Interviewing Gohma

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Take a sit, relax and let’s have a little chat with an amazing person! She’s an absolute sweetheart, a great member of the IG gaming community, our sweet tooth fairy princess, Liz aka Gohma! Thank you for agreeing to be my guest today!

Thank you for inviting me. I feel so honored, so many awesome people been here for an interview and now I am here too.

As for every one of my guests we must start from the very beginning! When did your passion for gaming begin?

It all began when I was a sweet little girl XD, my parents were really young so they always invited their friends to our home and my father and his friends played games on the SNES. I loved to watch them gaming and when they allowed me to play by myself, my first game was The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past on SNES. It was awesome, I fell in love! Later we got the N64 and of course I couldn’t stop gaming. When I was young I didn’t have much friends, I’ve always been an outsider, so my parents offered me my first PC when I was 11 and I started playing games like Unreal Tournament, GTA, Quake and many more, so it began.

What is the game you have the best memories about?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game changed my life and i still love it like the first day, because it was a young boy who felt like he didn’t fit in his home, but he was chosen to be a real hero! He had to grow, get over his fears and kill the Evil that wanted to destroy his world.  When I was young I realized that even when I don’t fit in with others there will always be my own way to grow up.

What does gaming mean to you?

Gaming means to me to be free, to be a character you want to be in a beautiful different world. To let my imagination spread, create many different characters and their own story. When I´m gaming I just enjoy the feeling,  no matter if it’s an mmorpg, a first person shooter or a retro game. Mostly I like the stories that are hidden in the games. It’s like an endless adventure of joy. 

What are your all time favorite games?

Of course The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask), Unreal Tournament and World of Warcraft. These are games I still love to play and remind me of really good memories.

Speaking of World of Warcraft, how did you end up playing it?

I started playing World of Warcraft in 2015, one day I was hanging around with friends and one of them said, “We are always hanging around so why don’t we all hang around in Azeroth”, the next day we all started to play World of Warcraft, it was awesome! We created our own guild, created stories and characters. We all fell in love, but sadly all of them stopped gaming the same year. I also took a break from gaming, but in 2018 I came back to World of Warcraft. 

What made you want to come back and stay?

I’ll have to tell you why I stopped gaming to understand why I came back. In 2015 I had a lot going on in my life, everything went wrong. So I moved far away from my hometown and started a new life in Berlin. But I never felt like home in Berlin. It was a nice city and a great experience to start a new life but I missed home. Some years later I moved back in my hometown and met all my friends again. I remembered how much I missed gaming with friends. So I started again, I love WoW so much that I don’t want to leave it anymore, thanks to this game I found this awesome community.

How did you end up joining the community?

I had my personal IG account and I started to share gaming stuff on my stories. Someday a friend said I should stop to only spam gaming stuff and create a dedicated account for that. So I created a gaming account, just for fun to share my gaming stuff. I realised how many people do the same, to share what they love. Because I didn’t  get the support from family and friends, I felt a little alone ‘till I found all the other gamers, so I thought I wanted to support all the awesome gamers out there so they know they are not alone. I never expected to be a part of this awesome community.

What made you stay in the community?

Awesome people like you!! At the beginning I was a little scared to share my stuff, but I got such nice feedback. I met such great personalities in this community! It’s not about to have the best gear or the rarest mounts, it’s about supporting each other, to share the things you love no matter what game you play. I really care about these people and they help me when I feel bad, it’s like a second family for me and I don’t want to leave this Family.

Do you have a message for them?

Never give up on what you love! You don’t have to change because others said so! Many people have problems, or fears, or are searching for friends, you’re not alone! Gamers always support each other and it doesn’t matter how you look like, where you’re from or in what you believe. Just love yourself for who you are and stay strong, there’s always hope and love in this world.

Your account is so unique and you can always recognized one of yours from the others! What is your inspiration for your screens and for your edits?

Thanks! I think the most inspiration is from the landscape, sometimes I just fly around in Azeroth because there are so many beautiful places. Sometimes it’s the transmog, when I get a new piece which I love I have to share it in the best way. I love to edit pictures, many years ago I had my own homepage for templates and picture edits but I deleted it, so editing my gaming pictures makes me happy.

What are your plans and hopes for the future of your account?

I hope to meet more nice people, maybe play together, chat together or help each other. My plans are to share all I want to share, maybe inspire someone to play other games or to get their own gaming account and I really want to support all the awesome artists out there! I really hope this community stays together and grows bigger. 

You also play Overwatch! How did that start?

I always played Blizzard games (WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm), when I saw the preview of Overwatch I was really interested because of all the awesome characters and their abilities. When it was released I started playing it and loved it. It’s always fun to join a random group or play with friends.

Something that we all know is that you have a passion for tattoos! Tell us more about it and about your tattoos!

I loooooove tattoos! It’s like an addiction, I always want more. XD I stopped counting my tattoos but I still got enough space for more. Every tattoo stands for something, good or bad memories, passion or for something to identify with. Most of them are from games, I love all of them. My first tattoo was my Buddha on my lower back I got in Thailand because I’m a Buddhist.  The most important tattoo is Majora’s Mask on my chest, it’s an evil Mask, created by Warlocks, a Mask to control people. When I was young I felt like being controlled, to grow up to a person I don’t want to be, but like in the game you can defeat the Mask and put the evil out of it. All games/movies/animes which means a lot to me are on my body: Half-Life, Portal, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, The Legend of Zelda, The Lord of the Rings, Super Mario, World of Warcraft, Space Invader zim. I love to talk about tattoos and could talk about it the whole day but I try to keep it short :P. But I have to say that I got a tooth as a tattoo and the words “La fatina dei Denti”, which means tooth fairy XD.

And that’s why I call you tooth fairy princess!! We’ve talked about games and tattoos but you are so much more than this. Tell us more about you, who is Liz?

In real life I’m normally a really quiet person, I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know and It’s hard for me to meet new people. I was bullied a lot when I was young and my parents don’t care much about me, they had to work a lot. My childhood was not the most beautiful, things happened that shouldn’t have happened but I don’t complain about that, there are people who had it much harder than me. When I got older I was aggressive and when people tried to bully me I punched them. It took a long time to find out who I really am. I had close friends which supported me but stabbed me in the back and my family is small and most of them hate each other. I find it difficult to trust people. That is the main reason why I love gaming, you can be in a world where we are the same and support each other, of course in game there are always some idiots but that’s okay.  In school I was always a nerd, when I started working as a Tooth Fairy I finally found out that it’s a wonderful feeling to help people, to make them smile. That all made me the person I am today, I love myself with all my scars in the inside and all my craziness. Now I am a really positive person, I love to go out with friends, I go to the gym and stay active, I love doing my job and I love to travel. I try to fly away every year to see all the beautiful places around the world and I try to spread some love.

And we are grateful to have you in our community because you are truly one of a kind, and we’re lucky to know you! What are your plans for the future?

Thank you, I am really grateful to be a part of this community! I don’t plan too much in the future, some of my family and friends died young so I try to enjoy my life in the moment! I really want to travel a lot, there are soooo many places in the world I would like to see, I want to spend a lot of time with friends and I want to play many more awesome games! Also I would like to start streaming one day, but I’m still too shy. XD

Wish you the best of luck with everything!! Are there any new games you want to play in the near future?

I always wanted to play Final Fantasy XIV Online and I haven’t started to play Borderlands 3, also I am very excited about Overwatch 2 and I’m still waiting for Half-Life 3.

And lastly the hardest question of all! Who are three members of the gaming community you would like to see as my guests?

There are so many wonderful and interesting members out there but I have only three to choose. At first it would be you @Kylara_gaming! I know you´re doing this whole thing but I think it would be interesting to find out more about you, also I would like to read more about @iv_yoru and @mirialani.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person and such an important member of the IG gaming community! It was a pleasure and an honor to get to know you better! Thank you for agreeing and for all that you do for the community! And for spending some time with me in game doing screenshots! 

It’s been a pleasure, thank you for inviting me and thank you for doing so much for this community! You are incredible and I am very happy to have met such a wonderful person like you! Send you love and hugs! 

And as always thank you all for stopping by my parlour and spending some time with us! I am really grateful for these first 6 months of the Gamersations and I really can’t wait to go on and on making you know many other wonderful people from the marvelous IG gaming community! And as always thank you to Unidess for being my right and left arms, helping me out every time with all the interviews! 

Interviewing Huntress_avicennia

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! I’m very happy to welcome here today a very special guest and a really dear friend of mine. You all know her and love her, I’ve asked multiple times to know more about her so here we go. Today with me I have the wonderful Huntress Avicennia, aka Gauri! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

I love reading all the interviews you take of the people from our community so it’s an honour to be here! I am so excited for this. XD Thank you for having me here today!

You are a gamer, a photographer, an artist, a university student…what other words would you use to describe yourself?

Hahaha that’s a lot. XD I’m just a simple individual who likes to do stuff, lol. I’m not that great when it comes to describing myself XD. The people I came across in my school, college and so on inspired me to develop and keep following my hobbies, so whenever I get time, I put my time into it.

Let’s start talking about gaming, how did you start playing video games and which was the first one that made you fall in love?

I love talking about this memory! I was just a child and my uncle (mom’s brother) used to play Warcraft III back then. So whenever I went to my grandparents’ place, I would sit besides him and watch him play. I didn’t really understand what he was doing or the lore but the music, scenes and stuff attracted me, lol. He didn’t let me play because I was too young and didn’t understand anything at that time. So after a few years, he gave me the game and I started playing it with cheats because I didn’t understand the complicated stuff XD, then I started looking into the story more and more and totally fell in love with the lore! Then I came across the fact that there were expansions to it called World of Warcraft but I didn’t know how to play that. So I just used to read the lore of characters I liked or the books. I also came across other games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Need for Speed, Midtown Madness and so on. But at the end of the day, Warcraft III takes the cake. XD

What made you stay a loyal Blizzard fan through the years?

The lore definitely! Arthas, Jaina and Tyrande were my favorite characters that time (and still are) and I used to love reading everything about them. And few years ago, I think I was in my first year of university that I came across WoW’s free trial that actually got me into playing WoW. After that, I even came across a TBC private server and I was sucked in totally. XD The zones, stories, classes, everything kept me a loyal fan.

