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Interviewing Red.liar

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Please relax, take a sit and enjoy my new interview with a very special guest! She’s an artist, a gamer, an animal lover and an absolute sweetheart. She’s also a very dear friend of mine and I am so happy that she agreed to be my guest, please welcome Red.lair!!

As I said you are a gamer, and what better way to start our gamersation than talking about your gaming experience! What was your first approach to the video game world? 

Good question! My first videogame experience was absolutely FFX, with which I fell in love since the beginning and is one of my favourite games. For what concerns online games… I got there rather late, I admit. I don’t even remember the name of the first game I played, but I’m sure it was a Free to Play Korean MMO. XD

What does gaming mean to you? What part does it play in your day to day life?

To me, gaming is relaxing and the chance to spend time with people I care about. I usually try to make room for 2 to 6 hours I can dedicate to gaming within a week. It’s not always possible, while some weeks I can even play more.

What’s your all time favorite game online and not?

My favourite online game is certainly FFXIV, despite its many and beautiful flaws, after roughly… 7 years? Yeah, I can say I’m really attached to it.
For the rest I’m in a re-discovery phase with other games, so will have to wait before being able to pass any kind of judgment.

You play a lot of FFXIV and this is the game you post about on your IG account. How did you first approach to the game? 

This is a funny story. I absolutely didn’t want to play FFXIV, I was completely sure about it! I knew a couple of people who played it and who had tried to make me create a character on their account, but I didn’t want to hear about it. Partially because I had just come out of a bad experience in another online game, partially because of the lazy excuse that my english is bad. That didn’t stop those people from placing a playstation in front of me with the game already installed, pad in my hand and say “play, we need healer so we can do content” and… yep, this is the way I started playing Final Fantasy! With horribly wrong info, no idea about what I was supposed to do and utter panic because… I couldn’t use Conjurer’s spells and I whacked mobs with my staff instead.

Did the gaming experience change over the years? 

Yeah, absolutely. In great part due to the people I’ve met. Gaming, differently from what many may think, it’s something that enriches you on a deep level, not only for what the game offers you, but also for what people share with you. Online games are the most evident form of growing like this on a personal level, but thinking about it single player games also have this way of uniting people. I challenge anybody to find a person who has played a single player game and who has never tried to involve someone else in it or who has never wanted to share their experience on a relevant forum.

What is your favorite thing to do in game?

I’d answer “playing”, because that’s really my favourite thing to do. Be it spending time taking screenshots with friends, farming dungeons, run maps or other kinds of content, as long as we’re having fun doing it, I’m game. I’m not the kind of person who fixates on a single aspect, in this kind of game, I like sharing my experiences! Be it 5 minutes or 2 hours long.

What is your inspiration behind your screens? 

Heh, another good question, this time it’s not so easy to answer! I’m totally useless when it comes to screenshots, everyone knows. They’re neither aesthetically nice, nor absolutely spectacular. They’re mediocre, but I’m aware of that. From when I started to nowadays, the visual quality jump is mostly due to the patience of the people I’ve met and who are close to me, I’ve had so many scoldings for the continuous over-exposure in my screenshots that I’ll remember it for life!  XD If I had to nail a specific reason/inspiration though, I admit I couldn’t, because at the base of my screenshots there’s two factors. 1) The people. The influence everyone around and close to me even through a simple chat has on myself is undeniable, as well as fundamental. 2) The story behind my characters. Their personalities, as well as their stories, is what allows me to have an idea on what kind of screenshot to take, or not. I’m a RP aficionado since time immemorial so it’s impossible this doesn’t influence me somehow. In all honesty, that’s what influences me daily in drawing… I’m just a bit better at that.

Your screens are absolutely amazing and you can see clearly the artistic eye behind them, so let’s talk about your second passion (and dare I say main), art, as you already talked about it a little! When did you first start drawing? 

