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Interviewing Izzy

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlor! Here with me I have one of the guests I was most looking forward to! She’s a gamer, an artist, a puppy mom, a badass, I’m obviously talking about the Spooky Queen herself, Mmoaesthetics aka Izzy!!

Hello there. 🙂

It’s a real pleasure to finally have you here! Let’s start from the very beginning! When did your passion for video games begin?

I’ve been looking forward to meeting you and doing this really! My passion started when I was a kiddoh of maybe 5 years when I was at my neighbors who had a console. It was sonic.

What was the first game that really made you fall in love deeply?

Oooh easy one, this was Donkey Kong. My cousin had it and from that moment on there was no turning back. It was like the coolest thing in the world to me.. later I played it again and found it super lame, but hey, kids experience things differently!

When did you realize that you were going to be a gamer for the rest of your life?

Before I realized I’d stick to computer gaming, I was suuuper pissed. My mom replaced my typewriter with a computer one day without telling me. I was so sad.. I loved that dumb typewriter and didn’t know what to do with a computer till my cousin came. He brought me ‘Road Rash’ and ‘Need for Speed’ and ‘Blues Brothers’ and some more I don’t remember. Didn’t take me a long time then to realize that’s really my thing. 😀

One game you will always love no matter what?

I guess that’d be the old ‘Alice’. I’d ofc say WoW but I don’t trust Blizz really and assume they’d be able to destroy it for me one day. Alice is old, that’s a safe one!

Talking of Blizzard, how did you get into WoW?

A friend told me not to play WoW. He had a little son and said WoW was horribly addicting and if I had any brain I’d not start that !@#$. So ofc I got curious.

What made you stay?

The community. Doing something fun is one thing, but being in a group of people who like it just as much as you do is creating some kind of bond I think.

WoW is not the only mmo you enjoy, you also play FFXIV. How did that start?

Through Instagram I stumbled over screenshots. First I wasn’t very tempted, but at some point WoW bored me. So I thought “hey, another open world mmo. Why not?” I was surprised Lalas are not the children of Hyurans haha!

What is your favorite activity in game (both WoW and FF)?

Depends on my mood and on who I’m playing with. In FFXIV it’s doing dailies and maps with the FC, in WoW it’s doing PvP with my boyfriend.

Something we all know about you is that you have some really cool OCs, tell us more about them!

I got many, but if I had to choose one per game it’d be Izobelle for WoW and Rhoe for FFXIV. That’s the one I connect most with. They got their own vibe, even if I know any other player could create similar characters. I didn’t quite figure out HOW I bond with my characters. It just happens or it doesn’t. They’re both kinda bossy, sassy and not too girly. Spooky at times. I try to avoid any mainstream and that’s how they somehow create themselves.

Have you ever thought about writing and posting their stories and adventures?

No I have not.. I thought that‘d most possibly be very boring to others. 

I think they would be awesome and would love to read them if you ever decide to go on and write them! Speaking about community, how did you end up joining the IG gaming community?

That happened all by itself. I came to IG to post my screenshots, mostly for myself, but people responded very well to them and as I am anything but shy, I got in contact with many. It‘s like going to a dog park with your dog. People start talking to you and you may have questions yourself. Just that my dog is a big blue something with pink hair and a tendency to steal stuff out of pockets.

What made you stay part of the community?

People like you! 

Do you have a message for all the crazy people here?

For the good crazy or for the bad crazy or for all of them?

Good crazy xD the bad crazy can go to hell!

Lol true! For all the good kinds of crazy people: keep that craziness going. There‘s enough lame, uninteresting, fake people out there. We need to cultivate uniqueness as good as we can without being insecure or ashamed about it.

Going from a thing to another, as I said at the beginning you are an artist and a very good one too! How did this passion start?

I was drawing from the moment I was able to hold a pen. When I got to school my teachers hated me for that, but quickly learned I was able to listen AND draw and even start drifting off more if they didn’t let me draw.

What is your main inspiration for your art?

Madness. I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Lines are maths. And madness. Sometimes I even like drawing but most of the time I hate it but can‘t stop. That‘s why I‘m only drawing in certain phases. Sometimes I‘m less mad.

Who is the person behind the account?

Herbert the 56yo truck driver with back acne. 

Hahaha! We can’t finish this before talking about the puppies, tell us something about them!

Naaww my puppies! They honestly saved my life and maybe I saved theirs a little as well. Little Jim was what kept me from giving up in a very difficult time. He’s been through 3 foster families and nobody wanted to keep him, as he was declared a “difficult” dog. About a year later I adopted Heidi. She was already old, heavily abused and traumatized. I spent about 3k € on her health. Sadly my girl passed away last year in December. I adopted another dog. Her name is Wanda and she‘s mentally retarded, but a little sunshine. She‘s always cheering me up, no matter what! Oh and when I got Heidi the vets gave her 6 more months to live. Love and good care made her live 6 YEARS.

Last question, as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

I‘d like to see kitten pop, thevirtualknight or ummm…heliumbaer! 

And with this we’re done! Thank you very much for accepting my invitation and for being you, truly it was a real pleasure to get to know you better! And also thank you for spending some time in-game! This was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had during an interview! Thank you for the laughter and also for the happy tears during our talks about puppsters! 

You’re sweet! Thanks for taking so much time for le ol‘ me! 

And as usual thank you all for joining me for another interview! Will see you all later this month for another interview and another guest! 


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