What is your favorite in game activity?

I’m not a hard core person but I love to do everything! Exploring places and taking screenshots for Avi’s story, running mythic keys, raiding if my time zone permits XD and of course bgs too. Sheeping people in a bg is my passion lol. And transmog farming! I love to mog my girls in pretty stuff. XD

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community and thanks to WoW, how did you end up joining the community?

Totally out of curiosity. XD When I had started WoW, I was also new to Instagram. So I was wondering if people post about warcraft on social media or not so I just searched about it and it lead me to @kheshirekat’s account. I was very excited when I saw her screenshots and stories. But I didn’t make a WoW account till a year later actually. I used to follow all of you from my photography account. Then one day, I was just doing a dungeon run in Scarlet Monastery where I stopped to take some screenshots which came out great. My irl friends told me to post them so I brought up some guts and texted Kheshi and she encouraged me. I just used to think of my WoW account as a creative outlet but I’m totally overwhelmed by the response I got from everyone!

What made you stay?

Originally when I started my account, I didn’t care if I anyone liked the pictures or not. But then slowly, day by day, I got to know people from the community and some of them actually became such good friends! You are one of them haha! It’s mainly the relations that I formed with others that make me stay :D. And also the heaps of creativity that everyone has! I always get to see something interesting everyday.

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Avi took her bow in hand and nocked an arrow. She carefully took aim on the nearest Mo’arg and released it. But he had good reflexes and brought his axe down on her. She brought her polearm up in time to parry and the axe hit the rod of the polearm with force enough to push her down. She however maneuvered the force towards the ground and rolled out of the way. Duskfang tackled the demon from behind and while his attention was focused on getting rid of the animal, Avi again took aim and let an arrow lose. It hit home and the demon fell on the ground with a thud. The sound attracted the attention of other demons and slowly they started to surround her. She quickly slipped a small grenade below the shaft of the teleporter. Being quick on her feet, she shot down several gan’args while Duskfang made sure no one got closer. She let arrows fly one after the other and soon, the camp was filled with lifeless bodies of demons. She took the moment to catch her breath but that was short lived when felguards began their march towards her. She quickly shot down one and dodged the attack from the other while whistling loudly for Skyfeather who swooped down to help his mistress. He landed on top of the demon that was charging at her, pushing him into the ground. This moment gave Avi and Duskfang the chance to mount the gryphon who took off, away from the camp. Several legion forces had been culled and she had a sense of satisfaction. My amazing partner – The artist – @shyofmaldraxxus #nagrand #outland #warcraft #worldofwarcraft #wow #hunter #nightelf #forthealliance #wrathofthelichking #warmane #lordaeron #warcraftfan #warcraftscreenshot #wowigfamily #warcraftphotography #pcgame #mmorpg

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What’s your inspiration for your screens?

The zones are so pretty that my brain starts thinking on how to apply the skills I learnt in photography while taking screenshots. And I always want to try out different things. The game gives me a lot of freedom to get creative which I can’t do irl. My inspiration for taking screenshots is same as taking photographs – to get creative and make a memory out of it. Something I can look back on and feel happy.

Tell us more about your passion for photography!

Of course! It all began when I was in 8th grade of school. My school had taken us to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve where I got to see free wildlife for the first time in my life. My father had gotten me a small digital camera back then which I didn’t know how to use properly. But the biggest achievement that time was when we saw a tigress at a distance of 3-4 ft and stayed with us for full 45 mins. Her eyes kind of stared deep into my soul and that time I knew, my heart belonged to the wildlife. That got me into photography. In my junior college, I used to run behind butterflies to click them on my phone camera and it was a huge struggle but totally worth it because I learnt a lot from that. I even set up a small photography exhibition during the college fest. When I got into degree college, I did a course on basic photography skills and got my DSLR and had been taking photos of nature and even people! Birds and butterflies are my most favorite subjects to click and at the same time the toughest but I love the challenge. XD Nothing beats the excitement of getting that perfect shot at the end of all that hard work and patience, lol.

You are really involved into environment preservation and nature. Tell us more about this really important part of your life!

It would be a pleasure! I always want people to see the beauty in nature and fall in love with it. Logic is simple – you preserve something that you love! I always go on nature trails and love telling about my experiences to others! I have worked with WWF (World wide fund for nature and natural resources) for 2 years on an environment education program where we used to teach school kids about the environment every week through games and activities. I was a part of bird survey in our local national park. And currently I’m involved with NaturalisT Foundation, an environment awareness NGO. We take nature trails and currently we have launched a new project which is a podcast and I’m a part of it too! We will be speaking about different news regarding the environment and wildlife every week in it.

What other passions do you have?

I love to draw! I used to do a lot of artwork and crafts in school and then I trained a bit for some government exams as well. Then life happened and I got no time for it until now! I also love research which can be painful sometimes but that’s alright. XD I had learnt an Indian classical dance called Bharatnatyam for 6 years and I even trained in karate for 2 years (had to leave because my schedule didn’t let me continue), I also love reading a lot but never thought I will start writing one day as well! People from the community inspired me to start writing and since then, it has become one of my hobbies as well!

Are there any games you would like to play?

One day I would love to try FFXIV! Especially after seeing you play and post screens of it. XD But I know I have no time for more than one game so maybe someday in the future

What other plans do you have for the future?

Probably a PhD. I’m currently pursuing my masters in plant physiology and biochemistry and I need to give some entrances for it. So I will be preparing for them as well. I will just go with the flow for now because research is something that you can decide once you experience things in it and I have just started. XD It’s a long road ahead!

Do you have a message for the community?

A big THANK YOU to EVERYONE! I can’t really thank enough actually. XD I never expected so much support from people from other corners of the world! I learned so many new things being a part of it, got confidence for my own skills and it was all because of the encouragement everyone gave me! There might be some disagreements between people but we are a society of humans after all! It’s okay. Just be kind as you all are, always. 🙂

We can not conclude this interview without talking about a very special someone in your life. The queen of your house, the most feared and revered bird of all, your little parrot! Tell us more about her!

HAHAHAHAHA YES! Her name is Cheeku and she’s a 19 years old female Alexandrine Parakeet. I was just 3 when my parents got her as a companion for me so we basically grew up together! I learned a very important aspect about animals from it – they have their own opinions! Cheeku is very bossy, mischievous and has broken and shredded several things she shouldn’t have even when she has chewing blocks for it. XD Birds just get a lot of satisfaction when they see you annoyed and it’s a drama for them. XD She always wants to eat what we are having (not all human foods can be allowed so we have to be careful). She’s like a forever 2 year old kid in the house. But at the end of the day, she’s my best buddy! People quite often get birds at home as pets but they need to know how much emotional and intelligent they are so those who would want one in their life should do lots and lots of research! They are difficult to maintain because they need lots of attention or else they go into depression and self mutilate! They also live for 40-80 years depending on the species so they are a lifetime commitment! Also, Cheeku hates phones or getting herself clicked. XD

And as for every single one of my guests, the last question! Tell us three people who you would like to see as my guests!

There are so many wonderful people that I can’t really choose just 3. XD
But since I can only pick 3 for now, it would be @kheshirekat @shyofmaldraxxus and @the_guardian_bear !

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful person and for letting us know more about you! It was a real pleasure to chat with you this afternoon! I wish you the best of luck with your future projects! And lastly thank you very much for the beautiful picture you did for us two for this interview!

Thank you so much! Lots of love to you for all the things that you do for the community.

And as always thank you all for reading another interview and being so involved in my project! You all are the reason why I’m doing this! A big thank you to Unidess for always helping me out, all this would not be possible without him! See you all soon with another wonderful guest! Have a wonderful time and please be kind with the world we live in and with yourselves.

Interviewing Renxian

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a very special guest! It’s a really dear friend of mine, an absolute sweetheart and talented bean and I’m really happy to get to know her better and to let you all know her!! Today with me I have Renxian aka Irene! Thank you for agreeing to this torture!!

Hahahah I’m going to be the torture! I’m super happy you invited me!

First things first, let’s talk about your first approach to the gaming world! How it all began?

Oh gosh, it all began thanks to my cousin. He often came to visit, at the time I was 7 and him 17, and being a single child I think he might have had this idea of turning me into a little version of himself. He started with TRYING to teach me basket, failing miserably. One day he brought his playstation 1 and Final Fantasy VII and forced me to sit beside him to watch him play. I immediately fell in love. I wanted to try and little by little he taught me, that was my first experience with a videogame and from the moment my cousin put a controller in my hand, I never dropped it since. As a matter of fact, I made my father buy me a playstation all for myself a few days later.

So you’ve started really early in your life!! That’s awesome! Besides Final Fantasy VII what other games have left a mark in your memory?

After FFVII, the game that had the biggest impact on me is definitely The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I played it years after its release but it’s the game that transformed me into a true gamer, and it’s also the game I spent the most time on because being it in english and without having my cousin there to do real-time translation like for FFVII, it took me a year to finish it without understanding a single thing about the plot nor anything else, but I got so enraptured by the music and scenery. It all seemed really marvelous back then. Sometimes I miss the music of Ocarina of Time, the sword sounds and those damn chickens! (Who has never been killed by an angry mob of chickens, after hitting them several times with your sword? No?)

What are the games you are playing at the moment?

Recently, aside from WoW, I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I adored, and I just restarted playing the Mass Effect trilogy, another of my favourite series, that I recommend to anyone who hasn’t played it yet and loves the sci-fi genre.

So you are both a single player and an mmo player too! Which one do you prefer?

Hah, what a difficult question. I love MMOs for the possibility to interact with other people, I built beautiful friendships over the years thanks to online games, although sadly the online community often becomes toxic, with too much competitive people doing everything they can to make you feel inferior. When I start feeling too much that pressure, single player games are a sort of peaceful oasis, where I can just concentrate on the story and relax without worrying about performing to meta standards to avoid insults from the next moron in line. 
I just realized I haven’t answered the question, which I prefer? Both. Depends on the moment. xD

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community, how did you end up joining it?

