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Interviewing Geeky.elica

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little comfy parlour! We’re here today with an amazing person, she’s one of the sweetest people I know, she has a great sense of humor and she will always make you smile when you need it! I’m talking about the wonderful Emma aka Geeky.elica! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Aww thank you! I was so surprised and excited when I got your DM! I’m still smiling every time I think about it haha, this is definitely one of my highlights of 2020!

Let’s start with the beginning of your gaming experience, how did you approach video games?

I remember I was really fascinated by my family’s first PC. My two older brothers soon installed different games on it and I used to sneak there to try to figure out how to start the games. If I remember right, my very first game was Minesweeper but I quickly moved on to a zombie game where I had to type letters showing above their heads to kill them. Later on I played games like Age of Empires and for some reason I kept clicking on “Nero Burning Rom” thinking it would be a similar game haha, the disappointment was strong every time I realised my mistake! Whenever I visited my cousin I played Donkey Kong, Tomb raider and Tekken. Since we were five people in the family sharing one PC and I’m the youngest, I didn’t get to play much until my brothers got their own PC. By then Diablo was out and I was completely hooked! I spent hours and hours in Diablo 1&2 and at times we connected the PCs at home to play together. I specced so I would have as many pets as possible and I would hear my brother yelling at me from the basement for lagging him out haha. Eventually I got recommended World of Warcraft, once again by my brothers, and it has been my main game since late vanilla! I’ve played a variety of games over the years but I always come back to WoW, there’s something special about that game!

What’s your all time favorite game?

Has to be World of Warcraft! I love the variety it has; you can be a hardcore raider or push the PvP ranking, but also very casual and simply having a laugh with friends while fishing or whatever. I’ve always had a thing for collecting items, I used to bring home stones and shells and even pieces of ice to save. Ever since achievements got introduced in WoW I started collecting in-game things instead of RL items, so it has also helped me save space in my flat. xD

What keeps you a fan of the game?

That it lets me choose what I feel like doing for that certain day or mood. Some days I want to run old content over and over for transmogs, sometimes I want something more unpredictable and competitive like PvP. I always find clear goals as well that I want to reach, they’re pushing me to continue and to improve, it’s such an awesome feeling to achieve it! Most of the time it’s the people making it fun though, either by keeping me company through chat or by teaming up. The game itself can keep me busy for hours but the friends and guildies are truly giving the game something extra.

What is your favorite in game activity?

Currently PvP but it’s constantly changing haha. I did quite a lot of arena and battlegrounds at the end of BfA and I’m playing a lot of Overwatch at the moment while waiting for Shadowlands to go live. I still feel a rush of adrenaline (always shaking after the first few matches of the day!) and joy from battling other players so I imagine I’ll continue to PvP a lot in SL, with a mix of m+. But who knows, maybe my mood will tell me to pick flowers and buy mogs from AH instead.

What other games do you play at the moment?

Mainly Overwatch (didn’t buy it until recently and I love it!) but occasionally Heroes of the Storm, Borderlands 2 and a mix of mini-games on Steam (puzzles, worms, some weird doomsday superhero fly etc). Actually planning on playing more Age of Empires 2, I got all hyped when I saw it’s on Steam and couldn’t resist buying it xD

Are there any other games you would like to try out?

Definitely FFXIV. I keep seeing amazing screenshots from that game and several friends are playing it. I thought about Among Us too, but I’m terrible at lying and I fear I wouldn’t be able to fool anyone, haha.

At the moment we’re doing this, Shadowlands is only a few days away! What are your plans and hopes for the new expansion?

It’s exciting! I didn’t play in beta and I haven’t looked up much about the expansion so I’m super stoked seeing the new areas and challenges. I have a feeling I’ll fall in love with the scenery and possibly (probably) die a few times from accidentally falling off a cliff while taking screenshots. My plan is to go back to my roots and main a healer again. Right now it looks like I’ll main druid but I have a soft spot for holy priests so I’m hoping that spec will be more valued in SL. Depending on how much I’ll curse in PvP for constantly being targeted as a healer, I might choose another class/role as the main for PvP. General goal is to push both m+ and kick some butt in arena, it’s time to get those PvP mounts!

