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Interviewing Unidessgaming

Welcome to my parlour! Relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy my lovelily conversation with my first ever guest. I couldn’t have star with anyone else but with Emanuele, aka Unidess gaminig, aka my soul mate. Some of you from the IG gaming community already know him and follow him, some others who follow only me know him as my bearded boyfriend but he’s so much more than a good looking, bearded, cat-dad!

Let’s start by talking about your gaming experience! What was your first approach with video games?

I think I was 4 or 5 years old at the time. My father had an Intel 386 desktop computer and he had some late 80s games for it and he let me play them with him from time to time. It was actually back then that I learned to input string commands on the DOS platform, although it was just enough to get the games to start from the floppy disc drive.

So you started pretty young! What made you fall in love with the gaming world?

To be honest I didn’t really get into videogaming until much later, I didn’t get to use the pc much on my own until I was about 12-13 (not that I thought about that much, had plenty of other stuff to play with). But I believe that what stuck with me at a certain point was the ability to live adventures in an immersive way, and not only imagining them in my head or playing them out with toys while lacking 90% of the environment where I was picturing those adventures taking place.

Do you remember what was the first video game that you really got into?

That’s a tough one to remember, but even if I wasn’t able to play it on my own, I guess the first one was the Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade point and click adventure game. I did see the movie before and when my father got the game we ended up playing it together. Although we never managed to get past the Venice catacombs part, those game were hard. And I know it might sound a given to many nowadays, but back then there was no home internet service in here and we had nothing else to go by than the official game manual, so it was a real bummer figuring out some of the puzzles at the time!

What does gaming mean to you and how important it is for you?

I think I kind of answered this question a couple ones above, but to me it’s just another way of being able to embrace imagination and live stories and adventures in a dynamic and interactive way. Which is also why I pretty much only play RPG, action adventure or MMO games. If there isn’t a story to be discovered, it usually doesn’t interest me. As I often say, it’s just a mean to feed the 8 years old boy that’s now forced to act as an adult ‘cause…that’s life!

What is your all time favourite video game?

Ugh, this is reaaaaally tough. I have a few I really love for different reasons. So if it still counts, I’ll have to name Neverwinter Nights, Gothic, Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect and The Witcher.

What is your favourite game at the moment?

The ones I keep playing for the moment, so The Old Republic, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Although now that I’m finishing the last book of The Witcher’s saga, something tells me the balance is about to shift…

Because of video games you also got to know the Instagram gaming community. What was your first approach to it? How did you end up in this crazy place? I mean, I know it but let’s hear your version!

I always liked taking screenshots and I’ve had folders full of them for years, but at one point keeping them there just for me felt…wrong somehow. So I looked for a decent way of sharing them with others and…here I am!

You have so many beautiful screenshots, not only because of the subjects you choose but also for the choices you make with lighting, colours and composition! What is the inspiration behind your screens?

I’ve always had a cinematic vision for my content. Not just screens, even when I write stories I visualize the various scenes as if I was filming them for a movie. Same thing applies when I take screenshots, I always try to take them as if they were a still from an in-progress movie shot. Unless it’s meant to be a portrait.

What makes you watch at a screen and think “ok now I’m going to share this with the world”?

This connects directly to the question above and to the other aspect I always try to adhere to: a good shot has to tell a story or spring one. Not necessarily the same story for everyone looking at it, but anybody should be able to see there’s a story going on there and not feel like it’s just a still pretty picture. Again, the exception comes with portraits.

Your account is a cornucopia of many different MMOs, you post screens you take playing Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Elders Scrolls Online…but do you have a favourite when we talk about taking screenshots? Is there one where you don’t even have to try?

Not really, it’s always a matter of working for them to come out right. Even when taking shots of cinematic cutscenes like the ones in SWTOR, I’m not satisfied with the results most of the time. I will say though, I wish other MMOs had the same functionality of FFXIV’s gpose when it comes to creating screenshots. That system surely helps a lot with the kind of results I tend to aim for.

You obviously have a huge passion for MMOs, you played tons of them. I’m not going to ask you to tell me every name, unless someone who is reading wants to know! But what is the one who has left in you a mark? One that you will always remember and think fondly about and why?

I’m sure I’ll leave something out but, going as chronologically as possible of when I first tried them, it should be: Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest II, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Matrix Online, City of Heroes/Villains, Guild Wars, Lord of The Rings Online, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Age of Conan, RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy XIV.