You’re too kind, I’ll never stop saying it. ❤ To answer your question, I started drawing when I was little. I loved drawing and art, it was my obsession, so much that I went to art school. Unfortunately love and passion, together with a tad too zealous dedication, brought me to a really bad tendinitis and that meant a big stopping step, not to mention forceful total rest. For years, a bit due to discouragement, a bit due to the pain itself, I almost didn’t draw at all. This until I approached digital drawing and slowly got back to it -completely self-taught-. And with slowly I mean one or two drawings in a year, of such bad quality to induce children nightmares. Then, with enough support from close people, I’ve found the drive again, consistency and dedication to start again! A rather recent new beginning if we consider I completely got back to it 2 years ago, but the important thing is to start and never stop trying to improve.

So you were born as an artist! You didn’t choose art, art chose you! Tell us more about your artistic life, what part does it have in your daily routine? 

I should make a “Art chose me” pin! And I’m not saying anything else to avoid profanity. xD Back to us, I dedicate to it more or less 3/4 of my day, beginning in the morning and sometimes detracting from sleep when inspiration calls! The rest is completely dedicated to my animals, whom are actually part of my artistic routine since, when I draw, they’re always near me and are always the first ones to put their approvement seal on my works.

Besides being and artist, and a gamer, as I said in the premise and you just reminded us, you are an animal lover! Tell us more about who is the person behind the account and please tell us everything about your fluffy/feathery babies!

Hahahah this answer might be very, very long! Well, what can I say? It’s absolutely true, I LOVE animals, even those that scare me the most like dogs (and I’m not considering insects. I suffer from a really bad form of arachnophobia and entomophobia). I grew up having almost always at least one animal in the house, if not three or twenty altogether. Most of them were rescued, if not from the road, from an unsuitable domestic environment for these feathery/furry friends and I took care of them within my possibilities. I don’t like saying or thinking to have brought them to a “respectable end”, some were already old when I got them, others very sick, but I like to believe I accompanied them for a portion of their life making them feel really at home. My current children are part of this category too! They’re four, belonging to four different species and all four have been rescued for a reason! Coccò and Mochi, my chicken and my sparrow, are without a doubt the two more popular of my animal pets. Always the center of attention and always present with their unlimited liveliness and peculiar personalities! Both came to my home when they were still very little, one born fortuitously from a batch of badly hatched eggs in a homemade hatchery (she got here with her only surviving brother, but sadly he didn’t make it), while Mochi… well, she had the luck of falling directly on my mother’s head and was brought home immediately. It was hard with both of them; despite what it might seem it’s not easy taking care of a chick, in the early stages of their lives it’s never that easy. You have to create a bond, build trust -especially with animals like little Mochi- and it’s not an immediate thing. Once you get past that hurdle, there’s the actual physical need they’re going to have of you. More than a puppy or a kitten, in those first couple months of their lives -depends a lot on the species- chicks are completely dependant on who’s around them, both for feeding (like for Mochi), and for constant company (like for Coccò). I still have nightmares from when I couldn’t even go to the toilet and close the door because those two would start squeaking or screeching, because they thought I was vanished who knows where! XD But if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change this experience at all. It’s gratifying, especially seeing them grow up and become a little more independent. I say a little because Coccò, for example, still believes the toilet is a sort of stargate that sucks people in, although in the worst cases all she does nowadays is waiting behind the door and ask for some cuddles or pets when you get back from who knows what strange world! The other two home furries, whom are seen more rarely in my stories, are my cat Réi and my mother’s bunny, Allie. Rèi was rescued from the road, it took four days to convince him to follow me, but it was totally worth it. It’s one of the most affectionate (and dumb) cat I’ve ever known. Fun fact: he allowed himself to be taken thanks to a ham sandwich. Never seen a feline so crazy about carbohydrates ! Allie, on the other hand, was recovered from a breeding farm. She’s a wuss, so it’s impossible to take a pic of her.

Now let’s get to a couple of questions from our beloved gaming community! The first one is: What inspired your journey as wanting to create, and I’ll add publish, your own art over just admiring other’s work?