I began using IG in 2016 thanks to WoW, I wanted a place where to DROP my several millions of screenshots, I saw a lot of people publish beautiful pics of their WoW characters and scenery, and I thought, why not? Initially my profile was dedicated to simple RL photography, I deleted all the pictures and restarted from scratch publishing only gaming shots.

What made you remain a part of the community?

Surely all the creativity that many accounts share and inspires me everyday to bring better content. Secondly, but not less important, the people. Having the chance to gradually know who’s behind each post is a wonderful thing. Lastly, also my passion for photography and editing, that managed to influence the gaming world as well.

Besides the community, what other things inspire you? Because let me tell you, you have one of the most beautiful accounts in the community!!

Don’t say such things, I’ll get emotional and forget how to write! It’s difficult enough as it is. xD As I said, surely my passion for photography helped me a lot. When I have to take a screenshot I always look for the perfect lighting and angle. I surely need to thank my dad, who passed this passion onto me.

You’ve talked about WoW! How did you get to play it?

I knew about World of Warcraft by name since it was released, but I never got to play it because of the subscription, back then I didn’t have the courage to ask my parents for money for a monthly sub. xD We then get to the now faaaar away 2009, me and my best friend were playing Metin2 together (no idea if anyone heard of it, but apparently it was trending at the time, lol). I remember that one day after school he gets online and tells me he found a free private server of WoW: TBC. I immediately fell completely in love. I fully immersed myself into that world, so much that it was my first thought after getting home from school, almost forgetting about eating. With a single click all the daily crap disappeared and I could detach myself from reality. I played on that private server 4 years, until in 2012 I decided it was right to pay for something that could make me feel like that. So, with the release of Mists of Pandaria I subbed to the retail servers for the first time.

How did the experience change over the years?

I definitely saw a great change in regards to the social aspect of the game. I joined retail too late maybe, but I perceived less wanting for socialization and help each other out from people, turning into a game aimed towards progress where people are in a hurry to complete dungeons and not having time to stop a moment, even to say “Hi”. I’m really sorry the social aspect of WoW declined so much over the years.

How about FFXIV? How did it all start?

THANKS TO YOU! Really, hahaha thanks to you and to most of the community, that I slowly saw starting to try this MMO. BFA is known, hasn’t been the best expansion Blizzard released, and let’s say it bored me almost immediately. So with a drive for something new and having each day beautiful FFXIV screens slapped to my face, I thought WHY NOT?

Are there any games that you would like to play in the future?

I have a lot of games that I would like to try, in my backlog. xD First thing, I’d like to get out of my comfort zone and try games like Dark Souls or metroidvania genre. A recent title coming to mind is Hollow Knight, that I never managed to finish due to its difficulty.

Now let’s talk about you! Who is the person behind the gamer?

I’m a really simple person, born and raised in Italy, who sells flowers in a small shop in the province for a living, but with a dream to be able to travel the world over. My biggest dream is earning a living through photography and travel, get to know new cultures and people. I always wanted to combine these two passions, I’m quite not there yet, but a small step after the other I’m not losing faith. One of my life philosophies is I’d rather look back on my life and say “I can’t believe I did that” than “I wish I did that”.

And we really wish you the best!! What are other hopes and dreams for the future?

Mmmmh plans for the future? Definitely taking more trips among nature after this crazy period is over. This quarantine made me realize we should be more grateful for the small things we daily take for granted. One thing I dearly miss are the weekends spent with my father, taking the motorbike out and travel to one of the closer mountain woods and spend the day walking among nature. While one of my dreams closer to be realized (coronavirus permitting…eh.) is a trip to the north of Scandinavia to see the aurora borealis, I think it’s an experience outside of time.

Do you have a message for the community?

Always be yourselves, publish what you feel yours and not what you think people might like. Be positive. And if you see a player struggling take a moment to help them and be kind, it doesn’t cost a thing. Other than that, I would only say a huge THANK YOU to all of you, for the support, for sharing your creativity, for being a big inspiration to me and for having me open IG daily, curious about what new beautiful thing you posted.

How would you describe the community to a gamer who doesn’t know it yet?

Speaking about my specific personal experience with WoW’s IG community, as a BIG HUGE family that has always room for you. No matter how late you join, you’ll always feel at home.

And lastly as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community that you would like to see as my guests?

Ha! I’d be curious to read about nihilora_ , silver.eaglex and iv_yoru!!

Thank you very much for your time and for your patience! It was such a pleasure getting to know you better and spending the evening together!!

It’s been a real pleasure to be part of this project of yours! The daily effort you put out for the community is really incredible! So a huge THANKS to you!

And thanks to all of you who are still sticking with me for all these months! Thank you for the support, love and interest in this crazy project! Special thank you to Unidess for his help, all this would not be so amazing without his help! See you all later this month with a new and special guest!!

With love, 


Interviewing Touchpadwarrior

Hello everyone and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a very special and highly requested guest!! I’m talking about the most famous beard in the gaming community aka @touchpadwarrior aka Justus!! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Of course! I’m honored to be your guest.

You are a real legend in the gaming community! How did it all start? What was your first approach to the video game world?

I had been playing WoW since late classic, I was a VERY noob player at the start. I had intellect plate gear, rolled need on cloth in RFC, and was even specced prot until level 50 until I went to a buddy’s house who also played and wondered why Concussion Blow was on my bars and I was using a 2hander. My IRL friends that introduced me into the game quit well before even Burning Crusade came out, but I still had a burning passion for the game and continued to do so, It wasn’t until late MoP that I made an instagram account for my character Justus and that name was obviously taken, so I went a very transparent route and went with “Touchpadwarrior” since I play a warrior in game, and I play on a touchpad keyboard. The next morning after taking a very lame picture of my character with my phone, not even a screenshot, I saw the comments below of “Omg I love WoW! What server do you play on?” “I like your gear! Taurens are awesome!” and I realized I wasn’t alone in my passion for the game like I thought I had been for years. So I kept posting and making great new friends who shared my same passion!

What was the first game you ever played?

First game I EVER played? Mario Kart 64. Mostly stuck with mario kart, smash bros, and pokemon growing up.

And the first one that you fell in love with?

I would say they are the same, due to the fact that my older sister got me into video games and that’s who I would play with when I was younger.

The gaming experience change for all of us during the years, we grow, we change but we still play. Tell us more about your gaming experience! When did you realize that you were a gamer and that it will always be a passion in your life?

I really didn’t consider myself a gamer until I started more hardcore progression in burning crusade with Justus. Taking the time to analyze, study, and hours of research to adapt and get better at what I was doing, 12hr days playing the game when I didn’t have a lot going on in my life I caught myself really pushing to work harder and perform better each day. With that in mind, I almost don’t consider myself a gamer after more heavily looking at what I do, I only really play WoW, but… “Warcraft’er” sounds funky so it’s easier to tell people that I am a gamer

Warcraft changes so much, with each expansion the game evolves, how did your experience with the game change?

Initially it was an immense world to explore, being a novice has its perks of discovery which is always a fun time. But as you get used to things, you still become eager to discover more about your surroundings. I would say that It started off with absorbing the environment around me, then as I got older my quest to discover new things were more so in how they worked, how to use the fields I’ve been exploring to my advantage and become a master of whatever it was that I was tackling at the time, as simple as the fastest archaeology / mining routes to rotations for certain boss fights or talents for VS. specific classes.

What is your favorite thing to do in game now?

The easy answer to that is Arena, it’s been 10 years since I’ve done as much pvp as I have been recently. It was as of this content patch, I decided to halt progression raiding after 12 years. This season is easily one of the most chaotic ones I have seen with corruption into play, but I still enjoy it. But to be honest, one of my favorite things to do in game is to fish. It seems silly, but I enjoy taking a break from all the fights and just fishing up materials while listening to soothing music. Its something I almost miss doing. Despite what it may look like, I don’t play WoW nearly as much as I used to. I play for about 3hrs a day and since I stream it, I don’t spend that time fishing since I know for most folks it’s not that entertaining.

And this brings me right to my next question!! You are a successful streamer, you currently have 3.7k followers!! What made you decide to start streaming?

I decided that I wanted to start streaming because I wanted to share my passion with people and be helpful / knowledgeable for newcomers into the game. What it evolved into was something a little different, sometimes people would come into my chat and I’d ask how their day was and they would say not well, I’d ask why and a lot of people, much like myself struggle with depression, anxiety or just a general tough time in their life. They would pop in and be able to talk to someone who would listen. I didn’t consider this to happen but I was just being myself and trying to be there for someone in need. I kept streaming for this reason. I am grateful to be someone’s source of entertainment in the day to help have a laugh, learn something new or just have a space to be able to talk and get through the rough days together.

And that’s absolutely awesome and beautiful and we are grateful for what you do! Is there a game you would like to play and maybe stream too?

To be 100% honest.. no? I love playing WoW and sticking to this game the only… “secret” game I really play other than WoW is Pokemon Go and that’s a little difficult to stream lol. I keep WoW as my streaming stuff, and try to reset myself by enjoying other games off camera with friends and loved ones.

Tell us more about you, who is the person behind the WoW player and the streamer?

Well, I’m 28 years old. I love pottery though I’m not able to practice it anymore without a workshop. I am a chef with a culinary arts degree, I worked at the Playboy Mansion as an event chef for 4 years. Though at the moment currently working as a barista / supervisor. I have 2 dogs, Charlie and Thor. I live with my girlfriend of five years Melissa, and my father in Southern California. I REALLY enjoy my whiskey and dark ales, and I enjoy the occasional game of billiards.

That’s so interesting!! I bet you have the chef title in game! XD

Of course I do! lol I got that way before I ended up in the industry too! I found my passion for cooking in middle school, took 3 years between middle and high school, and perused it in college to get the degree

Oh I can totally understand! One of the first titles I really worked for was Archaeologist and I’m at one year of university from becoming one irl!! Anyway you’ve told us about how you joined the IG gaming community but what made you want to stay?

As my community grew, I’ve seen… a lot of things happen over the years. Whether they be good or bad. But what has kept me personally going is the fact people still comment or dm me asking questions about the game and I am glad I can be there to answer those questions. I also know the satisfyingly feeling getting a new rare mount of achieving hard goals in game and I love to see people complete them.

Speaking of community and WoW, you’ve created an amazing guild! What made you want to make it?

