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Interviewing Jenn

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! My special, wonderful guest today is someone close to my heart, she’s a gorgeous woman outside and inside! Some might know her as Taina the huntress but most of you know her as Jenn. I’m very happy to have her here! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Aww, thank you for inviting me! It is an honor to be on here! 

As for every single one of my guests we have to start from the very beginning. How did your gaming experience begin?

Oh man that’s taking me back! I started on the N64 playing Donkey Kong with my mom when I was about 5 or 6! After the N64 I got my very own gamecube. I was super excited and played tons of games on it like Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Kart, etc. I started playing online games around the age of 7, started with Call of Duty, Doom,  I got into WoW at the end of 2006 at the age of 7 thanks to my sister and instantly fell in love with it.

What is your all time favorite game?

World of Warcraft related, Wrath of the Lich King, non WoW related, either The Sims 3, or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Tell us more about how your passion for WoW was born!

Sure! My passion became the most intense in Wrath, I remember going to Northrend for the first time and just being so in awe. That was the first expansion I explored Battlegrounds as well as Arenas. I tamed Frostbite and it has been by my side ever since. It was also the first expansion in which I started to do raids, so you could say it was when I felt the most important, ha! All jokes aside, Wrath truly was the expansion that made my passion for WoW explode, not only did I find amazing friends, but my mom had started to get incredibly sick around the end of the expansion and Wow became a gateway to a world that I wished I was in. It became my escape from reality.

What is your favorite thing about the game? And what is your favorite in game activity?

That’s a difficult question, as I have many favourite things about the game. I would say I love the community that is around the game itself. I’ve met some absolutely amazing people off the WoW community and couldn’t imagine my life without them, take yourself as an example.
My favourite in game activity? Oh I can easily tell you my top three: battleground with friends, leveling up with friends/family and just helping my family out when they need it, mounts quests, dungeons, I always help. 

Shadowlands is up now, are you enjoying it?


What other games do you play at the moment?

Currently OW, COD, and Among Us have been my favorite to play!

Are there any other games you would like to try?

No ma’am! At least none that come to mind right away.

What other passions do you have?

Oh boy! So many but to keep it short and simple, fitness and cooking are two of my biggest passions aside from gaming. 

Your fitness adventure is quite interesting, tell us more about it!

Absolutely! I was always overweight as a child/teen. My highest weight was 220 lb at 16. I remember trying the gym out when I was 13 and not liking it, for the typical reason. The guys looked intimidating and the girls there were so fit I knew I was the odd ball out. I never went back to the gym until I was 16. I had of course gained weight between then, and felt even more self conscious going in at 16, but I had to get healthy. My mom had cancer and being one of her caretakers I wanted to do everything I possibly could to prevent any type of health issue. While it wasn’t consistent, 2019 was the year I decided I was going to do a competition, and that’s when I started taking it seriously. 

We’ve talked about your passions but who is Jenn besides all this?

I think this is the hardest question someone could ask. A lot of people know me as the girl who games and does fitness, and sometimes it’s hard to actually differentiate between that girl and who I actually am, but I’m a sister, a daughter, an aunt to the most amazing little boy that has ever lived, a best friend to multiple people. I’m someone who cares deeply for people and only wants to see the best out of them. I see both sides of people on the daily basis with my job, I’m a security guard who deals with needles, knives, the homeless, angry customers, but I also have met some homeless people, who are just the most amazing people, with the most amazing stories; I’ve met some people who are just having a bad day, but are absolutely phenomenal people every other day. My future goal is to become a police officer and truly help people who need it the most.

And we all wish you the best of luck! How about the gaming universe? What are your hopes and goals?

Hopes and goals for the gaming universe, I would say would be to start Arenas again and gain some saddles! It’s been a dream of mine for quite a long time now!

I had the great pleasure of meeting you thanks to the IG gaming community! How did you end up joining it?

Honestly the pleasure is all mine! You’ve been a bright and shining star this entire time. I joined the community by pure mistake actually, ha! I just wanted a place to post my screenshots! And then I woke up one morning and like 15 WoW pages followed me!

What made you stay part of the community?

The people that I met. papamochi, rynzen, yourself, aiden, and so many more is what makes me stay. Also, seeing the different views of everyone who plays the game is quite interesting.

Do you have a message for the community?

Um, I would say to just remember it’s a game. Understand that people can enjoy it however they feel and if they enjoy something you do not, that is totally okay!

And lastly, the most difficult question of all, who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

Oh jeeze! I would say, Rynzentv, Papamochi, and Mich_royal! 

And with this, our interview comes to an end! Thank you very much for joining me and for being such a wonderful person!

Thank you for having me! It was a pleasure!


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