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Interviewing Ali_vaera

Welcome back to my parlour! Today we will get to know better a very special person for me. She’s one of my best friends ever, she’s my sister from another mistress, she’s the wonderful, talented Ali_vaera aka Dani!

You are a well known and beloved member of the IG gaming community and you charm everyone with your personality and beautiful content! But you are a gamer since a young age! Let’s talk about your first approach to the video games world! When was it?

Awuh! Thank you! I can’t remember an exact year but I know I was quite young! And the only reason I played video games was because my older brother Charles got me hooked! Video games for sure changed my life!

What was the first video game that made you fall in love?

The first video game that I ever remember falling in love with and actually fiending on was a game called Monster & Me aka M&M from around 2002 I wanna say. I actually met quite a few people playing that game that I am still very close friends with, and I met one of them in person for the first time in 2018!! We all met when we were about 10-12 years old! I don’t remember it much but it was a MMORPG somewhat like Pokémon and we were Gods/Goddess’s!

What made you stay in love with the gaming universe even growing up to this day?

Honestly, all the friendships I’ve made from 2002 til now, I probably would have stopped gaming if it weren’t for the people I’ve met along the way. Also, for me it was a huge way to escape reality and to just immerse myself into something fantasy and away from the issues of the real world.

Your favourite game at the moment is obviously World of Warcraft! How did you start playing this game?

My older brother Charles ! He got me HOOKED back in 2004, I use to go visit him during school breaks all the time and he’s the one who introduced me into WoW! I still remember creating my first character on his account! A Night Elf Druid of course… hehe.

What is your relationship with the game at the moment and how did it evolve through the years?

I’m still incredibly hooked on the game, my interest fizzled out a little bit this expansion but I am super pumped for Shadowlands and what it brings! I think it’ll be good for WoW! When I first started playing WoW in Classic, I was a complete noob.. all I did was go kitty form and roleplay with a friend as kitties in Auberdine/Goldshire! BC was pretty much the same but I did reach lvl 70 before WotLK! I still remember the night of WotLK release! It was the night my older brother got me my own WoW account and that is when it was the start of a serious committed relationship between me and the game! Wrath was the year I started raiding and playing more seriously. I have become more casual over the years but the game is still super exciting for me! And I truly hope that never changes!

World of Warcraft is also the game you post about the most on your IG account but how did you end up into the rabbit hole? How did you get to know about the community and what made you want to be part of it?

Funny thing is… I didn’t know that there was even a WoW presence on Instagram when I posted my first post! I had just gone through about 2-3 different facebook WoW groups and they were all so toxic and it really killed it for me because I was so lonely had no one in WoW to play with since my brother was one of my only friends who actually played WoW with me… So after I posted a picture on Instagram, I saw that I got a lot of likes and I was so startled because I usually only got like 3 likes on anything I ever posted on IG LOL. I saw a few people like my posts, like I know Koristraza and Shynisti were one of the first people to actually engage with me when I joined but after I found this AMAZING community I went straight to posting my pictures! Which I have always loved taking WoW screenshots so it was just such a great finding! AND OF COURSE ALL THE PEOPLE I HAVE MET IN THE YEAR I HAVE BEEN HERE.

Your account is so pleasing to watch! So many wonderful screens it’s hard to choose only one or two favourites! What is your inspiration?

A huge inspiration for me the past year has been being able to share my love for the game through my pictures! And especially my Night Elves! As well as being able to meet up with players of the community to fiend out in Azeroth with or just to take a simple hi and bye picture!

What is like to meet other members of the community in-game?

SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love it! Even if it’s just for a quick picture! Every single person I’ve met in game so far from the community has been so kind and sweet it makes my heart truly happy!

As you have already said, because of the community we get to know many people and some of them end up being pretty important to us. What does the community mean to you?

The WoW Instagram community means a lot to me… if it weren’t for the people I’ve met and all the friendships I’ve made I would have quit WoW last year, probably for good. Playing an MMORPG alone is very very lonely.. so since becoming an active member in the community it has made me feel so loved and appreciated and actually feel like I matter.

Do you have a message for the community?

Be yourself not who society wants you to be. Be kind in all ways possible. Be positive and always look on the bright side. Do those three things both in and outside of Azeroth and you’ll live a happy life! Can’t strain enough on the be kind part! We all know what it’s like to pug or meet randoms who make the game so unpleasant, don’t be one of those people.

You’ve been part of the community for a bit now, how did all this IG experience change the way you approach the gaming life now?

It has actually helped me become a better person in game, I defend people a lot more, I’m more engaged in the game with others, I’m waaaaaayyy more talkative! Prior to joining the IG WoW family all I did was solo play through everythinnnggggg. I still sometimes get that way out of habit but actually having people to play and talk to now and nerd out about the game is … just the absolute best.

You are not only a gamer but a streamer too! What made you want to stream on twitch?