With my leave of hardcore raiding I wanted to make a space in game that people could make new friends and grow together like we have on Instagram and be able to play with folks more often from the community!

What are your hopes and goals for it?

Very easy, what it’s already doing. My hope is that people in the guild find new friends like I have and help spread positivity in game and the community. Hopefully get some community event nights in the future with transmog competitions and achievement runs.

Do you have a message for the community?

My message to the community is please, spread love more than hate. It’s entirely ok to express discomfort or struggles with things but do so in a constructive manner. The reason I love Instagram for the WoW community was the “toxicity” of other social media platforms made it unbearable for me to enjoy it. Stay positive, spread love and cheer. If you have complaints be sure to share them in a constructive manner. Be kind to one another, say gratz, ask how someone’s day is going, compliment a transmog. The real world, and the world of Warcraft have a lot of darkness in them, It’s up to us to shed the light upon the community and give hope.

Totally agree with all this, thank you so much for spreading such a positive message! Getting back to WoW what is something that you wish Blizzard will bring back to the game?

Silly, but Gladiator Stance for Warriors, lol!

What are your thoughts and hopes for Shadowlands?

I think it’s very exciting to see the things at play beyond our realm in game. My hope is to unveil more deeper lore of the game and of course, to see awesome new mounts and armor to collect!

If someone who is reading us doesn’t play WoW, what would you say to convince them to try it?

If you love exploration, raiding dungeons or pvp give Warcraft a shot, the game might seem intimidating at first, but if you remind yourself to take your time and really absorb your surroundings you’ll fall in love.

And to a fellow gamer who isn’t part of the Ig gaming community?

Take a look at what the community has to offer as a whole. Check out the hashtag #BlizzIGFamily and see what people are doing, sharing and enjoying from sharing their adventures with fellow players! You may make a few new friends to travel through Azeroth.. or the Shadowlands together.

We can’t end the interview without talking about your merch! What’s your inspiration for it?

Honestly that’s the creative freedom and design from the love of my life @monsterfex (Melissa) she asks roughly what I like then creates dreams into reality.

And the results are absolutely amazing! And the last question, as for everyone of my guests! Who are three members of the gaming community who you would like to see as my guests?

I’d like to see @Broximar, @Proxyttv, & @ragingbeardedscot.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be my guest and for giving me and us the chance to know you better! It was a pleasure and an honor! I wish you all the best in the future! And thank you for for the time here and in game!

Of course! The honor was all mine, I had a blast. I look forward to seeing who you have on next!

And thank you all for joining me for another interview with yet another awesome guest!! I’m always so happy to get to know better this community and the beautiful people that makes it special! See you soon for another interview and another special guest!

With love, 

Interviewing Somanyalts

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Today I have a very special guest and I am so happy to have the famous, incredible king of burgers, aka Somanyalts aka Jay here with me! Thank you for accepting my invitation!

We are all gamers here so shall we start from the very beginning? How did your passion for video games begin?

Gosh now that does go a long way back in time! I was in high school when the first computer came out in schools. It was an Apple IIe and had ping pong on it. But the first real game I played and loved was a weird thing called Joust. Can’t remember what machine it was on but it was 8 colour, loaded from a cassette tape and 2 player. You had to try knock the other person off the very pixelated ostrich things. I was always into electronics however. Dad used to curse me for always taking everything apart to see how it worked.
My passion for MMO followed on from a passion for Dungeons and Dragons, when they made that into a computer game.
From there I started trying out all sorts of games. Fable was one of my favourites purely because the character look changed due the decisions you made in game.

So you are not only the king of burgers but you are also the king of nerds! You are only my second guest who played/plays D&D! Tell us more about your experience in this area of the nerd universe!

The D&D universe! I would still play it IF I had enough nerd friends around to play. I started playing D&D back in the early 80s. A few boys from our street used to play every weekend, all weekend. Ravenloft would have been our biggest campaign we ever did. I can’t remember an awful lot from it, other than it took ages, and more than one effort to complete the campaign successfully. In my late teens I started playing Star Wars RPG which I played for years with flatmates and my brother. We used to order pizzas and coke from Dominoes around the corner. It was what we did most nights actually, until becoming of an age that being an adult was a real pressure.
I’ve still got all my dice somewhere. Funny the things we keep.

What are the video games that have left a mark in your life and heart?

Fable for sure. Civilisation was one I fondly remember. I used to go in to Dad’s work and play it on the office lady’s computer, until Dad bought me my own copy. Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64, Spyro on the original playstation, and of course Warcraft II. I also got into the emulation world and loved Pokémon Red. Final Fantasy VII I loved. Fighting those Aeons… ahhh. Final Fantasy X and X-2 were also favourite. I loved unlocking costumes..and the moodiness of it all. Oh, there was also Soul Calibur. The fights in that were awesome to watch let alone be part of. Today, all I play is World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

Let’s talk about World of Warcraft! How did it all start?

That started much later than I would have personally liked. I didn’t start playing that until the beginning of 2007, just at the launch of the battle chest. My life was not in a good place at that time, and leading into the darkest times of my life in all honesty. I was living in New Zealand and coming out of a very toxic relationship. I hadn’t played Warcraft since the ex decided the playstation was not suitable for me to have anymore shall we say. After we finally parted ways the first thing I did was go out and buy the best PC I could at the time, and Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Battle Chest. I started off by playing on The Underbog, a PVP realm of all places. I started with a blood elf rogue. Still got him actually. The last time I played him he was in Squall on Illidan. Not sure if he is still there. Haven’t played on the US account for quite some time now. Warcraft is how I filled my days after losing my job. I’d play all day everyday because it was my escape from the issues in my own life. It’s seen me through many dark times, probably caused some of the dark times too in fairness.

How did the experience change over the years?

It went from an escape to an addiction before I left New Zealand for the UK back in October of 2008. I came here with two bags of belongings, about £1000, no job or prospects of one, but fortunately had an uncle I could live with until I found my feet. By May of 2009 I had found myself a job in an English boarding school and a flat. A few months later I had saved up enough to buy a PC and was back to playing Warcraft by the start or 2010. I had to start from the very beginning again because at that time it was near impossible to be able to play a US account in Europe as far as I knew. I had made some huge life changes during that break and found that I could actually enjoy playing for playing sake. It was no longer the only thing I had any assumed control over in my life. It didn’t take long until I was in a guild and raiding Naxx and ICC. We were never world first or realm first worthy but certainly pushing progression early. I’ve watched so many changes over the expansions. Some have been great, others not so much. You’ve got to look at it now as a completely different game to what it started as. The difference between classic and retail now show how much the game has changed. It has become a much more achievement based, got to be pushing end-game content style game than it ever was up until the end of WotLK. I still love it, and strangely enjoy classic for what it is too. Classic is harder, so I laugh at celebrating the small things, like looting a small 4 slot bag on a level 15 toon who has no coppers to repair the grey item upgrades that are smashed from dying constantly.

You’ve talked about the Final Fantasy universe too, how did your experience with FFXIV start?

FFXIV was something I thought about playing when it first came out, but for some unknown reason I didn’t. I was right into raiding in WoW when it launched so it could have been that. It then dropped off my radar for a few years. I did have Final Fantasy Tactics on my iPad so wasn’t completely separated from the universe. Thinking about it now I can remember why I started with FFXIV. Again it was a difficult time in life. I’ve struggled with depression and no self esteem since my early twenties. I had just been asked by my boss to apply for a promotion. Everyone believed it was a matter of course I would get it, including my boss. Little did either of us know that the say over the appointment was going to be made by someone else who had only started there a month before. I didn’t get the job so it knocked me for six so to speak. I went right back into fantasy over facing reality, but I decided the demons of my past with WoW were still real in my mind. I chose to start playing Final Fantasy. I’d seen it on Instagram of all places and it had caught my interest. There were a few people on Instagram that helped to talk me into it, and I’ve been subscribed ever since. It is totally different to WoW and that’s the main reason I enjoy it. It is such a different universe, and the diversity of the FFXIV community is huge. It’s far more rainbow than the blue and red of Warcraft.

We’ve met thanks to the IG gaming community, how did you end up joining it?

I was over Facebook when I moved to UK, so I started an Instagram account instead. I posted photos of what I was doing and didn’t have all the other rubbish that FB had. As I got to know IG more and learnt about following hashtags I started to follow #worldofwarcraft and as I started liking other people’s photos the algorithm brought more and more Warcraft images up. I then though I might as well make a wow account and get involved with what seemed an interesting community. Crazyboomkin, Jenesis, Littlemisscowguin were some of the earliest accounts I came to follow.

What made you stay in this crazy place?

What made me stay? I’m part of this craziness now!! Crazyboomkin and I started the guild Immersion with a few others from Instagram. That was nearly a year ago now. We had all seen what Jenesis had created with Squall, and decided we wanted something similar in EU. But more than that, it is the interactions with other people on Instagram and in game that keeps you here. It starts with a common interest and doesn’t take long to get to know the people behind the posts.

This brings me immediately to the first question from the community! People want to know the story of the guild and how it was created! Tell us more about it!

Immersion started on 5th May 2019. It was set up for anyone to join who wanted a place they could hang out, do what they wanted to in game with others who also had a life outside of Warcraft. We were never intended to be end game or progression. It was, and still is about building a healthy and supportive ingame community “Seeking to extract all there is in Azeroth to be enjoyed.” It has changed a lot over the year but has never moved away from the original concept. We still get people joining us daily from both IG, in game and even a few from FB. We’ve got 191 accounts involved in the guild now. I didn’t realise we’d got quite that big. WoW. I wonder who the 200th person will be.

And you’ve totally nailed your plan! Also congratulations are in order! Now the second and last question from the community! Have you ever considered streaming?

I have considered it, and even dabbled a little bit. It is something I’m working on currently. My current system is okay and will hold up to streaming so while we’re in lockdown and I’m looking for things to do it could very well be happening sooner than expected. I might not say much because anyone who has been in voice with me knows I hardly ever talk. That would be a huge accomplishment for me to talk on stream knowingly, and even bigger getting a webcam!! I could always hide behind my hair at the moment, I’m working on it .

We’ve talked a lot about gaming and what it meant to you in the past but what does it mean to you now?

