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Interviewing Nihilora

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little parlour! Today’s guest is a very special one and I’m more than happy to have her here! She’s a very special person and I care a lot about her so I can’t wait to get to know her even better, but most of all I can’t wait to help you all to get to know her better! I am talking about the marvelous Eleonora aka Nihilora!! Welcome and thank you for accepting my invitation! 

Greetings Kylara and thanks a lot for inviting me! I’m a huge fan of your interviews and it’s an honor for me to be here today. I can’t wait to begin!

Well let’s start, shall we? Of course we can only start from the beginning. How did your passion for video games begin? 

The one for video games is probably one of my first passions. I undoubtedly got it from my grandparents and from my mom. I remember my first console was the good old PS1. I was really young (I wasn’t more than 4 or 5 years old), so I wasn’t exactly good at it haha,  but I watched them play and that’s how I learned. As years went by, my grandparents and my mom passed the torch completely to me, but we often gather together to talk about game sagas that accompanied us through time. All in all, it’s a huge passion that keeps us close.

When did you realize that being a gamer forever was your destiny? 

I think I understood it when I was in high school, when commitments started to multiply almost overnight. I always studied a lot,  so it’s obvious at one point available time started getting scarce haha. Despite that, I never abandoned my passion for video games. Together with the one for music, they’ve always been there in my life and helped me through some dark times.

Which was the first video game you felt in love with? 

That’s a really difficult question. The answer probably dates back to when I was a kid. When I was 6 years old I received a purple GameBoy Advance, my first portable console. I remember how difficult it was to find the right lighting to play in, because the screen didn’t have retro-illumination yet xD. There’s a small gem on that console: “Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreaks”. It’s probably a game nobody knows, with an extremely simple story, but with gameplay I find interesting even today. I immediately fell in love with it. I still have the old cartridge, tucked away somewhere together with the console. They’re small treasures I will always keep with me.

And now an even more difficult one: pc or console? 

Should I answer with my heart, I’d say consoles. The reason being I have so many memories linked to them…from PlayStation to Nintendo, memories shared with friends and relatives. Should I answer with reason, instead, I’d definitely say pc. For really a lot of reasons (too many xD), but the main one being it’s the main platform I use for gaming nowadays. In the end? I think I don’t know how to answer. I can’t prefer either of them, because there’s pros and cons for both.

What’s your all time favorite video game? 

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. My first game of the saga and the one that pushed me to play all the others. The mix between setting, story and characters are elements that make me start it over again even nowadays, even if I finished it so many times already.

What does gaming mean to you? 

Gaming has always been a core aspect of my life. Playing a videogame is a bit like reading a book, just more interactive. And that’s a booklover saying that xD. It allowed me to get to know incredible characters, many of whom passed on me teachings I still find incredibly important in my life. I get angry when I hear people say that gaming is an  “unhealthy activity” for the mind. Sure, you shouldn’t overdo it, like everything in life. But I think gaming is an opportunity: to learn new things, to meet new people and to broaden one’s horizons.

Another game that is pretty important for you is World of Warcraft, how did it all begin? 

It’s all my boyfriend’s doing! Silvereaglex is a veteran WoW player and he couldn’t restrain himself from bringing me in as well. In truth, it took sometime before I decided to try it out. One day, when I was at his house, he asked me for the hundredth time to try it. In the end I caved in, he logged me in with his account and I made my first character, a Worgen druid. No need to say that once back to my home I created my personal account and haven’t stopped playing since haha. 

What made you stay a loyal fan of the game through the years? 

I fell in love with the characters, both NPCs and my own. As time went by I learned the Lore better, not only from the quests ingame, but also from the various books and short stories. Also, I set a lot of objectives to reach in the game and I still have a lot of work to do to complete them.

What are your hopes for WoW’s future? 

The main problem right now is obsolete mechanics that are still in the game. Shadowlands has some good promises for the moment, but we’re still far from having the perfect game. I’m impatient to try out the innovations, but I feel like saying there’s a will to change in the developers. My hope is they will keep following this road.

