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Interviewing KheshireKat

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! It’s always such a pleasure to have you here with me and today we will get to know one of the most requested guests ever! You know and love her all, I’m talking about the wonderful Serah aka KheshireKat! Thank you very much for joining me in this little virtual parlour! 

Not at all, thank you for having me!

You are a gamer, an artist, a dog mom! You’re the full deal! But first things first, let’s talk about gaming in this gamersation, shall we? How did your passion for video games begin? 

That all goes to my older brothers who were very heavily into gaming/nerd/geek culture and decided to get me into it when I was a baby. So naturally growing up I would always watch them play games, anything from table-top games, card games like Magic the Gathering, to all kinds of video games and have no idea what was going on. I was the typical annoying little sister asking about who that character was, what card is that…you know, the typical “what does that do?”.
I would always sneak into my brothers’ LAN parties, and watch them play games like Warcraft 3, Final Fantasy 7, and many, many FPS games I can’t even name.
But among all of those influences what really sparked my interest for gaming was actually the Legend of Zelda franchise, more specifically Ocarina of Time. I think something with those games just clicked and I’ve been obsessed since. 

What made you stay passionate about games?

I stayed passionate about it mostly because it was something my brothers and I shared. We were so different in every other aspect of life but the one thing we had common ground with was gaming. Even if I’m not a big gamer like they were, it was something we could either play together, or separate and later spend hours talking about. Besides that core aspect for me, the story telling, the lore, game play and overall immersion into the different worlds is what kind of sparks my passion for certain games. I find myself starting to care, love and bond with the characters, whether it’s NPCs like Link and Roxas, or my own like Mia. 

What are your all time favorite games?

Without questions, The Legend of Zelda franchise! But also Dungeons and Dragons. I would sacrifice you all to the volcano gods for those games. 

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community and especially because of your wonderful WoW screens! How did you end up playing WoW?

First of all, thank you, and second of all that’s a funny story. So, one of my best friends had been telling me to join and play WoW for 3 years prior to when I actually joined. I kept laughing it off because I was dedicated to finishing school before putting money into anything else. Granted, I did want to join back when Pandaria launched but, you know, school first and all that jazz.
So after I graduated I finally told my friend I would try the game; however, my friend and my brother ended up buying me the game, and the equipment to play with them. It really all happened super fast, as in the time span of an evening…. annnnd here we are many moons later! 

What made you fall in love with the game?


Ahahaha! As I said we’ve met through the IG gaming community, how did you end up in this crazy place?

Honestly I don’t like talking about this much, but I created this account shortly after my break-up with my ex, who I had met in WoW when I first joined the game. He was a large part of my life and my experience with the game, so creating this account was a way for me to distract myself and move on without hating the game by association, if that makes sense? I never thought about there being any kind of a community, I didn’t think it would catch anyone’s attention, I just posted what I wanted because it was my visual memory book. 

What made you stay in the community?

After a while I started changing the content I was posting, you know…putting more effort into each post, editing, or writing snippets. When I started to gain followers and interacting with people I started receiving these heartfelt messages about how I inspired them or just really positive messages about what I had created with my account. I even started to get requests to reading, critiquing, and help other creatives in the community. It meant the world to me that my words, and my character meant something to others, so much so that they trusted my opinions and advice. 
I made it my goal that in some way, that I wanted to continue to inspire people, I wanted to make a difference here and be a positive influence on anyone who visited my page, interacted with me, or read the stories I wrote, even if it’s just one person.
Annnd of course the love and investment so many have for Mia and her story inspire me and remind me everyday why I’m here. 

Do you have a message for the community?

Oh gosh… there are so many things I want to say to sound profound! But I think the only thing I feel confident that will resonate with everyone is; don’t judge people based on others opinions… and embrace your individuality! Stop letting others paint pictures of people you’ve never met before. Be confident and build your own opinions about everything first and foremost! 

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Going back to your OC for a second, since you have talked about her, many known Mia and love her but tell us more about her for the ones that may not know her! 

So first things first and to make everything more confusing…. Mia is my original character that I created back in 2004 after my brother had passed away, she and her story were a creative outlet and my way of dealing with grief. She is completely separate from WoW.
The Mia everyone knows is my hunter I main in game who is always been dressed in the same blue transmog. I’ll call her my WoW-OC, who only shares a similar name and appearance to my OC. Her lore however is a bit out of the box than what you might expect from WoW-OCs or RP characters… Her full name is Mia Sunseer, she is a very young and short hybrid elf with unknown origins, who at the beginning of BFA, survived the Lightforged ritual. Despite her young age, she has faced her share of sorrow and demons which allowed her to pass the trials.
She’s very curious, adores books, and has this strange way of working her way into the hearts of those she meets along her journey. Her key features are her bi-coloured eyes, ombré hair, and the Lightforged runes and tattoo decorating her body. 

You are also a FFXIV player and there’s a little Mia one too! How did you end up playing FFXIV? 

There is! I don’t have any lore backing that version of her. In FFXIV she’s called Mia Moonstrider, she’s a Viera bard and dancer. The game looked really pretty and I loved the idea of the Dancer class and Viera is my favourite race. So I thought I’d give it a chance, however I’m not a big fan of the MSQ being locked behind the dungeons… soooo I’ve stopped playing for now. 

As I said at the beginning of the interview, you’re also an artist! What is your main inspiration for your art?

