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Interviewing Rajana

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! This time I have a wonderful guest here with me! She’s an absolute sweetheart, a kind soul who always spreads so much love towards the community! She’s been highly requested by you guys and she’s finally here, I’m talking about Rajana aka Wrathion’s wife! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Thank you for the invitation! I’m very excited and glad to be here! 

First things first, as for everyone of my guests, we need to talk about the origins! How did you get into the videogame world?

Well that is quite a long story. I’ve been starting to love games since a very young age. My older brother and I used to play a lot of Mario Kart together. And of course Pokémon! At some point my brother started to play Assassin’s Creed and I always loved watching him play this awesome game. I eventually started playing League of Legends a bit later, a game he also played first. I then stopped after a year or so and continued with some smaller games. My younger nephew and I played a lot of Skylanders together because he always wanted to play it with someone. I got dragged into WoW a few years later by some internet friends. That was back in Legion at Nighthold release. I stopped playing after a few months and got back into it at the end of Legion/beginning of BfA. Stopped again after a few months and finally came to Assassin’s Creed. I bought all the games and I remember playing through them having such a great time! A friend got me back into WoW when the 15 year anniversary Deathwing Mount was realised, and since then I am back into WoW now for quite a long time. I still love to play Assassin’s Creed of course and I am excited for the new game that will launch soon!

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•.¸♡ Rajana ♡¸.•⁣ ⁣ We decided to take the time today just for ourselves. I made some pancakes for breakfast while Wrathion was still upstairs, sleeping. Sometimes I sleep longer and sometimes he does. The one who is awake goes to make breakfast. This is not a rule from us but we just do it. And if we should wake up at the same time then we always do it together. And together it is always a mess but a lot more fun. We then flew over to Stormsong Valley. A breathtaking place. And since it was pretty hot outside, the forenoon was spend at a beach. And believe me when I say that bathing with a dragon is a whole new experience, because the splash of water that lands in your face is not just a splash. I opened my bun and let my hair fall down before I entered the water. As I looked up, I got a huge splash of water right into my face. And in the water there he sat. A happy dragon. I smiled at him and then also entered the water. It was warm and taking a bath was so relaxing. After that I decided to let my body dry in the sun, so I laid down on a towel at the beach. I could tell that Wrathion was amused and kind of satisfied while watching me. A short smile ran over my lips and I playfully roled with my eyes, because I knew exactly why. After a while, we left the beach and flew up on a hill and relaxed there. We talked a lot, cuddled with each other and we took a nap aswell. It was so silent here and we were alone. Just us together enjoying the view from up here. Yes we also made out several times. I just can't resist this gorgeous man. We decided to go to Pandaria for a nice dinner. It was already late when we arrived at our house. We went to bed a short time after we got home, since we were pretty tired. Wrathion was already sleeping peacefully when I turned around to look at him. I smiled and wiped a strand of hair out of his face. Then I cuddled myself closer to him and fell asleep eventually. "I love you, Wrathion. Forever." ⁣ •.¸♡ Rajana out ♡¸.•⁣ ❁⁣ ⁣I hope ya'll like it! Remade this one three times now!😅💖 ❁⁣ ╚»★«╝ Ignore Tags ╚»★«╝⁣ #worldofwarcraft #forthealliance #forthehorde #narcissusaddon #wow #warcraft #wowigfamily #wrathion #warcraftphotography

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What is the first game that made you realize that you were going to be a gamer forever?

Assassin’s Creed. Definitely. Since I have been obsessed with it for such a long time and when I finally got it for myself it was such a great feeling. I am a huge fan of Assassins, the concept of being a hooded person, parkouring through the cities, hunting down your enemies and being stealthy. And for sure a good and interesting story line! My first OC that I ever made is inspired by that Universe which is also a reason why this game is so special to me! Because of that I started to create more OC’s and through that I started with writing and creating stories.