Right now it is my choice of entertainment, a major part of my social activity, especially during this crazy time we are living in. Gaming and being a gamer is a lifestyle choice that fits me as well as pineapple on a pizza and cheese in a burger!

You told us some things about yourself but who is the person behind the gamer? Tell us more about you!

What like? I’m old enough to be many of your reader’s father. I was born in England, but grew up in New Zealand. I started teaching after my mother made me enroll at teachers college. At the time she knew I need a kick in the butt to get on with life. I have a weird looking teddy bear named Solomon I bought in the Solomon Islands on my 21st birthday. I subscribe to Disney Plus and WWE. I hate brussel sprouts. I’ve got a beautiful horse that I learnt to ride in my late 30s. I’m a big softie and a completely nutter most of the time, never taking anything too seriously. Life is too short to worry about things I can’t change.

Talking about that sweetheart of yours! Tell us more about your love for animals and about your horse too!

Animals are the most honest and reliable beings in my life, with the exception of the Mrs. The Mrs is the only human I can 100% be myself with.You can always rely on an animal to behave in a predictable manner, even in their unpredictable moments. She’s my rock. But Jade, well she’s my 16h lump of piebald cob that has stolen so many hearts. We bought her when she was rising 5, and very green. Her passport is from the Dartmoor Pony Society which is hilarious considering her size. She is my biggest expense and worth every penny of it for the balance she brings into my world. I love animals, not so much the creepy crawly ones but yes all animals. You can learn alot about people from their interactions with animals.

So very true! And I’m sure we all would love to see her more often! Speaking of Instagram, what is your main source of inspiration for your screens?

I haven’t posted many on IG in a while now. Must go through a few more of the screen shots and do that. I don’t really have any set thoughts about what to post. It could be anything. It’s usually something that has happened in game that was a good moment I wish to remember and share with others. It’s not about being artsy or followed. I post what I feel like because it’s an expression of what I am doing and enjoying at the time. 
Not always enjoying, sometimes just significant moments too. Like my post about my Dad’s passing some time back.

And we appreciate how personal and true your account is! What are some games that are coming out or have been already released that you would like to play?

FFVIII is getting my attention but I don’t know of anything coming out that would look to play. Strangely I’m happy with playing WOW and FFXIV. I don’t know how people have time to play more than those two.

What other hobbies do you have?

I enjoy reading. Helps with the four hour commute. I do enjoy cooking and eating, but not doing the dishes. I collect funko pops and love watching box sets. The Mrs and I have a sited caravan we love spending time at relaxing and fishing (me not her). We also try to go on a couple of cruises each year. The joys of both working full time.

That’s so sweet! Time spent together with the special one is the best kind of time! What are your plans for the future (both now that we are in this crazy situation and when all this will be over)?

She’s brilliant and so supportive. Plans for the future???? Hmmmm, after this crazy time I’m looking forward to getting on with living with a greater appreciation for all that I have in life. I’m planning on doing a cruise around Alaska in the future, and maybe flying back to NZ to meet my niece in person.

Wish you both the best of luck with your future plans!! And now the last question, the question all my guests have to answer to! Who are three accounts you would like to see as my guests in the future?

Only three? 360fov_ has an interesting story. Clodagh_lunaria is another fascinating person and because I’m sure it would be a real laugh to read the Aussie girl _fizzyelf_

Thank you for your time and for agreeing to be a part of this! Also thank you for the screens! It was a real pleasure to get to meet you a little bit better and I’m sure all of our fellow community members will be happy to do the same! Again thank you so much!

Thanks for the opportunity! It amazes me people are interested in all honesty. That’s what this community is all about, being supportive and showing kindness. You are one that personifies all that is good in this community. It’s been my privilege to have spent the afternoon chatting with you.

Thank you so much!
Also thank you all for being here with me for another interview! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did doing it! This community never stops surprising me! See you later this month with another incredible guest!!

With love,

Interviewing Neinhardtgames

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Please relax and enjoy my new interview! This time I have a new guest who was requested by the community, both this month and the other month! With me today we have Matt, aka @neinhardtgames! 

You have resurrected from your ashes, you re-created your account from nothing, we known you with many names but might I say, Neinhardt is the one we all love! Thank you for being here with me and us! 

Let’s start from the very beginning, you are a gamer but how did it all start? How did you get into gaming? 

Hello! I think it goes way back when watching my parents play Baku Baku and Virtua Fighter on the good ol’ Sega Saturn, which led up to watching my brother play games like GTA2 and Tomba 2 on older systems. Eventually I got into gaming myself around the time of Halo, Halo 2, Warcraft III, Warhammer and other games! And yeah, I went through a lot of names.. a lot lol.

What is the first game you fall in love with?

The game I really started getting into was Halo 2, especially online. I used to play with my brother and his friends on Xbox (my Gamertag at the time and for many years following was ‘samurai72’). I was always known as Samurai until I changed it a few years ago. But definitely Halo 2.

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Let's brawl.

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And what is your favorite all time game?

World of Warcraft! Despite the direction the game has been going, it’s always been my favorite since I started in 2008.

How did you start playing it?

The same friends that played Halo 2, started playing WoW and they got me into it. We started playing on Shandris-NA. We met a bunch of people on that server and had such a great time throughout the expansions. Although my IRL friends quit WoW, I still play with the same group of people we met on Shandris back in 2008. 12 years later and we still play together!

How did the experience change over the years?

The experience changes with the game. I’ll always play but the game isn’t perfect. My friends online have always been around and we’ve just done our best to enjoy the game, but sometimes it’s hard. I’m sure many others might agree with me, but we’re relying on each other to make this game continuously fun. Thankfully, we all have this wonderful community from IG to make it worth it. Just gotta keep on trekking!

What other games do you play at the moment?

I also play Rocket League and Warhammer Online (Return of Reckoning) on PC. Some nights I’ll play a bit of Super Smash bros and Animal Crossing on the Switch.

What does gaming mean to you?

It’s more than just a hobby. It’s about community to me. The people you meet, the people you play with, the memories. It’s truly remarkable to think about – the fact that you can play with likeminded people all around the world.

Speaking about community, how did you end up in the IG gaming community?

If I recall correctly, I saw a lot of gaming memes on my personal IG and realized that there was a gaming community on IG in general (Not even WoW). So I made an IG called “neinlivesgaming” and I posted a lot of Overwatch memes, pictures of my set up, collectibles etc. It was just an overall gaming account. Then I followed some people who posted WoW content – Enforcer, Grim, Justus, Kinshen, Jenesis and many others! So after like 600 name changes and finally settling down with Teknein (R.I.P.), I posted a lot of WoW content and got really involved.

What made you decide to stay in the community?

It’s always been about the people. When I lost my first IG on my birthday last year, I had an overwhelming amount of support and DMs asking me to come back. It warmed my heart and I came back and decided to stay for good, and to make some more memories.

Did the community change your approach to the gaming world?

Oh absolutely. Can I curse? Before the community, I was a toxic little shit. The community has definitely changed me to be a better person – to be more helpful to others and have more respect. Although, I will run my mouth if I see others being toxic now. Overall though, I have been doing much better. I have the community to thank for that.

What does the community mean to you?

It means helping each other out. Supporting each other. Bringing everyone up instead of pushing people down. Being real with another. Networking and bonding. But most importantly, just having fun. WoW is just a game but the community makes it much more than that.

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Time to free Orgrimmar of corruption… again.

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Your screenshots are unique, beautiful and easily recognizable, what is your inspiration?

Other people. Not in the sense of copying them but seeing other people be so creative with their posts inspires me to try harder and be more creative with mine! I write down random ideas I have and eventually get to them.

And now to some questions from our gaming family! First of all people are curious about your PVP experience, and mostly what is your favorite battleground!

I’ve been 2k+ rated in multiple classes, including DK, Warrior, Mage, Shaman, and Monk. Been 2k+ in 2s, 3s, (5s RIP) and RBGs. I’m usually Rival every season, except for Legion Season 1 was the first and only time I reached Duelist. My favorite battleground is a tough pick between Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, or Temple of Kotmogu.

Second and last one from the community! What are your other passions other than gaming?

I used to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee but it’s been awhile since that happened. Unfortunately not now due to the Quarantine, I also like to hang out with friends whether we just do nothing, or hit up a bar, or just play some Super Smash Bros.

We’ve talked about gaming and hobbies but who is Matt? Tell us more about the person behind the gamer!

I am born and raised in New York, and I love it here. I have a degree in Criminal Justice, currently waiting on the academy call which takes years. For now, I am currently working at a Water Treatment facility. I am into most types of music besides mumble rap and country. When I game, I always play music and the playlist is so random. I can go from Childish Gambino, to Dethklok, to Cat’s in the Cradle, to Lil Dicky, to Bullet for my Valentine etc and still jam out to everything that comes on. I’m typically quiet but I tend to have quick smart-ass remarks. I have some random things on my desk while I sit between queues, like a Rubik’s Cube and a 5 foot length of rope to practice knots (Thanks Stephen). I like to always keep busy so I have things like that laying around to keep my mind going!

What are your plans and dreams for the future…aka when all this crazy story will be over?

I’m not entirely too sure. I live for the now. I try not to focus too much on the future because things are always changing. Who knows how long I’ll be involved with the IG community or with WoW. I just take it day by day.

Going back to the in game experiences, besides pvp, what are your favorite things to do?

I’ve been really into pushing Mythic Keystones. Since I’ve been pretty geared, I’ve recently been trying to gear up friends’ alts etc.

You are very much involved in the life of the community and into spreading love and appreciation! Do you have a message for them all?

My message would be, “Just keep being you.”
We’re all here for each other.

What would you say to a fellow gamer who isn’t part of the community to make them join in?

Hmmm, I’m not sure. I’d rather the community speak for itself and let people see for themself. If it’s someone I play with, I usually try to get screenshots with them and tag them – let them get involved that way too.

And lastly as for everyone of my guests, who are three members of the gaming community who you would like to see as my guest in the future?

Artiriewarcraft, Kzydi, and Fexxalicious! All great people in this community!
I could easily give you 100 names lol.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be my guest and for the in game time! It was a real pleasure having you here! Wishing you the best of luck for the future!

