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Interviewing Aska

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I’m very happy to have you back here for yet another interview! My guest today is a special one and I’ve been waiting to have him here for a long time! He’s an artist, a gamer and a wonderful friend! I’m talking about Math aka Aska! Welcome to my parlour! 

Hey! Thanks for having me!

As for everyone of my gamer guests we have to start from the origins of your passion for video games! How did it all start?

Well I don’t have a lot of memories from my childhood, I never really was the gamer one in the family. I remember when I was very young, I got a Gameboy and the game Pokemon Silver which had a problem, because I couldn’t save so I always had to restart from the beginning, I suppose that was my first experience with video games.

When did you get really passionate about the gaming world?

I played a lot of Call Of Duty when I was younger, but the games I played the most were definitely Assassin’s creed 3 and 4, I discovered the pleasure of running into another world where everything seemed possible, where I could do or be anything I wanted and as a kid full of dreams this was incredible. I believe Assassin’s Creed started my passion for video games. Where other games used to be just a way to entertain me, Assassin’s creed was my first “open world” game and gave me the experience of walking into another world. I think that’s what I liked the most: discovering another world and being a badass pirate assassin haha. 

What is your all time favorite game?

Honestly I haven’t played that many games, or at least not that much, I think the answer I would give today would be World of Warcraft, which is the game I played the most and with the most people, no doubt. 

How did you end up playing it?

Don’t show this to Blizzard or imma be banned haha, when I got my first pc which was around 6 years ago I was looking for games to play. I played a lot of League of Legends, but I kept thinking about WoW so I looked for a way to play it freely, which I more or less found. I played on a private server for…I don’t know maybe 4 years? Then 2 years ago I started to get some money and finally  moved on the official game. 

What made you stay passionate about the game?

World of Warcraft gave me a lot of good and bad memories, but there is something in Azeroth that makes me come back all the time, is it the need to escape reality? Is it the way I enjoy playing my characters or making edits? I couldn’t say, but one of the best thing in World of Warcraft is the people you meet, the community you play with, those rare moments, in the late night or even very very early morning, where you log in and do stupid things with friends just for fun. WoW has a lot of faults but also a lot to offer to dreamers like me, stories, characters and amazing places. I don’t know exactly what keeps me passionate about the game, but I know it won’t go away before a long time.

The new expansion is almost here! What are your hopes for it and for WoW’s future?

YES! I really want to take my time for Shadowlands, I tried to see nothing about the zones and stories, I want to discover everything by myself! I cannot wait to visit the new zones, to be part of the new story and see all the new mounts hehe, I can’t wait to use what Shadowlands has to offer to make more edits and characters! The new leveling system seems alt friendly and omg if it is, you gonna see a lot of Askas everywhere, I can tell you that! If we want to say the truth, World of Warcraft is getting old in a video game industry where new video games are created everyday, but it’s still one of the best (in my opinion), my only hope for the game is to keep surprising us with content, they already did in the past, we know they can come up with new ideas and concepts, they just need to make the right choices even tho it’s impossible to make everyone happy. I don’t know what they have planned for the future but I’ll be there to see it. That’s a fact.

Are there any other games that you would like to try in the future?

I’m currently playing on a small pc so I sadly can’t really play a lot of games, but there is definitely more games I would love to play, I tried Black Desert Online once and I really loved how it looked but my pc didn’t so I had to stop, you know I also really want to play Final Fantasy too, the day I get a better pc you can be sure it’s gonna be one of the first games I’ll play. The only fear I have is to log in and never come back to reality haha, that game looks pretty and seems really fun to play, and I know people who play it so I know I wont be alone when I’ll start. 

Speaking of friends and gaming, how did you end up joining that crazy place we usually call IG gaming community?

Haha honestly? I have no explanations for how I ended up where I am today, I was just a guy who wanted to share the photo of the game that he took on social media. I already had a small account so I knew how instagram worked. It’s been crazy since I created that account, I’ve met so many people, so many things happened, bad and good like in every community, I’m just so glad that I’ve met the people I know today. I’m trying not to get into troubles and personal stuff after things that happened but I really cherish every relation that I have with everyone I know today. What a journey it has been haha, but it doesn’t stop here, the year just started and I’m back for another year in this crazy community.

Do you have a message for the community?

This community is precious, it’s a place where people can escape their problems and people they don’t like IRL, please don’t be toxic or mean to each other, lol!

You not only share with us your wonderful screenshots but your amazing art too! When did this passion begin?

Haha yeah that’s a long story but I’ll make it short. Basically, I draw since forever, I spent my entire school years drawing on my notebooks because I was bored to death, after my school years I went to university to study philosophy but after a week of drawing in my books and realising I was more drawing than actually writing things, I decided to change for something else. The same year I went on the official game and started my WoW instagram account, I’ve met people that talked to me about my drawings and how I should start the commissions, which I did, and when I became a little better at digital drawing I started commissions in digital too, which people liked more so I keep doing them today. I feel so honored that people like my work enough to buy it. I’m so deeply thankful to everyone who pushed me and helped me to start making commissions, I just love seeing people happy with a drawing or painting of their characters haha. 

What is your main inspiration for your art?

My inspiration? For my drawings I make only black and white drawings, with a lot of details and lines, when I was a kid I used to read a lot of mangas and tried to draw the character I was seeing in them so I guess that comes from there, for the digital I have no idea, I just do and learn everyday, I try to see how professionals do their paintings and I try to improve . I usually draw more fantasy related stuff though, the fantasy universe has always passionated me. 

We’ve talked about the gamer and the artist but who is the person behind them?

Haha there is not a lot to say, just a 21 years old dude from Belgium trying to play WoW and make his place in this world and find some joy in it.

Your screens are also full of meaning and stories! What is your inspiration for them?

Movies, definitely! I’m a huge fan of movies and I love when a scene is full of sense or just aesthetically beautiful, I try to make my edits or screenshots looks like they are coming from a movie, I used to do simple screenshot of places in Azeroth but I started to edit them and that opened a world of possibilities, with some editings skills I have an infinity of possible scenes, I can open a window on a closed building, make two characters fight when they are not even on the place at first, I love to settle an ambiance, that my pictures tells a story by themself or making my characters having an adventure.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Like I said I want to play and enjoy Shadowlands with people and maybe meet new players this year! I can’t wait to work on new commissions and improve my drawing and painting skills too! My hopes are just not to lose my mind, enjoy simple things and be happier in general!

And lastly who are three accounts that you would like to see as my guests?

I have 280 people in mind haha! I’d love to see my buddies Neylocplays_, Shakeablecowx and the amazing mer.nymps! 

And with this our interview ends! Thank you very much for joining me and for letting us know you better! It was a real pleasure!

The pleasure was mine, thanks again for having me! 

As always a big thank you goes to my trusted sidekick Unidess for helping me out with yet another interview! And thanks to all of you for being here with us again! See you all soon with another wonderful guest!

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