

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a very special and highly requested guest!! I’m talking about the most famous beard in the gaming community aka @touchpadwarrior aka Justus!! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Of course! I’m honored to be your guest.

You are a real legend in the gaming community! How did it all start? What was your first approach to the video game world?

I had been playing WoW since late classic, I was a VERY noob player at the start. I had intellect plate gear, rolled need on cloth in RFC, and was even specced prot until level 50 until I went to a buddy’s house who also played and wondered why Concussion Blow was on my bars and I was using a 2hander. My IRL friends that introduced me into the game quit well before even Burning Crusade came out, but I still had a burning passion for the game and continued to do so, It wasn’t until late MoP that I made an instagram account for my character Justus and that name was obviously taken, so I went a very transparent route and went with “Touchpadwarrior” since I play a warrior in game, and I play on a touchpad keyboard. The next morning after taking a very lame picture of my character with my phone, not even a screenshot, I saw the comments below of “Omg I love WoW! What server do you play on?” “I like your gear! Taurens are awesome!” and I realized I wasn’t alone in my passion for the game like I thought I had been for years. So I kept posting and making great new friends who shared my same passion!

What was the first game you ever played?

First game I EVER played? Mario Kart 64. Mostly stuck with mario kart, smash bros, and pokemon growing up.

And the first one that you fell in love with?

I would say they are the same, due to the fact that my older sister got me into video games and that’s who I would play with when I was younger.

The gaming experience change for all of us during the years, we grow, we change but we still play. Tell us more about your gaming experience! When did you realize that you were a gamer and that it will always be a passion in your life?

I really didn’t consider myself a gamer until I started more hardcore progression in burning crusade with Justus. Taking the time to analyze, study, and hours of research to adapt and get better at what I was doing, 12hr days playing the game when I didn’t have a lot going on in my life I caught myself really pushing to work harder and perform better each day. With that in mind, I almost don’t consider myself a gamer after more heavily looking at what I do, I only really play WoW, but… “Warcraft’er” sounds funky so it’s easier to tell people that I am a gamer

Warcraft changes so much, with each expansion the game evolves, how did your experience with the game change?

Initially it was an immense world to explore, being a novice has its perks of discovery which is always a fun time. But as you get used to things, you still become eager to discover more about your surroundings. I would say that It started off with absorbing the environment around me, then as I got older my quest to discover new things were more so in how they worked, how to use the fields I’ve been exploring to my advantage and become a master of whatever it was that I was tackling at the time, as simple as the fastest archaeology / mining routes to rotations for certain boss fights or talents for VS. specific classes.

What is your favorite thing to do in game now?

The easy answer to that is Arena, it’s been 10 years since I’ve done as much pvp as I have been recently. It was as of this content patch, I decided to halt progression raiding after 12 years. This season is easily one of the most chaotic ones I have seen with corruption into play, but I still enjoy it. But to be honest, one of my favorite things to do in game is to fish. It seems silly, but I enjoy taking a break from all the fights and just fishing up materials while listening to soothing music. Its something I almost miss doing. Despite what it may look like, I don’t play WoW nearly as much as I used to. I play for about 3hrs a day and since I stream it, I don’t spend that time fishing since I know for most folks it’s not that entertaining.

And this brings me right to my next question!! You are a successful streamer, you currently have 3.7k followers!! What made you decide to start streaming?

I decided that I wanted to start streaming because I wanted to share my passion with people and be helpful / knowledgeable for newcomers into the game. What it evolved into was something a little different, sometimes people would come into my chat and I’d ask how their day was and they would say not well, I’d ask why and a lot of people, much like myself struggle with depression, anxiety or just a general tough time in their life. They would pop in and be able to talk to someone who would listen. I didn’t consider this to happen but I was just being myself and trying to be there for someone in need. I kept streaming for this reason. I am grateful to be someone’s source of entertainment in the day to help have a laugh, learn something new or just have a space to be able to talk and get through the rough days together.

And that’s absolutely awesome and beautiful and we are grateful for what you do! Is there a game you would like to play and maybe stream too?