Thank you so much! Good luck to you and your future interviews!

And as always thank you all for being here! See you next month with another awesome guest and some more gaming talk! Stay safe and game on!!

With love,


Interviewing Lilleskygge_gaming

Hello and welcome back to my parlour. Today I have the great pleasure to interview one of my favorite people in the world, she’s a friend, a gamer, a true jewel in this world, @lilleskygge_gaming aka Mia. 

/wave to the people, they can’t see it. But they can pretend too.

Thank you for honoring me with your presence! Let’s start from the very beginning, how did you approach the gaming world? 

Oh, from a very young age. Had the first nintendo and loved every moment gaming on it. Sadly it got lost in a house fire. But then, on my birthday my dad brought home this BIG BOX! It was a super nintendo! Had to share it tho. And he used it first, me and my bro had to wait.

What was the first game that you really loved that made you think that video games would be something always present in your life? 

Hmm, not sure, there have been so many. But gotta say the first Resident evil on playstation. And Dungeon keeper 2 on pc. Have some awesome memories with playing those two.

And what are your favorite games at the moment?

I want to say WoW, but due to the BFA and the latest patch kinda sucking the life out of me I don’t really know. Played The Witcher 3 for a bit and absolutely loved it! But right now I recently resubscribed to FFXIV, so kinda hope to get back into it. Especially now days when you need something to do indoors.

Oh let’s talk about WoW! Who did you get to to start playing it?

I was doing a lot of cross stitch at the time, and those kits are expensive. So I had just run out, and my brother had ordered a game by mistake. It was WoW! And there you have it, I entered the world (of warcraft). Before that I hadn’t really been into mmos of any sort.

What made you stay in Azeroth?

At that time the game was different. It was less stressful, and people could just mess around for days. You could in a way say it was way social. We used to make games ingame, like hide and seek with money as a prize. Me staying and taking it more serious evolved with time and as they added more content to the game. In the start you had to travel and wait at the BG entrance, and all such made it social. You just fell in love with the atmosphere and the people.

Did your experience change over the years? 

Yeah it did. Over the years the game as a whole changed, and with it the community. It got more fast tracked and rushed. Vanilla was a grind in it’s own way, but you didn’t have dailies that made you feel like you missed out if you weren’t online for a day. It’s both good and bad I would say. I myself did get more serious in some expansions as well, from just messing around to raiding. Now days I don’t have time for raiding if I’m gonna get all the dailies done. And I migrated to the NA servers, so timezones kinda make it hard to do such. But the main thing about a game is that you are having fun no matter how you chose to play it.

You’ve already mentioned it, what about FFXIV? How did you start playing that?

I started playing FFXIV when it came out, first time I tried it was with an X. But it wasn’t the best at that moment, a lot of issues. So ended up going back to WoW after a short while. Got back into FFXIV last year, and it was amazing! I was stunned how awesome it was and how much I liked it. It was so long since an mmo had sucked me in like that.

On your IG account you post a lot of screenshots and they are all amazing! You can clearly see the passion behind them, what is your inspiration for your screens?

That varies, sometimes I just take them for fun, other times I’m a big cheese! But I do find my inspiration lacking if I get bored ingame. Then it’s usually time for a change.

We’ve met thanks to the gaming community over on IG, how did you end up joining it?

Have always loved taking screens, and was inactive on IG for years. Started using it more in daily life, and then also started to upload gaming pictures. Figured I ended up spamming my regular account so made a gaming one. Didn’t even know it was a community for it out there.

What made you stay part of the community?

The people! There is so many lovely people! And it is amazing to see how the community comes together when someone are in need. It can be low on money, a lost dog, or just needed support in other ways. Ofc there can be drama, it always will when several thousand people are in one community. But in general it is pretty calm and peaceful if you think of how many is actually active in it.

Did the community change your approach to the gaming world?

Yeah I got a lot of friends all over the world, and some I got the pleasure of meeting ingame. Also met my man on instagram, I will call that a great happening! Since we are in a long distance relationship gaming keep us closer.

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October and pink ribbon is here, so I wanted to share my story. Cancer have no age, anyone can get it no matter how healthy you are. Swipe to see pictures from that period of my life 🌸 Had just turned 28 when I felt a lump in my breast. I was healthy, active and loved hiking up the mountains. Thought that the little lump was nothing, I was wrong. It turned out to be triple negative breast cancer, an especially aggressive type that have no targeted treatment like most other types have. The tumor was small, for most this means they can keep their breast (lumpectomy). But because mine was the angry hard to treat type the surgeon recomended that I removed my right breast (mastectomy). The following treatment was hard, in total 16 rounds of chemo. I did not need radiaton for two reasons, 1. No trace of cancer in my lymphs under my arm, 2. I had no breast. 🌸 So as you see breast cancer is not only one type, but several. All the girls I knew with TNBC got a relaps and passed within the first 2 years. Im the last woman standing. Cancer is not something you just deal with then and there. Some get after effects from treatment. Just because we are done with operations/chemo/radiation dont mean we are healthy. The worst of mine is post cancer chronic fatigue. From the active girl I used to be I now sometimes can't stand upright after a shower 🌸 Last year 1st October I started a new chapter. Breast reconstruction. One year have passed and I'm still not completely done. It ain't an easy "boob job", it takes time to build something up that was completely removed I also want to thank all of you in the gaming and IG community. Gaming is the one way I can keep in touch with the person I used to know, the old nerdy me 💕 Feel free to ask any questions here or on DM, no matter what 🌸 _____________________________ #worldofwarcraft # #mmorpg #battlenet #pcgaming #pcgamer #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #spill #instagaming #ingame #gamingscreenshot #blizzigfamily #pinkribbon #rosasløyfe #fuckcancer #breastcancer #cancer #cancerawarness #brystkreft #mypinkstory #tnbc #ffxivcactuar #ffxiv

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Something really big in your life is your illness and your battle against breast cancer, you’re a survivor, you have a blog dedicated to this and you even talked about it during some conference lessons. Would you like to speak about it with the community a little bit more?

I’m always up for speaking about it. I like to think every negative can be used for something positive, like awareness!

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I died. Why those words? You will understand soon. Usually we read about strong women and men full of life after cancer. It's true in many ways. But many of us hide things… we don't say them out loud. This is what I'm hiding. People say I'm strong, Im not. I got depression and anxiety, I grieve the person I used to be. The person with a body, with muscles, with an ass, and with boobs. They weren't big, but they were mine. Cancer stole all that, it stole me. It killed me in essence. I can't talk and listen to the radio in the car at the same time… can't focus, can't remember. I'm crooked, the reconstructed breast is hard and cold. It ain't a part of me even when attached. When people say, but you survived be happy. I want to yell! First off don't use that word, because those that ain't here didn't lose a battle. It was out of their power. Second I'm fucking allowed to be sad over losing myself. Seeing my own ghost in the mirror every day. Let me put it this way to you men. What if you lost your balls? How would you feel? That was actually a bad comparison for one reason, you don't show your balls every day. But we see men drooling after boobs and ass in almost every comment second with such pictures. What a slap in the face huh? Avoid such? You can't in 2019! Even in games you can't. And women, get some fucking dignity! If you lose them your gonna have it worse than me if you base your persona on them. Trust me. It's gonna be harsh. Imagine waking up and you are different. You can't do the things you loved. You don't look the way you did. After being used to yourself for X years suddenly you don't recognize the person infront of You, and gotta start fresh. Living is one thing, but LIVING is an other. I miss me. She died, I died, the former me. Accepting this new skin ain't easy. Living a new life with boundaries you never had before. _____________________________ #worldofwarcraft # #mmorpg #battlenet #pcgaming #pcgamer #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #spill #instagaming #ingame #gamingscreenshot #blizzigfamily #pinkribbon #rosasløyfe #fuckcancer #breastcancer #cancer #cancerawarness #brystkreft #mypinkstory #tnbc #ffxivcactuar #ffxiv #worldofwarcraft

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Tell us more about your experience!

First off I was an active person, mountain hiking and ate healthy. Then I found a lump, that I thought was nothing really. There was no pain, no indications that I had something in my body that could potentially kill me. My mom made me see the doc, and the doc ofc made me get a mammogram. Turned out to be a hard to treat type of breast cancer called triple negative. It flipped my life upside down. Total mastectomy of my right breast and chemo for 6 months, 16 rounds in total. I would urge all, both men and women to get small changes in their breasts (and testicles for men, which impact most young men) checked out. It can save your life, early detection is key! I notice today that what I learned then, and after, I carry with me. We are in the midst of a pandemic and a lot of people are freaking out and fearing they will get sick. What I learned when getting cancer is that I can’t live in fear of it. Not then, and not now. I can’t go everyday thinking I will get a relapse. Only get anxiety before check ups now, but that is common. Noticing that I have taken that with me into this pandemic. So I urge people to take a deep breath, and live. You can’t do more than you already are, the rest is out of your control. Cancer taught me that life is precious, live today!

You are fully healthy now but it obviously changed your life and we’re happy you are among us! You are a true inspiration! Going on another personal topic, you are a gamer in a relationship with a gamer, does this make it easier to be in a relationship? Do you think that having such an important hobby in common makes things easier?

Me and my man is in a tricky situation since we live far apart. And life has gotten somewhat in our way along the road. Like my breast reconstruction surgeries, and some delays on those. But gaming gives us an opportunity to do things together even tho we are far apart. We can explore and experience things ingame. So in our case it does make it easier in a difficult situation. Gaming is so important to us since we can’t do boring couple stuff like go to the grocery store.

Going back to the community, here are some questions from them! First one is a really good one! What would you do if you didn’t like gaming, a second hobby so to say? 

I love to create! So would probably do more cross stitch, sewing clothes or such, crochet. Or just making small nifty things like needle menders and what not. It happens that I take months off gaming to do such things.

And second and last question from the community, is a difficult one. If you would have to let go forever one of your top three favorite games, which would it be? 

Oh gosh, that is a hard one. For real, I’m terrible at decisions! Right now, as it stand I’m gonna say WoW. With a heavy heart. But BFA have been terrible to be honest, and it gotta pick up the slack in the next expansion or I think I might fall off the WoW wagon. Trying to hang in there tho. 

