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Interviewing Lilleskygge_gaming

Hello and welcome back to my parlour. Today I have the great pleasure to interview one of my favorite people in the world, she’s a friend, a gamer, a true jewel in this world, @lilleskygge_gaming aka Mia. 

/wave to the people, they can’t see it. But they can pretend too.

Thank you for honoring me with your presence! Let’s start from the very beginning, how did you approach the gaming world? 

Oh, from a very young age. Had the first nintendo and loved every moment gaming on it. Sadly it got lost in a house fire. But then, on my birthday my dad brought home this BIG BOX! It was a super nintendo! Had to share it tho. And he used it first, me and my bro had to wait.

What was the first game that you really loved that made you think that video games would be something always present in your life? 

Hmm, not sure, there have been so many. But gotta say the first Resident evil on playstation. And Dungeon keeper 2 on pc. Have some awesome memories with playing those two.

And what are your favorite games at the moment?

I want to say WoW, but due to the BFA and the latest patch kinda sucking the life out of me I don’t really know. Played The Witcher 3 for a bit and absolutely loved it! But right now I recently resubscribed to FFXIV, so kinda hope to get back into it. Especially now days when you need something to do indoors.

Oh let’s talk about WoW! Who did you get to to start playing it?

I was doing a lot of cross stitch at the time, and those kits are expensive. So I had just run out, and my brother had ordered a game by mistake. It was WoW! And there you have it, I entered the world (of warcraft). Before that I hadn’t really been into mmos of any sort.

What made you stay in Azeroth?

At that time the game was different. It was less stressful, and people could just mess around for days. You could in a way say it was way social. We used to make games ingame, like hide and seek with money as a prize. Me staying and taking it more serious evolved with time and as they added more content to the game. In the start you had to travel and wait at the BG entrance, and all such made it social. You just fell in love with the atmosphere and the people.

Did your experience change over the years? 

Yeah it did. Over the years the game as a whole changed, and with it the community. It got more fast tracked and rushed. Vanilla was a grind in it’s own way, but you didn’t have dailies that made you feel like you missed out if you weren’t online for a day. It’s both good and bad I would say. I myself did get more serious in some expansions as well, from just messing around to raiding. Now days I don’t have time for raiding if I’m gonna get all the dailies done. And I migrated to the NA servers, so timezones kinda make it hard to do such. But the main thing about a game is that you are having fun no matter how you chose to play it.

You’ve already mentioned it, what about FFXIV? How did you start playing that?

I started playing FFXIV when it came out, first time I tried it was with an X. But it wasn’t the best at that moment, a lot of issues. So ended up going back to WoW after a short while. Got back into FFXIV last year, and it was amazing! I was stunned how awesome it was and how much I liked it. It was so long since an mmo had sucked me in like that.

On your IG account you post a lot of screenshots and they are all amazing! You can clearly see the passion behind them, what is your inspiration for your screens?

That varies, sometimes I just take them for fun, other times I’m a big cheese! But I do find my inspiration lacking if I get bored ingame. Then it’s usually time for a change.

We’ve met thanks to the gaming community over on IG, how did you end up joining it?

Have always loved taking screens, and was inactive on IG for years. Started using it more in daily life, and then also started to upload gaming pictures. Figured I ended up spamming my regular account so made a gaming one. Didn’t even know it was a community for it out there.

What made you stay part of the community?

The people! There is so many lovely people! And it is amazing to see how the community comes together when someone are in need. It can be low on money, a lost dog, or just needed support in other ways. Ofc there can be drama, it always will when several thousand people are in one community. But in general it is pretty calm and peaceful if you think of how many is actually active in it.

Did the community change your approach to the gaming world?

Yeah I got a lot of friends all over the world, and some I got the pleasure of meeting ingame. Also met my man on instagram, I will call that a great happening! Since we are in a long distance relationship gaming keep us closer.

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October and pink ribbon is here, so I wanted to share my story. Cancer have no age, anyone can get it no matter how healthy you are. Swipe to see pictures from that period of my life 🌸 Had just turned 28 when I felt a lump in my breast. I was healthy, active and loved hiking up the mountains. Thought that the little lump was nothing, I was wrong. It turned out to be triple negative breast cancer, an especially aggressive type that have no targeted treatment like most other types have. The tumor was small, for most this means they can keep their breast (lumpectomy). But because mine was the angry hard to treat type the surgeon recomended that I removed my right breast (mastectomy). The following treatment was hard, in total 16 rounds of chemo. I did not need radiaton for two reasons, 1. No trace of cancer in my lymphs under my arm, 2. I had no breast. 🌸 So as you see breast cancer is not only one type, but several. All the girls I knew with TNBC got a relaps and passed within the first 2 years. Im the last woman standing. Cancer is not something you just deal with then and there. Some get after effects from treatment. Just because we are done with operations/chemo/radiation dont mean we are healthy. The worst of mine is post cancer chronic fatigue. From the active girl I used to be I now sometimes can't stand upright after a shower 🌸 Last year 1st October I started a new chapter. Breast reconstruction. One year have passed and I'm still not completely done. It ain't an easy "boob job", it takes time to build something up that was completely removed I also want to thank all of you in the gaming and IG community. Gaming is the one way I can keep in touch with the person I used to know, the old nerdy me 💕 Feel free to ask any questions here or on DM, no matter what 🌸 _____________________________ #worldofwarcraft # #mmorpg #battlenet #pcgaming #pcgamer #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #spill #instagaming #ingame #gamingscreenshot #blizzigfamily #pinkribbon #rosasløyfe #fuckcancer #breastcancer #cancer #cancerawarness #brystkreft #mypinkstory #tnbc #ffxivcactuar #ffxiv

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Something really big in your life is your illness and your battle against breast cancer, you’re a survivor, you have a blog dedicated to this and you even talked about it during some conference lessons. Would you like to speak about it with the community a little bit more?