This might actually be cliché to say but, it’s music. Naturally like most artists I pull inspiration from everything around me but I find it’s always music that inspires me to create my best pieces. 

What are your other passions other than gaming and art?

I guess this is where everyone finds out how boring I really am… I’d probably have to say I’m most passionate about books and everything involving them like reading and storytelling. You know the new book smell? That’s probably one of my favourite things. Haha. I think if I could live in a library or just own a bookstore I wouldn’t need anything else in life. Almost everyone who knows me knows I’ve been working on writing and creating my own book. 

Tell us more about this project!!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved storytelling, and it’s become a large part of who I am now. Back in 2004 or roughly around that time, possibly earlier, I started this project called “Project Echo”. In the very, very early days it was planned to actually be a comic or manga series created between 2 of my friends and myself. Unfortunately that dream sort of fell apart after the loss of my brother.
However, I didn’t give up on this project, it just became a larger part of my life and my vision for it has changed. It became my thesis project when I graduated; it’s a young adult fantasy novel, accompanied with its own separate artbook, featuring Mia (completely irrelevant and unrelated to WoW) in a world that is forgetting magic and embracing technological advancements.
So! Without further ado, Echo is about: A promise to protect the world. A prince in search for redemption. A beauty with the heart to challenge destiny. A truth locked in hidden memories. 

I really can’t wait to read it and I wish you the best of luck with this amazing project! We’ve talked about your interests and passions but who is Serah in real life?

Thank you! I’m excited for it to finally be published!
Well outside of gaming and social media… I’m a pixie sized brown girl from Canada. That’s about it. 
Haha, okay but seriously I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and creative director who writes as a hobby. I’ve won 2 awards so far for my designs as well as been a part of the design teams for large brands like Coke-Cola and the GRT. I’m a dog mom and I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life, I can’t imagine living without a dog. I have a severe allergy to sunscreen and cats. I speak 3 languages, Hindi, French, and English. I have this weird mix of needing to be organized, needing to be spontaneous, and needing creative chaos. I absolutely love the Goth subculture and I used to be a part of that until recently. I love horseback riding/ competing/ showing, swimming, hiking, plush thing, unicorns and traveling. I’d live by the ocean if I could. I have a huge Zelda merch collection. My favourite animal is a fox, second favourite would probably be a snow leopard. I’m probably a princess, I’m definitely a hopeless romantic through and through…. but I pretend to be edgy so no one has to deal with all the mushy crap I like. Hahaha. I like to think I’m funny and a positive vibe to keep around. I have been told that I’m really easy to talk to and I tend to get along with almost everyone, which I think it’s pretty cool. Since elementary school I was dead set on becoming a wedding dress designer specifically; and in high school I designed the dresses for all my friends and my cousins, haha, even though I changed my career path to becoming a concept artist. 

Since I’ve mentioned it too, we cannot go on without talking about the real heartbreaker, the most famous and loveable puppy of them all!! We need to know everything about Genn!!

Of course, of course! He’s really the star of the show! Baby Genn, aka Merlin the White is a Miniature American Eskimo, and he was born June 6th. So he’s juuuuuust over a year now! He’s extremely intelligent and this breed specifically was actually used in circuses because of how easy they are to train, do tricks, and how well they can balance and walk on the hind legs. Baby Genn always starts his mornings with zoomies and is eternally playing chase with you. He’s a bit possessive of his toys and food even if he’s not playing with them or eating at the moment… you’re not allowed to touch them! He loves cuddles and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a real king! He doesn’t like to eat his food unless you serve it on a plate, he’ll sleep in your bed with his head on your pillow and will only sit on the sofa or his fluffy blanket.

And he’s so cute he has all the rights to be the king! What are your plans and hopes for your account and for your future in general outside the gaming universe?

Haha thank you! I love him to bits!
And as far as my account… goodness, this has been something I’ve been mulling over for a while. I want to keep being a positive influence for storytellers and creatives, but I also want to keep creating and sharing Mia’s story and hopefully she will become a memorable and loved WoW-OC.
As for the future outside of gaming… I believe it’s full of endless possibilities! Our lives are eternally a work in progress and there are so many things I want to do or want to improve. And so many more things I’m scared to try but still want to.
There’s a group of my friends within the IG community that have hinted at meeting up IRL and that’s something I really want to make happen, I think it would be something amazing when we can finally organize that! 

And I wish you the best of luck with everything! As for the gaming universe, are there any future objectives in the games you’re playing and are there any other games you want to play in the future?

That’s very kind of you! Thank you! 
In the gaming universe, specifically WoW, I’d like to keep pushing myself to progress in the different areas of the game that I’ve only just been introduced to, like raiding, Mythic+, rated pvp; the more competitive aspect I suppose. As of right now I’m mostly interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons again, and finally trying out LARP.
The other games I’ve played and beaten, so there aren’t really any goals there to achieve, I just replay them for enjoyment now. 

And lastly, as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I’m going to break the rules here and pick 4! @orgrimmar_ , @lorepheus, @mich_royal, @jenesiswow

Thank you very much for your time and for being such a wonderful person! It’s been a great pleasure to get to know you better!! Wish you the best of luck, especially with your book!!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this and Gamersations! You do such an amazing job here and offer so much to the community, so really, thank you!!! 

And as always thank you all for sticking with me for yet another interview with another lovely guest! See you all next month with two new guests!! 


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