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•.¸♡ Rajana ♡¸.•⁣ ⁣ I hadn't visited my family since I became a demonhunter. And today I somehow felt like I should, so I asked Wrathion if he could fly me over to the eastern plaguelands and to the light's hope chapel. Being here again after so many years felt strange. "Wrathion…" I said as I stared at the entrance to the graveyard. "Can you leave me alone for a bit?" He looked at me and knew in an instant that I just needed a moment alone. "Sure thing." He said and then walked away, waiting for me at the entrance of the chapel. I exhaled and made my way in, to a gravestone that stood a little further back. As I kneeled down…it exactly felt like the day I attented here last. Right before giving up the paladin life I had and starting a new one as a demonhunter. "I'm sorry that I'm such a disappointment." I said while I felt tears building up inside of my eyes. My whole family had been paladins or priests over all the years. Fighting for the holy light. Until I decided to go another way. Since they had passed I had this feeling of emptiness inside of my heart…and then I met Wrathion. "I wish I could introduce you all to him…he's such a pure soul. We're married already and I want to spend my whole life with him. I just love him so much." I said while smiling even though I cried. "And I'm going to look after the tree we planted, I promise." My little sister and I we had planted a tree near silvermoon. Oh how excited she had been for seing him being grown up one day. I just couldn't stop crying, I missed them all so dearly. As I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder I gasped and turned around. Wrathion stood behind me and I just fell into his arms, hugging him tight. We just stood there, infront of the grave from my family.⁣ "There's a thousand faces but you're not around Would I make, would I make you proud if you could see me now?" "There's a thousand voices in an endless crowd But I'd give it away, it away if it meant I could see you now?" Song: Thousand Faces-Don Diablo ⁣ •.¸♡ Rajana out ♡¸.•⁣ ❁⁣ ⁣A tiny bit of her story!😊💖 ❁⁣ ╚»★«╝ Ignore Tags ╚»★«╝⁣ #worldofwarcraft #forthealliance #forthehorde #narcissusaddon #wow #warcraft #wowigfamily #wrathion

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You’ve talked about WoW, I’m sure our friends would love to know more about your experience with the game! What is your favorite ingame activity?

That’s a good question, because for me it depends a lot on my mood! I love to explore of course, to see all these amazing places this game has! Farming mounts and transmog is also something I like doing! Raiding and getting to know the lore. But what I love the most is being with friends ingame. Sure I got my days where I prefer to play alone but I got the best memories together with friends. So I say I don’t really have a favorite ingame activity but I love being with friends! Oh and of course taking pictures! With or without Narcissus! ^^

Speaking of taking pictures, your screens are always so beautiful! What is your main inspiration?

Thank you! Well my main inspiration for pictures is my writing and other screens from the community of course! I got two ways of taking them. Either I got writing done and I need a picture for it. Or I got a picture done and need writing for it. I also need motivation to have inspiration, and I have to be stress free otherwise I can’t create something, really. A lot of inspiration also comes from my writings from other universes or other OCs!

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•.¸♡ Rajana ♡¸.•⁣ ⁣ It was a beautiful dawn. A gentle breeze ran through my hair as I arrived at the shore. Wrathion stood with his back to me, observing the tiny waves that the sea created. He turned around as he heard me approaching. We smiled at each other and he laid his hands on my waist. No one was here. Just us, gazing into each others eyes. "You're beautiful." I blushed at his words turning my head slightly away. Wrathion laid his hand under my chin and turned my head back to him. "This dress is beautiful. You know I love red." He smiled at me. "That's why I bought it for you babe." Then he gave me a short kiss on my forehead. I looked around for a moment, stunned by the beauty of this place. "Why did you wanted me to come here?" Wrathion suddenly took my hands. "You known we've been together for a while now. And over this time I realized how much I love you. How important you are to me. And that I want to spend my life with you." I smiled at him, nodding. "Me too you know." He exhaled shortly. "And that's why I wanted to ask you…" As he suddenly kneeled down my mind went blank for a second. Wrathion still held my hand and took out a tiny box. He opened it and inside there was this beautiful ring. "Will you marry me?" It felt like my heart stopped beating for a moment. I just looked at him speechless for a few seconds. Then I just nodded, smiling. "Yes. Yes I will." He gave me a charming smile back and carefully he put the ring on my finger. Wrathion stood up and wiped a tear away from my cheek. "I love you. More than anything in is world." I smiled at him with small tears of joy that still laid in my eyes. "I love you too. More than you can imagine." We both smiled, came closer to each other and started making out. The rest of the day we spent at the beach just being with the two of us. After a little stargazing at night we fell asleep at a near tree. The moment before my eyes closed I looked at the ring again smiling because this was everything I had ever wanted.⁣ ⁣ •.¸♡ Rajana out ♡¸.•⁣ ❁⁣ ⁣I am so happy with this picture! Hope you enjoy the read!🤗💖 ❁⁣ ╚»★«╝ Ignore Tags ╚»★«╝⁣ #worldofwarcraft #wrathion #warcraftphotography #wowigfamily #warcraft

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One of your OCs is very dear to the community, tell us all about her!

