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Interviewing Shy of Maldraxxus

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I have a very special guest with me today and I know for sure many of you want to know her better! She’s the most loving and supportive person in the whole community!! I’m talking about Luna aka Shy of Maldraxxus!! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Hi guys, a pleasure to be here, thanks for your invitation, it was a great surprise. I am an introvert, so if you feel me a bit serious it is for that reason. 

As always for the first question we go to the beginning! How did your passion for video games begin?

Well, my passion for games started with my dad. He was the one who bought us our first console, it was called the “Family game”, thanks to it I had a good childhood with tetris, super mario and some other games from that time. Then came the Playstations, it was a very big improvement, I became a fan of DBZ and many racing games, such as the GT, Need for Speed and others.

What is the first game you really felt in love with?

I can’t be sure of it, but if I can say that Gran Turismo was one of the ones I loved the most. The reason to love it so much was the effects and details of the cars, the dynamics of the cameras, the realism of the presentation, all that led me to want to have all the GT that went on sale. I could say, without lying, that I could spend whole days playing it and it was relaxing, apart from using it as a de-stressor, it seemed like a driving simulator. 

When did you realize that you were going to be a gamer all your life?

Well, this happened between the years 2008-2010, since it was not going very well in my personal life and my days were increasingly gray, so the games were my “salvation” apart from my family. So I decided to dedicate part of my life, entirely to them, since they helped me a lot with stress, and changes I had due to the situation outside my house.

What does gaming mean to you now?

They mean a lot, practically they are my life, although naturally 80% of the time it is only WoW, but honestly it is the best thing that has happened to me, and although it seems that I am talking about the love of my life, that’s how I consider them. 

How did you first approach WoW?

Well, it started in those years of 2008-2010, despite having bad streaks away from home, one of my classmates had W3 and the Frozen Throne, to play in the hours off or during recess. So, watching them play woke up my intrigue and asked him to pass it to me, he had no problem. And so I started to invest my time in Warcraft, I spent a year playing there and then it came as a surprise, that there was another version of it, only that it was paid. I created my account, started at the end of 2009 and I had my first night elf druid, with whom I had many adventures and made some acquaintances. I will not lie, after that I wanted to go a little further, for paying that bill and for believing in bad people, I lost it and so it happened with two more accounts. The one I currently have is the 4th, which I really love a lot, it has 50 characters made to my measure and effort. 

What made you stay in love with the game for so many years?

Simply put, EVERYTHING literally. The cinematics, the music, each race and class, the Lore, there has been nothing to disappoint me about this game, and nobody can change my mind about it, because it is magnificent.

What hopes and dreams do you have about the next expansion?

Well, my only hope is that it is as great as they have been showing it and I can enjoy it to the fullest, perhaps as always there will be content that I will not be able to access, but with the usual content that I have enjoyed in other expansions for years, which is so great. As always, believe me that is my best dream, apart from seeing my beautiful DK as I really like and so I can continue her story. 

What is your favorite activity in game?

My favorite activity right now is farming gold, I literally don’t do anything else. If I had more space, believe me, my favorite activity would be to level up more characters haha. 

We cannot do an interview about you and not talk about your OCs! Tell us something about them!

Well, I have many that is obvious, but you have learned more about my main oc, which is Shynisti Darksong, a night elf death knight. She is everything to me, from the day I created her, I have not stopped working on her, her history, her abilities and also her appearance! I am not going to deny, that I create her as she is at the moment so that it is an arduous job to even draw her, because I like that the things that I do original and own are like this. Shy, she represents me right and back, everything you see in her is everything that I have been, what I have lived and how I have tried to face, only seen through survival in Azeroth. Her appearance is my current goal to achieve and even so I represent her as a monster at times, that seems to want to kill everyone, it is that inner self that I try to control when frustration and anger dominate me.

Currently I will be working on those that I have not yet introduced, because in Shadowlands, I will dedicate myself to many more characters just for the sets.

Do you play any other games?

Currently not, surely I will start if my computer does not work as it should or if it stops working because of how old it is. 

What games would you like to try or replay?

Well, currently for the PS3, it is a bit difficult to get games, so I currently have the GT5, GTA5, DBZ Tenkaichi 3, Soccer, Boxing and UFC. I would really like to play their stories, again. 

You are not only a gamer but a great artist too!! What is your main inspiration?

Well, my biggest inspiration has always been music, any type of music that I like inspires me to create my art. I am not going to deny that every time something new comes out of WoW, it is also an inspiration to try something new. Lately I have tried to improve my art as much as I can, and the community liked it, that is also part of my inspiration. 

And the results are absolutely amazing! We’ve talked about the community but how did you end up joining it?

Well, if I said it, you wouldn’t believe me. It all started with a person who is no longer in my life today, for reasons not worth remembering. But hey, back to the point, this girl insisted that I create an Instagram account for my art and that therefore, if I was playing WoW or something else, I could also put it there. I did, and for some strange reason, the followers began to fall like torrential rain, and most were from the Warcraft community. Seeing their pages I learned how to use the Hashtag and other things, at first I put the caption of the images in my main language and then, I changed to English, which made it a bit difficult for me at first but thanks to this I met many wonderful people and I am really very grateful for the support they have given me in these almost two years. 

What made you stay part of the community?

That is a good question, when I had been on Instagram for a few months, I wanted to leave since there was a lot of drama and toxicity, which I had never seen before, so I had tried to make the decision to leave the community, but I could not do it. I had a place to which I could finally belong and I was not going to leave it, for 2 or 3 social misfits. So I stayed, and I continued to enjoy the content of the people who were worth it and for whom I stayed. Right now, I have friends that I really appreciate, three of them are Avicennia, Cupid and Jenesis, but there is also Neinhardt and Koristrasza who gave me the courage to start with the commissions, apart from being the first to support me in that sense.

What other interests do you have apart from gaming and drawing?

Well, right now with the pandemic, it is a little difficult to say it, but what interests me the most, is to be able to get a stable job, to be able to help my parents in everything I can. Right now, my interests are also in my physical and mental health.

What plans do you have for the future (once all this will be over)?

Well, I wouldn’t say it would be having a partner and raising a family, because I would really be lying. Apart from what I said earlier, I want to have a full life, without remorse or regrets, where I can give my parents everything they have given me for years and also get what I want, a room just for me where I get lost in Azeroth every time I want or need a distraction, as well as a place for my dedication to drawing so I can continue to draw smiles on the faces of the wonderful people of this community. 

Any messages for the community?

I just want to say, thanks to all those who still remain, they really help me a lot, for my art, for each post that I usually put sometimes many days apart. Thank you for making me a better person, than when I arrive and for putting up with those short messages of mine, which sometimes are just emoticons. Thank you very much with all my heart.

And now the most difficult part of the interview, the last question! Who are three members of the gaming community that you would like to see as my guests in the future?

That is a difficult question, since most of them have already passed through here. Well the first would be Jenesis, I would love to know more about her, and the other two would be, Amoria125 and Koristrasza! 

And here ends our interview! Thank you very much for accepting my invitation and for being such a fundamental part of the community! We all love and appreciate your constant support towards all of us! And thank you for the absolutely wonderful sketch!! 

It has really been a pleasure talking with you, and thanks again to all for your support and for the surprise of being here in your interview.

And thank you all for joining us for yet another interview! And as always thank you to my trusted sidekick Unidess for helping me out as always! See you all with another wonderful guest next month!!


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