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Interviewing Huntress_avicennia

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I’m very happy to welcome here today a very special guest and a really dear friend of mine. You all know her and love her, I’ve asked multiple times to know more about her so here we go. Today with me I have the wonderful Huntress Avicennia, aka Gauri! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

I love reading all the interviews you take of the people from our community so it’s an honour to be here! I am so excited for this. XD Thank you for having me here today!

You are a gamer, a photographer, an artist, a university student…what other words would you use to describe yourself?

Hahaha that’s a lot. XD I’m just a simple individual who likes to do stuff, lol. I’m not that great when it comes to describing myself XD. The people I came across in my school, college and so on inspired me to develop and keep following my hobbies, so whenever I get time, I put my time into it.

Let’s start talking about gaming, how did you start playing video games and which was the first one that made you fall in love?

I love talking about this memory! I was just a child and my uncle (mom’s brother) used to play Warcraft III back then. So whenever I went to my grandparents’ place, I would sit besides him and watch him play. I didn’t really understand what he was doing or the lore but the music, scenes and stuff attracted me, lol. He didn’t let me play because I was too young and didn’t understand anything at that time. So after a few years, he gave me the game and I started playing it with cheats because I didn’t understand the complicated stuff XD, then I started looking into the story more and more and totally fell in love with the lore! Then I came across the fact that there were expansions to it called World of Warcraft but I didn’t know how to play that. So I just used to read the lore of characters I liked or the books. I also came across other games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Need for Speed, Midtown Madness and so on. But at the end of the day, Warcraft III takes the cake. XD

What made you stay a loyal Blizzard fan through the years?

The lore definitely! Arthas, Jaina and Tyrande were my favorite characters that time (and still are) and I used to love reading everything about them. And few years ago, I think I was in my first year of university that I came across WoW’s free trial that actually got me into playing WoW. After that, I even came across a TBC private server and I was sucked in totally. XD The zones, stories, classes, everything kept me a loyal fan.

What is your favorite in game activity?

I’m not a hard core person but I love to do everything! Exploring places and taking screenshots for Avi’s story, running mythic keys, raiding if my time zone permits XD and of course bgs too. Sheeping people in a bg is my passion lol. And transmog farming! I love to mog my girls in pretty stuff. XD

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community and thanks to WoW, how did you end up joining the community?

Totally out of curiosity. XD When I had started WoW, I was also new to Instagram. So I was wondering if people post about warcraft on social media or not so I just searched about it and it lead me to @kheshirekat’s account. I was very excited when I saw her screenshots and stories. But I didn’t make a WoW account till a year later actually. I used to follow all of you from my photography account. Then one day, I was just doing a dungeon run in Scarlet Monastery where I stopped to take some screenshots which came out great. My irl friends told me to post them so I brought up some guts and texted Kheshi and she encouraged me. I just used to think of my WoW account as a creative outlet but I’m totally overwhelmed by the response I got from everyone!

What made you stay?

Originally when I started my account, I didn’t care if I anyone liked the pictures or not. But then slowly, day by day, I got to know people from the community and some of them actually became such good friends! You are one of them haha! It’s mainly the relations that I formed with others that make me stay :D. And also the heaps of creativity that everyone has! I always get to see something interesting everyday.

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Avi took her bow in hand and nocked an arrow. She carefully took aim on the nearest Mo’arg and released it. But he had good reflexes and brought his axe down on her. She brought her polearm up in time to parry and the axe hit the rod of the polearm with force enough to push her down. She however maneuvered the force towards the ground and rolled out of the way. Duskfang tackled the demon from behind and while his attention was focused on getting rid of the animal, Avi again took aim and let an arrow lose. It hit home and the demon fell on the ground with a thud. The sound attracted the attention of other demons and slowly they started to surround her. She quickly slipped a small grenade below the shaft of the teleporter. Being quick on her feet, she shot down several gan’args while Duskfang made sure no one got closer. She let arrows fly one after the other and soon, the camp was filled with lifeless bodies of demons. She took the moment to catch her breath but that was short lived when felguards began their march towards her. She quickly shot down one and dodged the attack from the other while whistling loudly for Skyfeather who swooped down to help his mistress. He landed on top of the demon that was charging at her, pushing him into the ground. This moment gave Avi and Duskfang the chance to mount the gryphon who took off, away from the camp. Several legion forces had been culled and she had a sense of satisfaction. My amazing partner – The artist – @shyofmaldraxxus #nagrand #outland #warcraft #worldofwarcraft #wow #hunter #nightelf #forthealliance #wrathofthelichking #warmane #lordaeron #warcraftfan #warcraftscreenshot #wowigfamily #warcraftphotography #pcgame #mmorpg

A post shared by Gauri Joshi (@huntress_avicennia) on

What’s your inspiration for your screens?

