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Interviewing Cupid_wow

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Please relax and enjoy my new interview, this time with a highly requested guest, Cupid_wow AKA Anna!! You all know her, she’s a gamer, artist, cosplayer, all-round nerd!

Let’s get to the essence of this interview, your life as a gamer! How did you approach to the gaming world?

I came in touch very young with the gaming world, to be more specific, my sister and I got a Nintendo64 as a christmas gift back then, we loved to explore the world of Super Mario and often played Mario Party with friends and our cousins, since then I never stopped playing games

So you you’ve always been a gamer! What was the first video game you fell in love with?

The first one I totally fell in love was Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, I was like 10 years old and always loved the Pokémon games, but I was really blown away by the emotional story of this side game. The first thoughts I had were that it was fun to imagine being a Pokémon itself but didn’t expect something deep to explore. Since then I kept playing every game in this series. Now I´m very excited after 14 years it gets a remake. It must be the same feeling like the Classic WOW server came back after 15 years for all the classic lovers.

What is your all time favorite video game?

It’s hard to name only one haha! I would say my all time favorites are Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Okami, Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

As you already mentioned it twice, you are obviously a world of warcraft aficionado, tell us more about your experience with the game! How did you start playing?

It started out with Overwatch haha. Overwatch was my first PC game and also my first multiplayer game, I met a lot of friends through the game, also a few I constantly meet in real life. One of them is a WOW player that loved the game since the first day of Classic. He told us he is currently playing on a classic private server and we decided to try that too and had a lot of fun making the very first experience in Classic. My character was a Night Elf hunter called “Xiisira”, that name was later given to my Zandalari Druid in retail. One day there was this free wow retail weekend and some of us tried it out. I made a worgen hunter named “Crescend” that I still play sometimes. And since that I got hooked on the retail version. That was a few days before BfA got launched.

All your followers know about a very special character you play in WoW! If you had to describe your OC with three words, what would it be?

Silphy Shadewing is my most known OC and definitely the OC I have put the most work into it of all OCs I have ever created in my life, haha. I would describe her with these three words: lawful, curious, independent

Tell us more about her!

Silphy was formerly a hunter (with a manasaber in company), spended her childhood in Darnassus with her mother but often traveled to Suramar seeing her father and sister. She seeked for more power to be able to protect her beloved ones as she realized for herself – through some conflicts and fights – she is not strong enough. While being in Suramar she heard of the Illidari which using demonic powers, gave her the inspiration becoming a half demon. To impress the Illidari she tamed herself a Felbat that became her inner demon and gives the power she now has. After the burning legion was defeated she still was not satisfied with her powers and abilities in comparison with other demon hunters. She still seeked for more power, a harder skin to protect. 
While wandering through different countries and cities she came across the marked in Tol’vir at Uldum. There she discovered a magical potion that caught her eye, blood of the dragon with the hardest skin on Azeroth – Slabhide. Blood for blood – she exchanged some of her demonic blood for this potion. After consuming this she got a more crystalised skin. With the metamorphosis the crystals growing bigger and being sharper. The manasaber later became her mount as it was her long time friend and an important part of her life. Later she got in touch with the tumult in Zandalar. She got lured in a trap by Zul the prophet and got killed by a horde of blood trolls. She got resurrected by Bwonsamdi having a deal with him. Silphy is currently working on to bring 1000 souls in exchange for a second chance in life.

What is your inspiration for your stories about your OCs?

The truth is… Everything and everyone! I get inspiration by listening songs, watching movies or show, talking with friends, reading stuff, own experience. Everything around me and everyone I´m interacting or seeing is what inspires me. It’s hard to tell an exact thing. It’s like being a sponge going out in the world and consume all information and experience, haha.

Besides your screens, you post many of your art pieces on your account and they are mainly inspired by WoW, tell us more about your artistic life!

I mostly enjoy drawing OCs, to be honest I love to create characters since I was a child. I love to think about a story (especially love stories hahahaha but surprisingly Silphy is the first one that doesn’t have one) what makes that character special but in a not too op way. I usually draw like 3 pics for a fandom but I really got hooked on my demon hunter, even tho I really wanna draw some of my other WOW characters like Xishira (formerly Xiisira) and Crescend. I actually didn’t plan staying too long in the WOW fandom, but this is the first time that many people interact with me and my OC and it makes it super fun to stay and even inspires me to continue art. Everytime I draw a pic of Silphy I have the thought “this is the last one, I really need to draw other stuff” but somehow when I finish it I got 3 more ideas for her. Then beginning one of the 3 ideas and while doing it getting 3 more ideas additionally, haha!

Talking about games and Blizzard, how did you get to know Blizzard games and how did you start playing Overwatch?

It actually was my close friend @viis.cvlt that introduced me to Overwatch. She showed me all the awesome cinematics and I was totally blown by the futuristic aesthetics and the story. She later let me play on her pc and that’s when I decided to spend money for a pc and the game itself. Meanwhile collecting the money through the months I already was deeply drown in the Overwatch fandom and even started creating my first cosplay – Tracer. And also creating my OC for Overwatcht (It was my first gay OC tho, had a slight crush on Tracer and was the first time ever having a crush on a girl XD)

Let’s get to a couple of questions from the community! First one is about one of your other passions, as I said in my premise, and that’s cosplay. Someone (and I’m sure many of the members) wants to know about what got you into cosplaying?