That’s certainly an interesting question. I think it was actually observing the great talent of people I admire and, more in general, all the people I got to know through time, to inspire me to share my own artistic creations. Observe others and have their feedback is the most important thing to not stagnate and be able to get better and progress in what you love. I think this is actually the base for everything, not just art. :3

And the second (and last one from the community) is probably the hardest question for an artist: What do you do when you hit an art block?

Help! Hahah art block is every painter’s, illustrator’s o artist’s in general worst nightmare. I admit I don’t actually have a proper answer, because there’s no panacea able to remove this status. Most of the times, when I get it, I focus on my “never give up, never bail out” mantra. A block, whatever kind it is, will never go away on its own! Recently, in drawing, I found useful and refreshing to dedicate myself again to the basics, so studying anatomic parts separately. To me, the important is never to indulge that block. Ideas won’t come up on their own, they need to be nurtured. Sometimes they build up on their own, oftentimes they need a little help. What matters is to create something, because very often we can forget that the creative process is not only the captivating image, but the sum of everything that has been done before getting to the end result.

Speaking of IG community, we have met thanks to it and I couldn’t be happier about it! How did you end up joining such a crazy place and the gaming community?

Aww I’m so happy too ❤ two of the best people I ever met in this community, you and daddy! ❤ To answer the question, I have to admit its was completely casual. I don’t exactly remember when, my memory is not the best -just like my general health-, but I remember finding some interesting people/accounts to follow through some hashtag search. That’s it, that was my first contact, then my willfulness to put myself out there and share did the rest! A choice I don’t regret at all, since this community has and is still giving me a lot every day, without counting the beautiful people, but wait! SPLENDID people I got to know and whom I really care about.

What does the community mean to you?

I believe the best way to describe what this community means to me, it’s to use a single word: Family. I think I’ve already said it in the past and I still believe it today. It’s gratifying, it’s nice and gives me the feeling I can build something by sharing my passion with all of them. I’m a very shy person and it’s not easy for me to interact with people, but when you realize the kindness, empathy, patience and all the good qualities and nuances of every person you meet, it’s impossible not to get attached to them somehow. I’m really fond of this community, really, really a lot and owe much to it. ❤

Did the community changed your way to approach gaming and even your art?

No, it hasn’t changed my approach to gaming or art, but I can say it has enriched it. As I was saying before, it’s nice to share and this inevitably broadens your perspectives.

Do you have a message for the IG gaming community?

Oh, gosh! xD There’s a ton of things I’d like to say to the community, but one above all is “THANK YOU”, for a bit of everything! For the support, for being so much creative, present, for the kindness, for the respect and for being so inspiring. It’s really a pleasure and a honor to be part of this community and if I was to add something to this, I’d put out a little “plea”: please, always remain as wonderful as you are.

If someone who is reading this isn’t playing FFXIV what would you say them to make them try it?

There’s still someone who’s never tried FFXIV? Hahah kidding! Well, I’d simply say: try it! Try it, play it, relax, have fun and most of all share the experience! There’s so many people in the game ready to get into new experiences with new companions, who knows, maybe together with some fun you might find new friends or strengthen a bond! Regardless, if among the readers of this interview there’s someone who hasn’t tried it and wants to, I’m always available to do something together! ❤

And if they are gamers, what would you say to them to make them join the IG gaming family?

What are you waiting for? There’s a huge and exciting family that can’t wait to welcome you with open arms and to join you in this great adventure! Sharing is always the key word and the more we are, the more fun to be had, no? ❤

And lastly, as for everyone of my guests, I want you to tell me three account names you would like to see as my guests!

Silver.eaglex, Isiriblitz, Chocoboy_james

Thank you so much for agreeing to be my guest and for being so lovely…and most of all thank you for taking all this time to answer my questions and also for spreading some time with me in game too! ❤ 

And thank you all for reading yet another of my interviews! Hope you enjoyed it and please be sure to follow my dear friend Red.lair for more art, and screenshots and adorable animal pics! 

Lastly a big thank you to Unidess for helping me with all the work! See you all in my next interview! Have a wonderful time in game and outside! 

With love,


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