Star Wars Galaxies is the one I will always remember slightly more fondly than others. It was the first Star Wars MMO and being set between Ep IV and V it was really a experience living the atmosphere of the original trilogy. The first iteration of the game wasn’t for everyone as it was completely sandbox, so much that often enough one was left clueless on what to do. But that was also the beauty of it. Players depended on others, especially because you could learn abilities and trades from others, and teach something else in return. The other reason it has a special place for me is because it was the first MMO where I really got into online RP to its full potential, learning the lore properly, staying as close to it as possible to make the characters stories believable for the setting…it was really a great time discovering new ways to be creative. And it was Star Wars!

You also are a huge and very talented roleplayer. You have mostly played MMOs for this reason. Tell us a rp that was interesting or funny!

My first proper session of RP, in Star Wars Galaxies. I was in a Stormtrooper platoon guild and there was a small tight knit community on the server, that had years long plots intertwined between the various guilds. My character was still a cadet at the time and I was thrown into this major plot event with about 20 people participating, where a town was sieged by a small army of rogue droids and Underworld criminals. It was so immersive that I realized the session had lasted for over 8 hours when I looked out of the window by chance and saw dawn was approaching. Luckily it was holiday season!

Will you ever publish some of your roleplays on IG?

I’ve actually toyed with the idea a few times already, but I don’t think IG would be the right platform. Most people hardly read a caption a few lines long, and my stories, even the short chapter ones, tend to be between 6 to 12 A4 pages long. I guess if people would be interested I could publish a snippet with an outside link to the full story. I’m still not sure.

Going back to the community. Did the community help you change your mentality, your way to take screenshots, in the time you have been a member?

Definitely. Not so much the general results I’m looking for or the cinematic vision I like to have, but seeing other people’s work and creations has definitely given me inspiration to try new things or improve while still retaining my own style.

What does the community mean to you?

When I first started I didn’t give it much thought. I was just looking for a place to share my screens, if people were interested or not wasn’t much of an issue (and it still isn’t, I’m not looking for big numbers or basing my life on how much liked or not liked my posts are). But with time I’ve actually grown fond of the community. I’ve made some good friends and I love to see how many creative and talented people there are about the gaming community, be it with screenshots or various art form! It’s a continuous inspiration, and on the human level it’s awesome seeing how much one can do for others even being on the opposite side of the globe, with just a simple thought of support or encouragement.

We really have met some great people and with some of them we have a quite big friendship. But if we are to think about all of the community. Do you have something to say to all of them?

Just “You do you!”. Don’t stress over a social media platform, share what you feel like sharing and when you feel like sharing it. You’re all already amazing the way you are! If people like you for yourself, great! Constructive criticism is always welcomed, other than that, it’s not worth changing your life over what people you’ll never have to interact with in person might think (and usually it isn’t even in that case).

And as our continuous source of inspiration, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, loves to repeat and live up to: “Be the hardest worker in the room, always. No matter what life and people might throw at you, nobody and nothing will ever take that away. Also, it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

What would be an advice you would give to someone who is freshly approaching the community?

Pretty much what I just said above. Do what you feel like doing and sharing, and don’t worry about followers or likes numbers. This should be a place to share a common passion with people, not a rush to top a chart.

Now let’s get to the questions that the community has for you! First of all they are interested in your World of Warcraft related experience! More than one person wants to know how did you first approach to WoW and mostly with what call and race!

I actually started during the last phases of the open Beta. And coming from Warfcraft III when the game launched I started as a Human Paladin on Alliance. I did make a Tauren Shaman on Horde side some time later. I guess those two classes have been a constant over my stay in WoW!

You’ve been playing WoW since the beginning! I bet our readers would be interested in knowing what are your favourite classes, races, lores now that the game has been around for 15 years!

I really love hybrid or multy-purpose classes, they really give you the opportunity to approach the game in different ways while staying in the same class fantasy. But! Having been present for the full journey so far, I’ve actually grown a liking to all classes at this point. Sure some more than others, but I can have fun with all the classes. As for races and lores, well, I have to admit I tend to like a lot more the Horde ones nowadays. There’s interesting lore to be found everywhere after 25 years of world building, but from a writing standpoint I feel like there’s more…freedom of exploring a larger quantity of characters, situations, beliefs, moralities…I don’t know, I feel like in the last few years Alliance side there has been too much tunneling the writing into the ‘good guys brigade’ that the narrative for basically all of the races has fallen rather flat in my opinion, it’s…uninteresting, sadly. If I have to name favourites though, I’d say Orcs and Zandalari for the red team, and Worgen and Dwarves for the blue team!