I never ever payed attention to cosplay until I started playing Overwatch. I got so inspired by seeing all those cosplays and it changed my mind and opinion about cosplays. It was really fun and challenging and also frustrating doing my first build – the goggles of tracer. It took me three attempts for getting a good resolution. I actually wish I had more time and money to do cosplay but at the moment I won’t do a new cosplay. BUT I have the dream to cosplay Silphy and even build wings and also Tracer´s Mach T skin as it is my all time favorite skin in game.

The other question from the community is, what made you pursue music?

Like art, music is something I enjoy doing since my childhood. Music is something that will be forever part of my life and my absolute dream would be to become a singer. I also enjoy playing the bass guitar as it’s a very unique instrument, even tho I wanted to learn guitar back then, I’m glad I came across a bass guitar and still love it. Like art, you can express every feeling that exist. And it’s also expressing movie scenes or a game sequence even more dramatic. It’s inconceivably going into a movie without music or a party without music. 
I also wanna express myself with music, the same way I wanna express with my art. It’s fun being creative in many different ways. Also doing cosplays or writings.

We’ve talked about art, gaming, cosplay, music but who is Anna besides all this? Who is the person behind the account?

I´m a student at the University of Vienna, Austria with a part-time job as a waitress. My major is korean culture and language and I’m currently in master’s degree. I´m actually from a small town located at the south of Austria next to a lake. 
The creativity is a big part of me, I´m known for being creative all the time and having big dreams, as I would say that are my trademarks haha! My cat is the most important thing in my life. We have experienced a lot in our lives and still glad I can spend time with her. I literally tell her everyday how much I love her. As I have posted it a few times, my cat has problems with her kidney and hyperthyroidism. Last year in April she collapsed and we had to go to emergency, diagnosed with epilepsy and the above listed illness, gladly the epilepsy disappeared shortly after but this was the hardest time in my life I ever experienced. (I even have to cry now thinking back how poor she was) The doctor said that she will most likely not live long as she have kidney stones that will slowly block the urine way and the hyperthyroidism that makes several symptomes when we can´t balance it with pills. She get pills daily and that’s also a challenge every day as cats don’t voluntarily eat pills. It also was financially and emotionally a challenge that still affects me today. We still have to go frequently to check ups, every visit costs money. Although I´m very glad she is still here and we spend christmas and my birthday in january together, next goal is to spend her birthday in may together.

We’ve talked about your inspiration in music and art but what inspires you the most for your gaming screens?

I usually take my screenshots spontaneously haha. It’s fun recording stuff I’m currently doing, but also sometimes forget to take some screenshots when I concentrate too much on the game. The only thing I plan are challenges. I make preparations and take several screenshots on one day and posting them later day by day. The fun thing is that I´m not spontaneous in real life. With many hobbies and university and part-time job, it takes a lot of discipline to organize the day.

Talking about your account and the marvelous community we are part of, how did you end up joining this crazy place?

It started with doing some WOW art and posting them on instagram. I loved to follow the blogs were people posted about their daily life in Azeroth and also got in touch with some people. Many of you know @zevrad_stargazer, he was the one that convinced me and inspired me to make my own gaming account next to my art and private life account. Before I did it I already was posting some screenshots in my stories and I thought it may be annoying my friends who don’t play games at all. XD 

Did being part of the community changed your approach to the video game world?

I would say yes. World of Warcraft is definitely a one of a kind game and also never played a game for so long. Before touching PC games I thought playing on a game 30-50h is long. XD Never was I so wrong. I play since almost 2 years constantly and on Silphy alone I have 1000h of gameplay. If it wasn’t for the community and my friends I surely wouldn’t play it anymore. I also have the unpopular opinion that BfA is great XD (most likely because I´m a zandalari fangirl). It’s actually the only expansion I actively played and I don´t know yet how appealing shadowlands for me will be, as I usually don’t like games with only dark atmosphere.

What does the community mean to you?

Inspiration. It’s amazing how everyone comes up with their OC or how they create their blog. I love to read about everyone´s OC and seeing what thoughts they put into them. Also daily life posts from Azeroth can be an inspiration or discovering something new I didn’t know yet about the game.

Do you have a message for the community?

Never let someone tell you your OC is shit or the way you play the game is wrong. Everyone enjoys another aspect of the game and it’s important to respect that. Never be afraid of posting your OC the way he/she is. As long as you like the OC that’s the most important thing. (Silphy is surely not perfect but that’s okay, maybe there are ppl who disagree with her story but I don´t mind, it’s just for the fun and enjoying the creativity)

As for everyone of my guests, I want to ask you, what would you say to someone who is a gamer but hasn’t joined the community, to make them become a part of the gaming family?

It’s totally okay to enjoy a game for themself and stepping into the community is everyone´s own choice. But it would be cool seeing new faces and everyone is happily welcome to join the community in whatever way. Also can understand if someone doesn’t want to be too much in the spotlight. Let the person know that it’s self-evident(?) that he/she can join whenever the person wants and gets a warm welcome.

And as always, as a last question, who are three accounts you would like to see as my guests? 

It’s hard to choose only three, there are many awesome personalities out there ❤

As for now I will choose @shynisti_darksong, @perranosthewarrior and @14szafer

Thank you for accepting my invitation and for being such a lovely guest! It was a real pleasure talking to you and getting to know you more! 

Awww thanks a lot to you too and putting so much effort in the interview and the community!

And thank you all who suggested Cupid_wow as my guest for this month and for reading this interview! And thank you for your support and interest!
See you all next month! Have a wonderful rest of the month! 

With love, 


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