The zones are so pretty that my brain starts thinking on how to apply the skills I learnt in photography while taking screenshots. And I always want to try out different things. The game gives me a lot of freedom to get creative which I can’t do irl. My inspiration for taking screenshots is same as taking photographs – to get creative and make a memory out of it. Something I can look back on and feel happy.

Tell us more about your passion for photography!

Of course! It all began when I was in 8th grade of school. My school had taken us to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve where I got to see free wildlife for the first time in my life. My father had gotten me a small digital camera back then which I didn’t know how to use properly. But the biggest achievement that time was when we saw a tigress at a distance of 3-4 ft and stayed with us for full 45 mins. Her eyes kind of stared deep into my soul and that time I knew, my heart belonged to the wildlife. That got me into photography. In my junior college, I used to run behind butterflies to click them on my phone camera and it was a huge struggle but totally worth it because I learnt a lot from that. I even set up a small photography exhibition during the college fest. When I got into degree college, I did a course on basic photography skills and got my DSLR and had been taking photos of nature and even people! Birds and butterflies are my most favorite subjects to click and at the same time the toughest but I love the challenge. XD Nothing beats the excitement of getting that perfect shot at the end of all that hard work and patience, lol.

You are really involved into environment preservation and nature. Tell us more about this really important part of your life!

It would be a pleasure! I always want people to see the beauty in nature and fall in love with it. Logic is simple – you preserve something that you love! I always go on nature trails and love telling about my experiences to others! I have worked with WWF (World wide fund for nature and natural resources) for 2 years on an environment education program where we used to teach school kids about the environment every week through games and activities. I was a part of bird survey in our local national park. And currently I’m involved with NaturalisT Foundation, an environment awareness NGO. We take nature trails and currently we have launched a new project which is a podcast and I’m a part of it too! We will be speaking about different news regarding the environment and wildlife every week in it.

What other passions do you have?

I love to draw! I used to do a lot of artwork and crafts in school and then I trained a bit for some government exams as well. Then life happened and I got no time for it until now! I also love research which can be painful sometimes but that’s alright. XD I had learnt an Indian classical dance called Bharatnatyam for 6 years and I even trained in karate for 2 years (had to leave because my schedule didn’t let me continue), I also love reading a lot but never thought I will start writing one day as well! People from the community inspired me to start writing and since then, it has become one of my hobbies as well!

Are there any games you would like to play?

One day I would love to try FFXIV! Especially after seeing you play and post screens of it. XD But I know I have no time for more than one game so maybe someday in the future

What other plans do you have for the future?

Probably a PhD. I’m currently pursuing my masters in plant physiology and biochemistry and I need to give some entrances for it. So I will be preparing for them as well. I will just go with the flow for now because research is something that you can decide once you experience things in it and I have just started. XD It’s a long road ahead!

Do you have a message for the community?

A big THANK YOU to EVERYONE! I can’t really thank enough actually. XD I never expected so much support from people from other corners of the world! I learned so many new things being a part of it, got confidence for my own skills and it was all because of the encouragement everyone gave me! There might be some disagreements between people but we are a society of humans after all! It’s okay. Just be kind as you all are, always. 🙂

We can not conclude this interview without talking about a very special someone in your life. The queen of your house, the most feared and revered bird of all, your little parrot! Tell us more about her!

HAHAHAHAHA YES! Her name is Cheeku and she’s a 19 years old female Alexandrine Parakeet. I was just 3 when my parents got her as a companion for me so we basically grew up together! I learned a very important aspect about animals from it – they have their own opinions! Cheeku is very bossy, mischievous and has broken and shredded several things she shouldn’t have even when she has chewing blocks for it. XD Birds just get a lot of satisfaction when they see you annoyed and it’s a drama for them. XD She always wants to eat what we are having (not all human foods can be allowed so we have to be careful). She’s like a forever 2 year old kid in the house. But at the end of the day, she’s my best buddy! People quite often get birds at home as pets but they need to know how much emotional and intelligent they are so those who would want one in their life should do lots and lots of research! They are difficult to maintain because they need lots of attention or else they go into depression and self mutilate! They also live for 40-80 years depending on the species so they are a lifetime commitment! Also, Cheeku hates phones or getting herself clicked. XD

And as for every single one of my guests, the last question! Tell us three people who you would like to see as my guests!

There are so many wonderful people that I can’t really choose just 3. XD
But since I can only pick 3 for now, it would be @kheshirekat @shyofmaldraxxus and @the_guardian_bear !

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful person and for letting us know more about you! It was a real pleasure to chat with you this afternoon! I wish you the best of luck with your future projects! And lastly thank you very much for the beautiful picture you did for us two for this interview!

Thank you so much! Lots of love to you for all the things that you do for the community.

And as always thank you all for reading another interview and being so involved in my project! You all are the reason why I’m doing this! A big thank you to Unidess for always helping me out, all this would not be possible without him! See you all soon with another wonderful guest! Have a wonderful time and please be kind with the world we live in and with yourselves.


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