The community is something special for us, do you have a message for them? 

Keep enjoying what we all have in common, gaming. But also keep showing love and care for each other, you guys are incredible. Love you all!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I wish for a really big new MMO, maybe even a WoW 2. And I’m looking forward to the day I can see my man and game next to each other (add more cheese).

And as for all my guests, what are three accounts you would like to see as my guests in the future?

There is so many! Silver_Starcaller, Ethereal_storyteller and Khesirekat. All of those have such an artistic twist to their IG, and would love to hear more about their inspiration and how they do it.

Thank you very much for being patient and agreeing to be my guest! It was such a great pleasure getting to know you better! And also thank you for the cute screens!

Thank yooou for letting us get to know the community better. And for having me!

And thank you all for joining me on another interview! Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did making it! As always thank you for all your support and interest! See you later this month with a new interview!

With love,


Interviewing Cupid_wow

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Please relax and enjoy my new interview, this time with a highly requested guest, Cupid_wow AKA Anna!! You all know her, she’s a gamer, artist, cosplayer, all-round nerd!

Let’s get to the essence of this interview, your life as a gamer! How did you approach to the gaming world?

I came in touch very young with the gaming world, to be more specific, my sister and I got a Nintendo64 as a christmas gift back then, we loved to explore the world of Super Mario and often played Mario Party with friends and our cousins, since then I never stopped playing games

So you you’ve always been a gamer! What was the first video game you fell in love with?

The first one I totally fell in love was Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, I was like 10 years old and always loved the Pokémon games, but I was really blown away by the emotional story of this side game. The first thoughts I had were that it was fun to imagine being a Pokémon itself but didn’t expect something deep to explore. Since then I kept playing every game in this series. Now I´m very excited after 14 years it gets a remake. It must be the same feeling like the Classic WOW server came back after 15 years for all the classic lovers.

What is your all time favorite video game?

It’s hard to name only one haha! I would say my all time favorites are Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Okami, Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

As you already mentioned it twice, you are obviously a world of warcraft aficionado, tell us more about your experience with the game! How did you start playing?

It started out with Overwatch haha. Overwatch was my first PC game and also my first multiplayer game, I met a lot of friends through the game, also a few I constantly meet in real life. One of them is a WOW player that loved the game since the first day of Classic. He told us he is currently playing on a classic private server and we decided to try that too and had a lot of fun making the very first experience in Classic. My character was a Night Elf hunter called “Xiisira”, that name was later given to my Zandalari Druid in retail. One day there was this free wow retail weekend and some of us tried it out. I made a worgen hunter named “Crescend” that I still play sometimes. And since that I got hooked on the retail version. That was a few days before BfA got launched.

All your followers know about a very special character you play in WoW! If you had to describe your OC with three words, what would it be?

Silphy Shadewing is my most known OC and definitely the OC I have put the most work into it of all OCs I have ever created in my life, haha. I would describe her with these three words: lawful, curious, independent

Tell us more about her!

Silphy was formerly a hunter (with a manasaber in company), spended her childhood in Darnassus with her mother but often traveled to Suramar seeing her father and sister. She seeked for more power to be able to protect her beloved ones as she realized for herself – through some conflicts and fights – she is not strong enough. While being in Suramar she heard of the Illidari which using demonic powers, gave her the inspiration becoming a half demon. To impress the Illidari she tamed herself a Felbat that became her inner demon and gives the power she now has. After the burning legion was defeated she still was not satisfied with her powers and abilities in comparison with other demon hunters. She still seeked for more power, a harder skin to protect. 
While wandering through different countries and cities she came across the marked in Tol’vir at Uldum. There she discovered a magical potion that caught her eye, blood of the dragon with the hardest skin on Azeroth – Slabhide. Blood for blood – she exchanged some of her demonic blood for this potion. After consuming this she got a more crystalised skin. With the metamorphosis the crystals growing bigger and being sharper. The manasaber later became her mount as it was her long time friend and an important part of her life. Later she got in touch with the tumult in Zandalar. She got lured in a trap by Zul the prophet and got killed by a horde of blood trolls. She got resurrected by Bwonsamdi having a deal with him. Silphy is currently working on to bring 1000 souls in exchange for a second chance in life.

What is your inspiration for your stories about your OCs?

The truth is… Everything and everyone! I get inspiration by listening songs, watching movies or show, talking with friends, reading stuff, own experience. Everything around me and everyone I´m interacting or seeing is what inspires me. It’s hard to tell an exact thing. It’s like being a sponge going out in the world and consume all information and experience, haha.

Besides your screens, you post many of your art pieces on your account and they are mainly inspired by WoW, tell us more about your artistic life!

I mostly enjoy drawing OCs, to be honest I love to create characters since I was a child. I love to think about a story (especially love stories hahahaha but surprisingly Silphy is the first one that doesn’t have one) what makes that character special but in a not too op way. I usually draw like 3 pics for a fandom but I really got hooked on my demon hunter, even tho I really wanna draw some of my other WOW characters like Xishira (formerly Xiisira) and Crescend. I actually didn’t plan staying too long in the WOW fandom, but this is the first time that many people interact with me and my OC and it makes it super fun to stay and even inspires me to continue art. Everytime I draw a pic of Silphy I have the thought “this is the last one, I really need to draw other stuff” but somehow when I finish it I got 3 more ideas for her. Then beginning one of the 3 ideas and while doing it getting 3 more ideas additionally, haha!

Talking about games and Blizzard, how did you get to know Blizzard games and how did you start playing Overwatch?

It actually was my close friend @viis.cvlt that introduced me to Overwatch. She showed me all the awesome cinematics and I was totally blown by the futuristic aesthetics and the story. She later let me play on her pc and that’s when I decided to spend money for a pc and the game itself. Meanwhile collecting the money through the months I already was deeply drown in the Overwatch fandom and even started creating my first cosplay – Tracer. And also creating my OC for Overwatcht (It was my first gay OC tho, had a slight crush on Tracer and was the first time ever having a crush on a girl XD)

Let’s get to a couple of questions from the community! First one is about one of your other passions, as I said in my premise, and that’s cosplay. Someone (and I’m sure many of the members) wants to know about what got you into cosplaying?

I never ever payed attention to cosplay until I started playing Overwatch. I got so inspired by seeing all those cosplays and it changed my mind and opinion about cosplays. It was really fun and challenging and also frustrating doing my first build – the goggles of tracer. It took me three attempts for getting a good resolution. I actually wish I had more time and money to do cosplay but at the moment I won’t do a new cosplay. BUT I have the dream to cosplay Silphy and even build wings and also Tracer´s Mach T skin as it is my all time favorite skin in game.

The other question from the community is, what made you pursue music?

Like art, music is something I enjoy doing since my childhood. Music is something that will be forever part of my life and my absolute dream would be to become a singer. I also enjoy playing the bass guitar as it’s a very unique instrument, even tho I wanted to learn guitar back then, I’m glad I came across a bass guitar and still love it. Like art, you can express every feeling that exist. And it’s also expressing movie scenes or a game sequence even more dramatic. It’s inconceivably going into a movie without music or a party without music. 
I also wanna express myself with music, the same way I wanna express with my art. It’s fun being creative in many different ways. Also doing cosplays or writings.

We’ve talked about art, gaming, cosplay, music but who is Anna besides all this? Who is the person behind the account?

I´m a student at the University of Vienna, Austria with a part-time job as a waitress. My major is korean culture and language and I’m currently in master’s degree. I´m actually from a small town located at the south of Austria next to a lake. 
The creativity is a big part of me, I´m known for being creative all the time and having big dreams, as I would say that are my trademarks haha! My cat is the most important thing in my life. We have experienced a lot in our lives and still glad I can spend time with her. I literally tell her everyday how much I love her. As I have posted it a few times, my cat has problems with her kidney and hyperthyroidism. Last year in April she collapsed and we had to go to emergency, diagnosed with epilepsy and the above listed illness, gladly the epilepsy disappeared shortly after but this was the hardest time in my life I ever experienced. (I even have to cry now thinking back how poor she was) The doctor said that she will most likely not live long as she have kidney stones that will slowly block the urine way and the hyperthyroidism that makes several symptomes when we can´t balance it with pills. She get pills daily and that’s also a challenge every day as cats don’t voluntarily eat pills. It also was financially and emotionally a challenge that still affects me today. We still have to go frequently to check ups, every visit costs money. Although I´m very glad she is still here and we spend christmas and my birthday in january together, next goal is to spend her birthday in may together.

We’ve talked about your inspiration in music and art but what inspires you the most for your gaming screens?

I usually take my screenshots spontaneously haha. It’s fun recording stuff I’m currently doing, but also sometimes forget to take some screenshots when I concentrate too much on the game. The only thing I plan are challenges. I make preparations and take several screenshots on one day and posting them later day by day. The fun thing is that I´m not spontaneous in real life. With many hobbies and university and part-time job, it takes a lot of discipline to organize the day.

Talking about your account and the marvelous community we are part of, how did you end up joining this crazy place?

It started with doing some WOW art and posting them on instagram. I loved to follow the blogs were people posted about their daily life in Azeroth and also got in touch with some people. Many of you know @zevrad_stargazer, he was the one that convinced me and inspired me to make my own gaming account next to my art and private life account. Before I did it I already was posting some screenshots in my stories and I thought it may be annoying my friends who don’t play games at all. XD 

Did being part of the community changed your approach to the video game world?

I would say yes. World of Warcraft is definitely a one of a kind game and also never played a game for so long. Before touching PC games I thought playing on a game 30-50h is long. XD Never was I so wrong. I play since almost 2 years constantly and on Silphy alone I have 1000h of gameplay. If it wasn’t for the community and my friends I surely wouldn’t play it anymore. I also have the unpopular opinion that BfA is great XD (most likely because I´m a zandalari fangirl). It’s actually the only expansion I actively played and I don´t know yet how appealing shadowlands for me will be, as I usually don’t like games with only dark atmosphere.

What does the community mean to you?

Inspiration. It’s amazing how everyone comes up with their OC or how they create their blog. I love to read about everyone´s OC and seeing what thoughts they put into them. Also daily life posts from Azeroth can be an inspiration or discovering something new I didn’t know yet about the game.