To be 100% honest.. no? I love playing WoW and sticking to this game the only… “secret” game I really play other than WoW is Pokemon Go and that’s a little difficult to stream lol. I keep WoW as my streaming stuff, and try to reset myself by enjoying other games off camera with friends and loved ones.

Tell us more about you, who is the person behind the WoW player and the streamer?

Well, I’m 28 years old. I love pottery though I’m not able to practice it anymore without a workshop. I am a chef with a culinary arts degree, I worked at the Playboy Mansion as an event chef for 4 years. Though at the moment currently working as a barista / supervisor. I have 2 dogs, Charlie and Thor. I live with my girlfriend of five years Melissa, and my father in Southern California. I REALLY enjoy my whiskey and dark ales, and I enjoy the occasional game of billiards.

That’s so interesting!! I bet you have the chef title in game! XD

Of course I do! lol I got that way before I ended up in the industry too! I found my passion for cooking in middle school, took 3 years between middle and high school, and perused it in college to get the degree

Oh I can totally understand! One of the first titles I really worked for was Archaeologist and I’m at one year of university from becoming one irl!! Anyway you’ve told us about how you joined the IG gaming community but what made you want to stay?

As my community grew, I’ve seen… a lot of things happen over the years. Whether they be good or bad. But what has kept me personally going is the fact people still comment or dm me asking questions about the game and I am glad I can be there to answer those questions. I also know the satisfyingly feeling getting a new rare mount of achieving hard goals in game and I love to see people complete them.

Speaking of community and WoW, you’ve created an amazing guild! What made you want to make it?

With my leave of hardcore raiding I wanted to make a space in game that people could make new friends and grow together like we have on Instagram and be able to play with folks more often from the community!

What are your hopes and goals for it?

Very easy, what it’s already doing. My hope is that people in the guild find new friends like I have and help spread positivity in game and the community. Hopefully get some community event nights in the future with transmog competitions and achievement runs.

Do you have a message for the community?

My message to the community is please, spread love more than hate. It’s entirely ok to express discomfort or struggles with things but do so in a constructive manner. The reason I love Instagram for the WoW community was the “toxicity” of other social media platforms made it unbearable for me to enjoy it. Stay positive, spread love and cheer. If you have complaints be sure to share them in a constructive manner. Be kind to one another, say gratz, ask how someone’s day is going, compliment a transmog. The real world, and the world of Warcraft have a lot of darkness in them, It’s up to us to shed the light upon the community and give hope.

Totally agree with all this, thank you so much for spreading such a positive message! Getting back to WoW what is something that you wish Blizzard will bring back to the game?

Silly, but Gladiator Stance for Warriors, lol!

What are your thoughts and hopes for Shadowlands?

I think it’s very exciting to see the things at play beyond our realm in game. My hope is to unveil more deeper lore of the game and of course, to see awesome new mounts and armor to collect!

If someone who is reading us doesn’t play WoW, what would you say to convince them to try it?

If you love exploration, raiding dungeons or pvp give Warcraft a shot, the game might seem intimidating at first, but if you remind yourself to take your time and really absorb your surroundings you’ll fall in love.

And to a fellow gamer who isn’t part of the Ig gaming community?

Take a look at what the community has to offer as a whole. Check out the hashtag #BlizzIGFamily and see what people are doing, sharing and enjoying from sharing their adventures with fellow players! You may make a few new friends to travel through Azeroth.. or the Shadowlands together.

We can’t end the interview without talking about your merch! What’s your inspiration for it?

Honestly that’s the creative freedom and design from the love of my life @monsterfex (Melissa) she asks roughly what I like then creates dreams into reality.

And the results are absolutely amazing! And the last question, as for everyone of my guests! Who are three members of the gaming community who you would like to see as my guests?

I’d like to see @Broximar, @Proxyttv, & @ragingbeardedscot.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be my guest and for giving me and us the chance to know you better! It was a pleasure and an honor! I wish you all the best in the future! And thank you for for the time here and in game!

Of course! The honor was all mine, I had a blast. I look forward to seeing who you have on next!

And thank you all for joining me for another interview with yet another awesome guest!! I’m always so happy to get to know better this community and the beautiful people that makes it special! See you soon for another interview and another special guest!

With love, 

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