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Interviewing Neinhardtgames

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Please relax and enjoy my new interview! This time I have a new guest who was requested by the community, both this month and the other month! With me today we have Matt, aka @neinhardtgames! 

You have resurrected from your ashes, you re-created your account from nothing, we known you with many names but might I say, Neinhardt is the one we all love! Thank you for being here with me and us! 

Let’s start from the very beginning, you are a gamer but how did it all start? How did you get into gaming? 

Hello! I think it goes way back when watching my parents play Baku Baku and Virtua Fighter on the good ol’ Sega Saturn, which led up to watching my brother play games like GTA2 and Tomba 2 on older systems. Eventually I got into gaming myself around the time of Halo, Halo 2, Warcraft III, Warhammer and other games! And yeah, I went through a lot of names.. a lot lol.

What is the first game you fall in love with?

The game I really started getting into was Halo 2, especially online. I used to play with my brother and his friends on Xbox (my Gamertag at the time and for many years following was ‘samurai72’). I was always known as Samurai until I changed it a few years ago. But definitely Halo 2.

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Let's brawl.

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And what is your favorite all time game?

World of Warcraft! Despite the direction the game has been going, it’s always been my favorite since I started in 2008.

How did you start playing it?

The same friends that played Halo 2, started playing WoW and they got me into it. We started playing on Shandris-NA. We met a bunch of people on that server and had such a great time throughout the expansions. Although my IRL friends quit WoW, I still play with the same group of people we met on Shandris back in 2008. 12 years later and we still play together!

How did the experience change over the years?

The experience changes with the game. I’ll always play but the game isn’t perfect. My friends online have always been around and we’ve just done our best to enjoy the game, but sometimes it’s hard. I’m sure many others might agree with me, but we’re relying on each other to make this game continuously fun. Thankfully, we all have this wonderful community from IG to make it worth it. Just gotta keep on trekking!

What other games do you play at the moment?

I also play Rocket League and Warhammer Online (Return of Reckoning) on PC. Some nights I’ll play a bit of Super Smash bros and Animal Crossing on the Switch.

What does gaming mean to you?

It’s more than just a hobby. It’s about community to me. The people you meet, the people you play with, the memories. It’s truly remarkable to think about – the fact that you can play with likeminded people all around the world.

Speaking about community, how did you end up in the IG gaming community?

If I recall correctly, I saw a lot of gaming memes on my personal IG and realized that there was a gaming community on IG in general (Not even WoW). So I made an IG called “neinlivesgaming” and I posted a lot of Overwatch memes, pictures of my set up, collectibles etc. It was just an overall gaming account. Then I followed some people who posted WoW content – Enforcer, Grim, Justus, Kinshen, Jenesis and many others! So after like 600 name changes and finally settling down with Teknein (R.I.P.), I posted a lot of WoW content and got really involved.

What made you decide to stay in the community?

It’s always been about the people. When I lost my first IG on my birthday last year, I had an overwhelming amount of support and DMs asking me to come back. It warmed my heart and I came back and decided to stay for good, and to make some more memories.

Did the community change your approach to the gaming world?

Oh absolutely. Can I curse? Before the community, I was a toxic little shit. The community has definitely changed me to be a better person – to be more helpful to others and have more respect. Although, I will run my mouth if I see others being toxic now. Overall though, I have been doing much better. I have the community to thank for that.

What does the community mean to you?

It means helping each other out. Supporting each other. Bringing everyone up instead of pushing people down. Being real with another. Networking and bonding. But most importantly, just having fun. WoW is just a game but the community makes it much more than that.

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Time to free Orgrimmar of corruption… again.

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Your screenshots are unique, beautiful and easily recognizable, what is your inspiration?

Other people. Not in the sense of copying them but seeing other people be so creative with their posts inspires me to try harder and be more creative with mine! I write down random ideas I have and eventually get to them.

And now to some questions from our gaming family! First of all people are curious about your PVP experience, and mostly what is your favorite battleground!

I’ve been 2k+ rated in multiple classes, including DK, Warrior, Mage, Shaman, and Monk. Been 2k+ in 2s, 3s, (5s RIP) and RBGs. I’m usually Rival every season, except for Legion Season 1 was the first and only time I reached Duelist. My favorite battleground is a tough pick between Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, or Temple of Kotmogu.

Second and last one from the community! What are your other passions other than gaming?

I used to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee but it’s been awhile since that happened. Unfortunately not now due to the Quarantine, I also like to hang out with friends whether we just do nothing, or hit up a bar, or just play some Super Smash Bros.

We’ve talked about gaming and hobbies but who is Matt? Tell us more about the person behind the gamer!

I am born and raised in New York, and I love it here. I have a degree in Criminal Justice, currently waiting on the academy call which takes years. For now, I am currently working at a Water Treatment facility. I am into most types of music besides mumble rap and country. When I game, I always play music and the playlist is so random. I can go from Childish Gambino, to Dethklok, to Cat’s in the Cradle, to Lil Dicky, to Bullet for my Valentine etc and still jam out to everything that comes on. I’m typically quiet but I tend to have quick smart-ass remarks. I have some random things on my desk while I sit between queues, like a Rubik’s Cube and a 5 foot length of rope to practice knots (Thanks Stephen). I like to always keep busy so I have things like that laying around to keep my mind going!

What are your plans and dreams for the future…aka when all this crazy story will be over?

I’m not entirely too sure. I live for the now. I try not to focus too much on the future because things are always changing. Who knows how long I’ll be involved with the IG community or with WoW. I just take it day by day.

Going back to the in game experiences, besides pvp, what are your favorite things to do?

I’ve been really into pushing Mythic Keystones. Since I’ve been pretty geared, I’ve recently been trying to gear up friends’ alts etc.

You are very much involved in the life of the community and into spreading love and appreciation! Do you have a message for them all?

My message would be, “Just keep being you.”
We’re all here for each other.

What would you say to a fellow gamer who isn’t part of the community to make them join in?

Hmmm, I’m not sure. I’d rather the community speak for itself and let people see for themself. If it’s someone I play with, I usually try to get screenshots with them and tag them – let them get involved that way too.

And lastly as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community who you would like to see as my guest in the future?

Artiriewarcraft, Kzydi, and Fexxalicious! All great people in this community!
I could easily give you 100 names lol.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be my guest and for the in game time! It was a real pleasure having you here! Wishing you the best of luck for the future!

Thank you so much! Good luck to you and your future interviews!

And as always thank you all for being here! See you next month with another awesome guest and some more gaming talk! Stay safe and game on!!

With love,



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