Rajana wasn’t always my main since I started on Alliance. When my friends and I went over to Horde I really wanted a Demonhunter since I loved the playstyle and the concept of the class. I am a huge Illidan fan as well! So I created her back then and she looked totally different than she does now. She had short red hair, not the bun she has now. No horns and a black blindfold. I eventually took the blindfold off because I loved the green glowing eyes. The horns were added later then! When I started playing WoW again at the Deathwing Mount release I logged back in and she stayed like that for a few weeks. Until Wrathion came back. I loved the earrings, so I got them for her and changed the hairstyle to the bun so they’d be visible! Rajana had red hair from the beginning though, since I love red hair! As well as the freckles, because I got freckles myself! I also started to plan her story after she got her makeover. Rajana was a paladin and close to the holy light before giving that life up and joining Illidan, becoming a demon hunter with that decision. After the legions fell she decided to stay factionless and fought for Azeroth. She is strong, determined but also kind hearted. And sure she also got her weaknesses. But this is just a tiny bit of her and I’d like to keep some stuff to me for now since I will eventually post it as a story on my account! Oh, and she is who she is now because of Wrathion. I wouldn’t have changed her look, wouldn’t have invented her story and wouldn’t have opened my Instagram account!

Talking about Instagram, how did you end up joining the community?

I’ve been on Instagram for years actually, just with another account. Been around in the League of Legends community before! When I got back into WoW and invented Rajanas story I also started to look for WoW stuff. And I saw all these beautiful screens, wondering if I could do the same. Later on I found out about the Narcissus addon which gave me the needed push to open my account. Because with that I could now create pictures that would fit to my writing! I just needed a name and I had a spam account that was named wrathions_wife where I just spammed random pics in for my close friends. Just for fun and out of pure boredom. When I decided to make a WoW Instagram account I wanted to take wrathions_wife from my spam account to the newly created one but I had to wait two weeks from that time on, since Instagram saves your username for two weeks so you can go back to it if you’ve changed your mind after a name change, so no one else could take it. So I patiently waited these two weeks and then I could finally change my name and make my first post!

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•.¸♡ Rajana ♡¸.•⁣ ⁣ I had the honor to meet a very special demonhunter. Silphy Shadewing. We met up in Dalaran and we both had company with us. And in the moment I saw who she brought with her I understood what Bwonsamdi meant that day when we were talking. I've met the loa of death before and he told me about a demonhunter that works for him. But that is another story I might tell another day. I had told Wrathion he could stay home because he had been busy the whole day but he still wanted to keep me company. We decided to walk around a bit. From up here we had an amazing view on the broken shore and a lot of memories came up for Silphy and me. During the Legion invasion we just worked together in some missions and after the defeat she somehow vanished and we never saw each other again. And a few weeks ago I had accidently met her in Zuldazar. After our short walk we decided to catch some drinks and I have to admit that Silphy and I maybe had too much. We acted a bit silly. The boys stood a bit away from us, watching the whole scenery. "You have to admit that this is quite entertaining." Wrathion nodded beside the loa. "Yes somehow it is." "And this demon really wanted to go out with me. Well my blade was faster than me saying yes." Silphy shrugged and I laughed. "Silly one." Then we took another shot. "They're both so interesting." Bwonsamdi said and laid his arm on Wrathions shoulder. "Yes…they are." The dragon answered while looking at him. "What are you doing?" "We need to stand together buddy. We're both death gods." "I'm not a death god…?" Wrathion gave him a confused look. "Yes but wasn't your father something like that?" "Well…" Wrathion sighed. "Not really." In that moment we both came over to them. "Rajana and I are going for another drink." Silphy said and just pulled me with her. The loa smirked. "Them being drunk is something I could watch the whole night." Wrathion nodded and they both followed us. ⁣ •.¸♡ Rajana out ♡¸.•⁣ ❁⁣ ⁣Had the pleasure to meet Silphy aka @cupid_wow ingame! Thanks for an amazing evening!💖 ❁⁣ ╚»★«╝ Ignore Tags ╚»★«╝⁣ #worldofwarcraft #narcissusaddon #warcraft #wowigfamily #wrathion #warcraftphotography

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What made you stay part of the community?

That I was being accepted for what I did and for who I am. In the League of Legends community where I had been in before it was difficult. It is a very toxic community and if you didn’t have the same opinion as the majority, you had lost. At least in the editing LoL community where I was in. Not everybody is toxic, that is obvious, but I was with a lot of toxic people in the community. Realized it later on sadly. I had a ship that I really liked but it wasn’t popular and people used to try to push me away. I had the fear that it would happen again but I got such a warm welcome! And tbh I didn’t understand it at first. I was confused because I hadn’t experienced that before. I got to know such lovely people who encouraged me to keep doing what I did. And that brought me to stay. Being accepted for what I did, not judged.

Do you have a message for the community?

This community is a wonderful one! We all play the same game, share the same passion so don’t be unkind in any way, please! Be grateful for all those amazing people and that the community is a place where we can escape from things that are bothering us in our life.

Are there any other games you would like to try in the future?

Not really. There hasn’t been any game yet that caught my attention like WoW and AC did. If there is a game one day that catches my attention like those games did then I’d love to try it! But currently there aren’t any!