What other passions do you have, besides gaming?

Nature and everything about it (except for deep water, it’s giving me the creeps). It’s been a huge part of my life and I finished my candidate degree in biology last year. We have old videos of me, barely able to walk yet, pointing at things outdoors asking what it is and as soon as my parents told me I would point at the next thing. Later on I could spend hours at a certain pond being fascinated by the dragonflies and the strange creatures in the water. I spent my first summer job salary on a camera and I would crawl around in the garden taking photos of details like the eye of a snail, texture of mushrooms and such. A few years ago I started studying at university to learn about species, habitats, conservation biology and so on. It also triggered my birding interest, so now it’s not enough to stare at the ground at mushrooms and bugs, but I’m also staring at the sky counting how many bird species I can see in Sweden xD Let’s just say it can be a challenge to take a walk with me in nature, there are so many things to look at!

Tell us more about your career!

At one point, my goal was to be a truck driver. I got the license and I worked as a driver for a few years but I realised I wanted something more, hence university. While I was studying I got a minor project employment where I looked for trees with higher nature value (old, holes etc), these trees are planned to be saved for a long time to help increase biodiversity (a lot of species need older trees to thrive and the forestry industry prevents this). This job helped me get employed in a bigger project which took me to a lot of new places in Sweden! Even went to “the bear zone” where we saw plenty of reindeers but no bear unfortunately. We checked what plants we found next to the roads and if an area had a good amount of different species or endangered species, we marked the area as important and reported it to the employer who’s in charge of the roads so they’ll take extra care of it. My hope is to get called in for similar jobs because I love finding these pearls and protect them. I’m overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and how much we have yet to discover, it’s a never-ending challenge to keep up.

Besides all this, who is Emma?

Oof that’s a hard one haha. I’m shy but at the same time not. I’m an introvert who craves social situations but at the same time needs alone time to recharge. Often awkward. Constantly overthinking and worrying about others. At times angry (I’m hungry like 80% of the day so make sure to feed me!). I love making others feel better, I love salty liquorice and chocolate. I enjoy exercising, but I also enjoy laying in bed watching a series. And lastly, I love cats but currently without a cat so I’m watching a lot of cat videos & photographs.

We’ve met through the IG gaming community, how did you end up joining it?

I made a personal IG account ages ago and happened to post a WoW screenshot a few years ago. It made me realise there’s a big gaming community on IG and I decided to make a gaming account to share & discuss games. I was blown away by the engagement and I soon used IG every day, connecting to people all across the globe. I’ve even met a few of these friends IRL and hope to meet more in the future!

Do you have a message for the community?

Continue to support each other (one of the amazing things in this community) and dare to ask for help or just a chat if there’s something bothering you, no matter how big or small it may seem. This year has been rough and I can’t thank people enough for making me & others laugh, or for offering an ear for support. You guys have definitely helped me stay sane!

What are your biggest hopes and goals for your future?

At this point I’m hoping for a job that can challenge me enough to stay interested for a long time, while giving me enough free time to explore and get new experiences. There are so many countries and places I want to visit! I want to find a good balance between my outdoor interest and online world, and maybe possibly Elegon can finally drop the Astral Cloud Serpent!?

And lastly, the most difficult question of all! Who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

Only 3! (add a 0 to it?). I would say @ x.papamochi as one, he plays a variety of games, has been a part of the IG community for a long time and always manages to make me laugh. Thanks to Overwatch being shared with all regions, we’ve been able to play together again @ x_frency_x is one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met; she’s great in game and is an amazing artist, always pushing me to improve and an inspiration! @ zman_the_wizard is also an inspiration for me; he’s a creator, doing LARP and plays a variety of games.

And with this, our interview has come to an end! Thank you very much for joining me, and for being you! You are a wonderful person and you truly make the difference in the community! Thank you for spreading this afternoon together!

Thank you too! You’re such an important and caring person in the community and I love what you do!

And as always thank you all for joining me, it’s always nice to get to know such wonderful and inspiring people! As always a big thank you to my trusted sidekick for the help! See you all next month with the last two guests for 2020!


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