What are the games you would like to try or replay in the future? 

I definitely need to try out Final Fantasy XIV Online and finish my Dark Souls III playthrough (hopefully both as soon as possible xD). For the future instead, I’m really hyped for the new Assassin’s Creed and I hope for the new The Legend of Zelda game to be announced. And among all the other things I wanted to replay the Tomb Raider saga, for good old times sake.

Moving on to a different subject, we’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community, but how did you end up there? 

I got to it completely by chance. I needed an IG account to participate in a giveaway and, not having a personal one, I thought of creating an account using one of my characters’ name (Nihilora). I really don’t remember how, but I ended up following other WoW accounts (among which yours was one of the first!) and I started posting my screenshots as well.

What made you stay part of the community? 

Its members, without a doubt. I was lucky to get to know awesome people. Each of them, through their story, taught me something. Besides having new companions for my adventures, the real treasure was finding kind and friendly people, always ready to help during difficult moments. This is the true beauty of our community!

Do you have a message for all of them? 

I’d like for them to know they will always find a dependable person in me. Even if sometimes I’m not often active with posts or stories, I’m always ready to help! I’m always looking for a way to contribute and I hope one day to be able to return all the help I got.

You’ve already mentioned that another of your passions is music, tell us more about it! 

The one for music is another great passion I got from my grandparents. I studied piano when I was 6 for a couple of years, but I never stopped practicing once in a while after that. When I was 12 I started studying transverse flute and it is my main instrument even today. I could never think of stopping playing. Recently I realized a small dream of mine, that’s to say recording a video game song cover together with my best friend and a university colleague, and it’s been a marvelous experience! I hope I can bring gaming and music together with another cover song soon!

We all can’t wait to hear more from you! We’ve talked about video games and music, your two main interests, but who is Eleonora besides all this?

I’m a full-time engineering student, with a passion for Astrophysics. I’m a single daughter but I compensate for the lack of brothers or sisters with a numerous family and a lot of cousins. I love animals, in fact I have a turtle named Vergil and a dog, a chihuahua named Willy. I’m lucky to always have my boyfriend close to me, who’s my number one fan. I’ve got incredible friends who can be counted on one hand, but they’re my lifeblood. You know my hobbies already haha, but besides studying, gaming and music, I also love drawing, writing stories and watching TV series. Little dream in the closet: I hope one day to be able to play as part of an orchestra.

When will you post some of your drawings? 

My drawings are all on paper. I’ve always drawn with pencils, doing shadows and greyscales and it usually doesn’t get through from a photo of the drawing xD. Should I manage to improve the photos quality I’d be really happy to show you some! I hope I’ll be able to learn how to draw on digital sooner or later!

What are your plans for the future? 

To get my Degree as soon as possible, to be able to get on with the Master’s Degree. Everything else remains to be seen! I have a lot of projects for the future, like finally being able to go live together with Silvereaglex, which has the highest priority. But it’s still soon to plan it. For now, I prefer to concentrate on my studies and on living the present to the fullest.

And I wish you the best of luck with your future projects! We’ve finally got to the last question, the hardest one. Who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests? 

You’ve had a lot of guests already, but the community is huge! A lot of names come to mind… But since I can only name three, I’ll say @iv_yoru, @gaming_alina e @unholycious!

And we’ve got to the end of the interview! Thank you very much for spending this afternoon with me (and us all), letting me get to know you better! It was a real pleasure! 

The pleasure is all mine! Your company is always amazing. Thanks for this beautiful opportunity!

And obviously a big thank you goes to all of you for sticking with me for yet another interview. And another huge thank you goes to my trusted sidekick Unidess! He’s the one who makes all the interviews so easy to read and most of all correct…and in this case (as for others before this) I also owe to him the translation of the full interview into English!! That being said, I really hope to see you all soon for another interview with another wonderful guest, this time picked by you! 


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