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•.¸♡ Rajana ♡¸.•⁣ ⁣One of the things I find adorable about him is that Wrathion brings me a flower everyday. Whenever I am home already and he enters the house I rush over to him, we have our short 'Welcome home' kisses and then he always hands me my flower. I don't know why he does that but he started with it a short time after I moved to his house. The first time Wrathion gave me a bunch of flowers and from that day on everyday a single one. I got myself a huge vase that stands close to our bed so I can look at it whenever I stand up or go to bed. It's a wonderful feeling looking at my vase that is filled with all these beautiful flowers. I give them fresh water everyday. Azeroth has a lot of wonderful flowers and he brought me a different one everyday. "And when you received one of each kind out there then I will start again with the first one that I gave you. And bring the others in the same order as last time." Wrathion said to me as we were stargazing oneday. "How would you still know the order of them…you brought me so many." I asked him as he suddenly pulled me softly even closer to him. "I wrote all the flowers down I gave you. For everyday. So I'd know the order." There was a huge smile that apperead on my lips at his words. "I always love to see you smile, Princess." As I suddenly gave him a confused look. "You never called me that." He smiled. "Maybe I should start with that." "Maybe." I said as I laid my hand on his cheek, gazing into his eyes. "Alright, Princess. But I will forever treat you like a queen." Wrathion answered laying his hand on mine. "A queen is nothing without her king." I said as he suddenly smiled. "And a king nothing without his queen." We both smiled at each other as he slightly leaned down to kiss me. ⁣ ⁣ "Wrathion. You mean the world to me, being with you always makes me happy. Since we met you gave me the feeling of being home which I last had when my family was still alive. Thank you, Wrathion. For everything. I love you."⁣ ⁣•.¸♡ Rajana out ♡¸.•⁣ ❁⁣ This turned out longer than expected!💖 ❁⁣ ╚»★«╝ Ignore Tags ╚»★«╝⁣ #worldofwarcraft #forthealliance #forthehorde #narcissusaddon #wowigfamily #wrathion #warcraftphotography

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World of Warcraft has a new expansion coming up! What is the thing you are most excited about?

The storyline, the new characters and the old characters we’re going to meet! I am a huge fan of the lore even though I prefer to not write lore accurate xD. There are a few new characters that caught my attention already. The Revendreth leader Denathrius for example. I’m very excited to get to know him better.

What are your hopes for the future of the game?

That certain characters aren’t getting “ruined”. As well as that my favorite characters stay alive xD. I have too many that are gone already. Oh, and of course that the Black Dragonflight can finally live in peace now! If they get made evil again I’d be very upset! ^^

We’ve talked about gaming a lot, do you have other passions?

Writing! I’ve been writing for almost 7 years now and it helped me to deal with a lot of real life stuff. Listening to music and watching movies as well! Yes, that isn’t really a passion I guess but it also helps me just like writing. Feeling with the characters in a movie for example. Or writing something to a song. I take a lot of ideas out of movies and songs as well and create my own stuff out of it. But writing is together with gaming my biggest passion! My stories are usually playing in the fantasy genre with some romance added. I’m a huge fan of fantasy, action and science fiction stories but writing science fiction is not really my thing. When it comes to love and couple stuff I am a huge fan of romantic things and I also love to write it.

Who is the person behind the gamer?

I am a very shy and insecure person even if it may not come off as that on social media, and I also need a lot of time for myself. I am not around people often in real life since I feel uncomfortable very fast. So I prefer being in smaller friend groups or just with one at all. Only in real life though! Being with many people online is usually not a problem for me. It only is if I’m not in a good mood. I used to feel very bad about my writings, my stories and I still do it from time to time. I found my comfort in gaming. Having something I can resonate with, whether the story or a character. Oh, and I am a huge perfectionist. It is exhausting being like that since I always find things that are off about my pictures or a story, so I end up not posting it or deleting it. I dye my hair red and I wear black most of the time. My favorite color combinations are red-black or blue-black. I am kind of a daydreamer, since I usually hang around in the stories that I have in mind and think of changes or stuff I could add.

What are your dreams for the future?

One of my dreams is to try out acting or voice acting one day. Maybe also writing a book and publishing it! It would be awesome. I also hope I’ll be a different person, someone that is not so insecure like I am. That I can have some more confidence and that I won’t feel bad about what I do.

And we all wish you the best of luck! Finally, the most difficult question to all, who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

Thank you so much! It is indeed a very difficult question because I’d love to see them all here and get to know all better! But for now I would like to see @sigyn.starcaller, @iv_yoru and @azerothian.adventurer.

And with this we got to the end of the interview! Thank you very much for your time and for sharing with us a bit of your life! It was a real pleasure!

Thank you for having me here today! It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it!

And as always thank you to Unidess for the precious help and to all of you for joining me for another interview! Hope to see you next month for other two wonderful guests!


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