My husband is actually the reason I wanted to get into it in the first place, he made it seem so fun! And then after I joined the community and saw soooo many other WoW streamers and got to view a few streams it made me desire it even more!

You are a wife, a mom of a beautiful boy and you have the second baby on the way! How is it to be a gamer momma? How do you manage to balance your passion and your personal life?

It’s honestly really really hard! I’m surprised I’m still able to even get a few hours a week for my hobby! When I first had my son it was easy, because I just breastfed him while I played WoW and he’d remain in my arms until he started walking and then running LOL it got pretty rough to make time to play after that. Being a wife, mother, pregnant, having a full time job and streaming when I can is honestly really hard… some days I do neglect my IRL duties such as chores and I always tell myself “YOLO”. I would rather live in a dirty house a few days out of the week and be able to keep my sanity haha. Gaming truly does help me relax.

Let us know more about you! Who is Dani besides this wonderful creature we know and love?

Hmmm.. I’m really bad about describing who I am to be honest hahah. In real life I’m incredibly shy when you first meet me but once I open up I can be suppppeerrrr annoying and huggy and I laugh seriously WAYYY too much. I truly enjoy laughing and making other people laugh, I try and do it as much as I can but mainly it’s by making a fool out of myself just to get them to laugh but it makes me super happy when it works LOL. I’m super clumsy… super protective over people I care about and love.. I can be VERY FIESTY when provoked in any way… I talk super funny and mix my words a lot.. another thing about me.. is that I get really passionate about uplifting others and usually when I get into deep talks (which is a lot) I end up crying because of how passionate I am about what I’m saying. A few of my friends could def vouch for me on this haha. But all in all, I’m a goofy, super loving person also… did I mention I have a temper? LMAO

Let’s get to a couple of questions from the community! The first one is connected to your streams! They want to know if you would consider streaming full time, as a career if you would be presentedwith the opportunity.

Oh wow! I honestly never thought about it as an actual career or doing it full time.. that would be cool and honestly if it would work out like that I would most likely accept.. BUT I honestly love where I’m at right now. I get to engage with every person, and I honestly have nooo idea what I’d do in WoW for 8 hrs a day while streaming LOL but that’s a cool question thanks for putting that in my mind!

Now to the second and last question from the community! Someone wanted me to ask what was the best thing that happened to you in 2019, but I already know that getting married to your wonderful husband and getting pregnant for the second time are up there so I want to ask you what was the “second” best thing besides all these wonderful things, that happened to you last year?

BLIZZCON!!!! It was my first time ever going!! I got to meet SO MANY people from the community and even got on the live cam during a WoW panel!! IT WAS SO COOL!! I truly can’t believe I got to experience all of it! I can’t wait for the next one that I get to go to! I relive the whole experience in my head from time to time to be honest if that doesn’t sound… weird. LOL

Blizzcon is home! And talking about that! You have been a blizzard fan and a WoW gamer for basically all your life! What would you say to someone who doesn’t know the game to make them start playing?

Oh lord… I’m so bad with getting people into the game LOL take my husband for instance! 8 years together and about 4-6 attempts and I still can’t get him to play. If it were a stranger I’d just list all the things that I enjoy doing, the PvE is always amazing, the story keeps you on your toes, PvP is SUPER fun (with friends), professions are seriously the most fun thing for me in the game, Mythics and raids! The things to do in this game are literally endless! That’s why it’s survived for so long!

And to make them join the IG gaming community? What are three advices you would give them if they decide to join in?

1) Post things that YOU enjoy. 2) Make friends, the community is so large and there are soooo many people to meet! 3) Be open to diversity within the game and posts that you see. We’re from ALL AROUND THE WORLD and all play WoW a little different.

Besides obviously all the work you will have to do when the baby arrives, what are your future plans and aspirations? Both in game and real life!

For real life, I just want to become a better mother and wife. If my family is happy, I’m happy. Their happiness is all I can truly ask for in life. For the game, I truly hope that I’ll be able to continue playing and being part of the community as my life gets crazier haha.

And lastly the question I will ask every single one of my guest, who are three members of our splendid community that you would want to see as my guests?

Aghhh! There’s so many people to choose from! Oh my goodness… I hope that everyone gets a round at this! But, my first three would be Alina, Shynisti aka Luna and 14szafer aka Stormy! I talk to those three so much and would love to see what their answers are!

Thank you for the patience and for being such a lovely guest! I couldn’t have had a better second guest honestly! Really wish you the best of luck with all! And really thank you again for supporting me and letting me interview you! And also thank you for spending time with me in game while doing this!

It was an absolute pleasure! I am so happy you are doing this for the community so a huge THANK YOU to YOU!

And as always a huge thank you to all of you who follow me and support me! I appreciate all your comments and likes and all the interest you show towards this project of mine. I’m overwhelmed by all the love and support! Thank you all! Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did doing it! See you all next month with two new wonderful guests!

With love,


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  1. Great interview Ali! I’m trying not to cry a little but we all love you in whatever your next chapter of life holds.

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