I’m always up for speaking about it. I like to think every negative can be used for something positive, like awareness!

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I died. Why those words? You will understand soon. Usually we read about strong women and men full of life after cancer. It's true in many ways. But many of us hide things… we don't say them out loud. This is what I'm hiding. People say I'm strong, Im not. I got depression and anxiety, I grieve the person I used to be. The person with a body, with muscles, with an ass, and with boobs. They weren't big, but they were mine. Cancer stole all that, it stole me. It killed me in essence. I can't talk and listen to the radio in the car at the same time… can't focus, can't remember. I'm crooked, the reconstructed breast is hard and cold. It ain't a part of me even when attached. When people say, but you survived be happy. I want to yell! First off don't use that word, because those that ain't here didn't lose a battle. It was out of their power. Second I'm fucking allowed to be sad over losing myself. Seeing my own ghost in the mirror every day. Let me put it this way to you men. What if you lost your balls? How would you feel? That was actually a bad comparison for one reason, you don't show your balls every day. But we see men drooling after boobs and ass in almost every comment second with such pictures. What a slap in the face huh? Avoid such? You can't in 2019! Even in games you can't. And women, get some fucking dignity! If you lose them your gonna have it worse than me if you base your persona on them. Trust me. It's gonna be harsh. Imagine waking up and you are different. You can't do the things you loved. You don't look the way you did. After being used to yourself for X years suddenly you don't recognize the person infront of You, and gotta start fresh. Living is one thing, but LIVING is an other. I miss me. She died, I died, the former me. Accepting this new skin ain't easy. Living a new life with boundaries you never had before. _____________________________ #worldofwarcraft # #mmorpg #battlenet #pcgaming #pcgamer #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #spill #instagaming #ingame #gamingscreenshot #blizzigfamily #pinkribbon #rosasløyfe #fuckcancer #breastcancer #cancer #cancerawarness #brystkreft #mypinkstory #tnbc #ffxivcactuar #ffxiv #worldofwarcraft

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Tell us more about your experience!

First off I was an active person, mountain hiking and ate healthy. Then I found a lump, that I thought was nothing really. There was no pain, no indications that I had something in my body that could potentially kill me. My mom made me see the doc, and the doc ofc made me get a mammogram. Turned out to be a hard to treat type of breast cancer called triple negative. It flipped my life upside down. Total mastectomy of my right breast and chemo for 6 months, 16 rounds in total. I would urge all, both men and women to get small changes in their breasts (and testicles for men, which impact most young men) checked out. It can save your life, early detection is key! I notice today that what I learned then, and after, I carry with me. We are in the midst of a pandemic and a lot of people are freaking out and fearing they will get sick. What I learned when getting cancer is that I can’t live in fear of it. Not then, and not now. I can’t go everyday thinking I will get a relapse. Only get anxiety before check ups now, but that is common. Noticing that I have taken that with me into this pandemic. So I urge people to take a deep breath, and live. You can’t do more than you already are, the rest is out of your control. Cancer taught me that life is precious, live today!

You are fully healthy now but it obviously changed your life and we’re happy you are among us! You are a true inspiration! Going on another personal topic, you are a gamer in a relationship with a gamer, does this make it easier to be in a relationship? Do you think that having such an important hobby in common makes things easier?

Me and my man is in a tricky situation since we live far apart. And life has gotten somewhat in our way along the road. Like my breast reconstruction surgeries, and some delays on those. But gaming gives us an opportunity to do things together even tho we are far apart. We can explore and experience things ingame. So in our case it does make it easier in a difficult situation. Gaming is so important to us since we can’t do boring couple stuff like go to the grocery store.

Going back to the community, here are some questions from them! First one is a really good one! What would you do if you didn’t like gaming, a second hobby so to say? 

I love to create! So would probably do more cross stitch, sewing clothes or such, crochet. Or just making small nifty things like needle menders and what not. It happens that I take months off gaming to do such things.

And second and last question from the community, is a difficult one. If you would have to let go forever one of your top three favorite games, which would it be? 

Oh gosh, that is a hard one. For real, I’m terrible at decisions! Right now, as it stand I’m gonna say WoW. With a heavy heart. But BFA have been terrible to be honest, and it gotta pick up the slack in the next expansion or I think I might fall off the WoW wagon. Trying to hang in there tho. 

The community is something special for us, do you have a message for them? 

Keep enjoying what we all have in common, gaming. But also keep showing love and care for each other, you guys are incredible. Love you all!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I wish for a really big new MMO, maybe even a WoW 2. And I’m looking forward to the day I can see my man and game next to each other (add more cheese).

And as for all my guests, what are three accounts you would like to see as my guests in the future?

There is so many! Silver_Starcaller, Ethereal_storyteller and Khesirekat. All of those have such an artistic twist to their IG, and would love to hear more about their inspiration and how they do it.

Thank you very much for being patient and agreeing to be my guest! It was such a great pleasure getting to know you better! And also thank you for the cute screens!

Thank yooou for letting us get to know the community better. And for having me!

And thank you all for joining me on another interview! Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did making it! As always thank you for all your support and interest! See you later this month with a new interview!

With love,



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