And another interesting question from the community is: What is your top 3 favourite activities in WoW?

Messing about the game no matter the character together with Kylara, RP (although I haven’t done any in years by now), dungeon leveling new character concepts.

Following the example of one of our friends in the community (thank you Eleonora <3) What would you say to someone to make them start playing WoW, FF and SWTOR? Seeing that these are your top three favourite MMOs at the moment.

They are all three very different MMOs, both in concept and setting, so the first thing I would say is…There’s no chance at least one of them won’t appeal to you, given the range of tastes they have! Classic MMO, cinematic story driven, do everything on a single character, take your pick! Try them all, I’ll guide you through the basics and help to learn how they work, and then let’s see what you liked best! (chances are they’ll end up playing all three, like a certain someone…*eyes Kylara knowingly*)

And to convince someone to join the IG gaming community?

There’s plenty of good, friendly people, incredibly talented artists and even if inspiration is not what you’re looking for, there’s enough good-hearted goofers to make your day if you feel a little low!

Tell us more about the person behind the gamer! Let the people know something more about the mysterious bearded wonderful man that is behind Unidess!

It all started back in 1986, when…nah, really though I usually am crap at this part. What can I say…I’m a voice actor and dubber, trying to build myself a stable career in the business. I have been a lifelong athlete as I practiced Athletics (sprinter mainly, but I have tried it all when I was in the junior categories) from when I was 6 up to a few years back when the studies and time investment to pursue the voice actor career deprived me of the opportunity to continue training regularly. I used to play electric guitar but haven’t touched mine in a couple of years (I guess I should pick it up again before I forget what does it look like) and have a great love for reading books and playing with Lego (I did say I’m 8 years old, didn’t I?).

I grew up with having classical mythology, Arthurian legends, fairy tales and the like as my bedtime stories, so I guess that my…ahem…obsession with stories comes from that.

Future projects and aspirations both in real life and in game?

As for real life, finally getting a decent flow of work to have a bit more of stability, which would also translate in us being able to start invest in tools and materials to begin building our own costumes (something that we have been postponing for a couple of years, we have a couple of projects ready to go already).

As for ingame(s)…getting back to RP for starters, I’ve been away from it too much and I want to get back to it, dragging Kylara along (love you, but you know I will). Other than that, on the MMO front at least, I’ll see what future updates bring. My long project for the year is to do a full playthrough of all 3 Witcher games after finishing the books, playing Geralt as close to his original version as the games will allow me (some changes made in the games are rather huge compared to the books. As a non spoilery simple example for those who haven’t read them already, the fact that Triss always wears high collared and full coverage dresses never showing her cleavage due to the horrific burn scars she carries on her chest).

And lastly, which are three accounts you would like to see as my guests?

Let’s see… @Lilleskygge_gaming, our adopted daughter @red.lair, and that big burger of @somanyalts! (You said three, but I have many more)

Thank you for your patience, not only here for this but in real life too and mostly thank you for always being my test subject!

And thank you to the community for the huge support they have given me in the last few days! This project is for you because you inspire me to do more and more for the wonderful people who are part of it. And also thank you for all who will read this, members of the community or not!

With love,


3 thoughts on “Interviewing Unidessgaming

  1. Great interview Kylara and Unidess! Loved hearing about your life and interests. But Indiana Jones, eh! 😉

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  2. This is so awesome Kylara and Unidess ! Really enjoyed the interview and getting to know someone from behind all those screenshots is wonderful. Good luck and you can count on my continued support ! 🙂

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  3. This came out of nowhere….as in I didn’t expect it; which is a GREAT thing, you’re doing new things and unexpected things and it’s super cool. Gamersations is a nice bridge between the gamer and the person behind the character, super proud of you…. and also absolutely sick with jealousy between you and unidess 😂😂😂 (I’m kidding, you guys rock! Meeting your soulmate online is beautiful). Was also cool to see Profecy…. I thought I was the only one that had that itch to scratch lol…. must be a1986 babies thing 😆

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