Do you have a message for the community?

Never let someone tell you your OC is shit or the way you play the game is wrong. Everyone enjoys another aspect of the game and it’s important to respect that. Never be afraid of posting your OC the way he/she is. As long as you like the OC that’s the most important thing. (Silphy is surely not perfect but that’s okay, maybe there are ppl who disagree with her story but I don´t mind, it’s just for the fun and enjoying the creativity)

As for everyone of my guests, I want to ask you, what would you say to someone who is a gamer but hasn’t joined the community, to make them become a part of the gaming family?

It’s totally okay to enjoy a game for themself and stepping into the community is everyone´s own choice. But it would be cool seeing new faces and everyone is happily welcome to join the community in whatever way. Also can understand if someone doesn’t want to be too much in the spotlight. Let the person know that it’s self-evident(?) that he/she can join whenever the person wants and gets a warm welcome.

And as always, as a last question, who are three accounts you would like to see as my guests? 

It’s hard to choose only three, there are many awesome personalities out there ❤

As for now I will choose @shynisti_darksong, @perranosthewarrior and @14szafer

Thank you for accepting my invitation and for being such a lovely guest! It was a real pleasure talking to you and getting to know you more! 

Awww thanks a lot to you too and putting so much effort in the interview and the community!

And thank you all who suggested Cupid_wow as my guest for this month and for reading this interview! And thank you for your support and interest!
See you all next month! Have a wonderful rest of the month! 

With love, 

Interviewing Red.liar

Hello and welcome back to my parlour! Please relax, take a sit and enjoy my new interview with a very special guest! She’s an artist, a gamer, an animal lover and an absolute sweetheart. She’s also a very dear friend of mine and I am so happy that she agreed to be my guest, please welcome Red.lair!!

As I said you are a gamer, and what better way to start our gamersation than talking about your gaming experience! What was your first approach to the video game world? 

Good question! My first videogame experience was absolutely FFX, with which I fell in love since the beginning and is one of my favourite games. For what concerns online games… I got there rather late, I admit. I don’t even remember the name of the first game I played, but I’m sure it was a Free to Play Korean MMO. XD

What does gaming mean to you? What part does it play in your day to day life?

To me, gaming is relaxing and the chance to spend time with people I care about. I usually try to make room for 2 to 6 hours I can dedicate to gaming within a week. It’s not always possible, while some weeks I can even play more.

What’s your all time favorite game online and not?

My favourite online game is certainly FFXIV, despite its many and beautiful flaws, after roughly… 7 years? Yeah, I can say I’m really attached to it.
For the rest I’m in a re-discovery phase with other games, so will have to wait before being able to pass any kind of judgment.

You play a lot of FFXIV and this is the game you post about on your IG account. How did you first approach to the game? 

This is a funny story. I absolutely didn’t want to play FFXIV, I was completely sure about it! I knew a couple of people who played it and who had tried to make me create a character on their account, but I didn’t want to hear about it. Partially because I had just come out of a bad experience in another online game, partially because of the lazy excuse that my english is bad. That didn’t stop those people from placing a playstation in front of me with the game already installed, pad in my hand and say “play, we need healer so we can do content” and… yep, this is the way I started playing Final Fantasy! With horribly wrong info, no idea about what I was supposed to do and utter panic because… I couldn’t use Conjurer’s spells and I whacked mobs with my staff instead.

Did the gaming experience change over the years? 

Yeah, absolutely. In great part due to the people I’ve met. Gaming, differently from what many may think, it’s something that enriches you on a deep level, not only for what the game offers you, but also for what people share with you. Online games are the most evident form of growing like this on a personal level, but thinking about it single player games also have this way of uniting people. I challenge anybody to find a person who has played a single player game and who has never tried to involve someone else in it or who has never wanted to share their experience on a relevant forum.

What is your favorite thing to do in game?

I’d answer “playing”, because that’s really my favourite thing to do. Be it spending time taking screenshots with friends, farming dungeons, run maps or other kinds of content, as long as we’re having fun doing it, I’m game. I’m not the kind of person who fixates on a single aspect, in this kind of game, I like sharing my experiences! Be it 5 minutes or 2 hours long.

What is your inspiration behind your screens? 

Heh, another good question, this time it’s not so easy to answer! I’m totally useless when it comes to screenshots, everyone knows. They’re neither aesthetically nice, nor absolutely spectacular. They’re mediocre, but I’m aware of that. From when I started to nowadays, the visual quality jump is mostly due to the patience of the people I’ve met and who are close to me, I’ve had so many scoldings for the continuous over-exposure in my screenshots that I’ll remember it for life!  XD If I had to nail a specific reason/inspiration though, I admit I couldn’t, because at the base of my screenshots there’s two factors. 1) The people. The influence everyone around and close to me even through a simple chat has on myself is undeniable, as well as fundamental. 2) The story behind my characters. Their personalities, as well as their stories, is what allows me to have an idea on what kind of screenshot to take, or not. I’m a RP aficionado since time immemorial so it’s impossible this doesn’t influence me somehow. In all honesty, that’s what influences me daily in drawing… I’m just a bit better at that.

Your screens are absolutely amazing and you can see clearly the artistic eye behind them, so let’s talk about your second passion (and dare I say main), art, as you already talked about it a little! When did you first start drawing? 

You’re too kind, I’ll never stop saying it. ❤ To answer your question, I started drawing when I was little. I loved drawing and art, it was my obsession, so much that I went to art school. Unfortunately love and passion, together with a tad too zealous dedication, brought me to a really bad tendinitis and that meant a big stopping step, not to mention forceful total rest. For years, a bit due to discouragement, a bit due to the pain itself, I almost didn’t draw at all. This until I approached digital drawing and slowly got back to it -completely self-taught-. And with slowly I mean one or two drawings in a year, of such bad quality to induce children nightmares. Then, with enough support from close people, I’ve found the drive again, consistency and dedication to start again! A rather recent new beginning if we consider I completely got back to it 2 years ago, but the important thing is to start and never stop trying to improve.

So you were born as an artist! You didn’t choose art, art chose you! Tell us more about your artistic life, what part does it have in your daily routine? 

I should make a “Art chose me” pin! And I’m not saying anything else to avoid profanity. xD Back to us, I dedicate to it more or less 3/4 of my day, beginning in the morning and sometimes detracting from sleep when inspiration calls! The rest is completely dedicated to my animals, whom are actually part of my artistic routine since, when I draw, they’re always near me and are always the first ones to put their approvement seal on my works.

Besides being and artist, and a gamer, as I said in the premise and you just reminded us, you are an animal lover! Tell us more about who is the person behind the account and please tell us everything about your fluffy/feathery babies!

Hahahah this answer might be very, very long! Well, what can I say? It’s absolutely true, I LOVE animals, even those that scare me the most like dogs (and I’m not considering insects. I suffer from a really bad form of arachnophobia and entomophobia). I grew up having almost always at least one animal in the house, if not three or twenty altogether. Most of them were rescued, if not from the road, from an unsuitable domestic environment for these feathery/furry friends and I took care of them within my possibilities. I don’t like saying or thinking to have brought them to a “respectable end”, some were already old when I got them, others very sick, but I like to believe I accompanied them for a portion of their life making them feel really at home. My current children are part of this category too! They’re four, belonging to four different species and all four have been rescued for a reason! Coccò and Mochi, my chicken and my sparrow, are without a doubt the two more popular of my animal pets. Always the center of attention and always present with their unlimited liveliness and peculiar personalities! Both came to my home when they were still very little, one born fortuitously from a batch of badly hatched eggs in a homemade hatchery (she got here with her only surviving brother, but sadly he didn’t make it), while Mochi… well, she had the luck of falling directly on my mother’s head and was brought home immediately. It was hard with both of them; despite what it might seem it’s not easy taking care of a chick, in the early stages of their lives it’s never that easy. You have to create a bond, build trust -especially with animals like little Mochi- and it’s not an immediate thing. Once you get past that hurdle, there’s the actual physical need they’re going to have of you. More than a puppy or a kitten, in those first couple months of their lives -depends a lot on the species- chicks are completely dependant on who’s around them, both for feeding (like for Mochi), and for constant company (like for Coccò). I still have nightmares from when I couldn’t even go to the toilet and close the door because those two would start squeaking or screeching, because they thought I was vanished who knows where! XD But if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change this experience at all. It’s gratifying, especially seeing them grow up and become a little more independent. I say a little because Coccò, for example, still believes the toilet is a sort of stargate that sucks people in, although in the worst cases all she does nowadays is waiting behind the door and ask for some cuddles or pets when you get back from who knows what strange world! The other two home furries, whom are seen more rarely in my stories, are my cat Réi and my mother’s bunny, Allie. Rèi was rescued from the road, it took four days to convince him to follow me, but it was totally worth it. It’s one of the most affectionate (and dumb) cat I’ve ever known. Fun fact: he allowed himself to be taken thanks to a ham sandwich. Never seen a feline so crazy about carbohydrates ! Allie, on the other hand, was recovered from a breeding farm. She’s a wuss, so it’s impossible to take a pic of her.

Now let’s get to a couple of questions from our beloved gaming community! The first one is: What inspired your journey as wanting to create, and I’ll add publish, your own art over just admiring other’s work?

That’s certainly an interesting question. I think it was actually observing the great talent of people I admire and, more in general, all the people I got to know through time, to inspire me to share my own artistic creations. Observe others and have their feedback is the most important thing to not stagnate and be able to get better and progress in what you love. I think this is actually the base for everything, not just art. :3

And the second (and last one from the community) is probably the hardest question for an artist: What do you do when you hit an art block?

Help! Hahah art block is every painter’s, illustrator’s o artist’s in general worst nightmare. I admit I don’t actually have a proper answer, because there’s no panacea able to remove this status. Most of the times, when I get it, I focus on my “never give up, never bail out” mantra. A block, whatever kind it is, will never go away on its own! Recently, in drawing, I found useful and refreshing to dedicate myself again to the basics, so studying anatomic parts separately. To me, the important is never to indulge that block. Ideas won’t come up on their own, they need to be nurtured. Sometimes they build up on their own, oftentimes they need a little help. What matters is to create something, because very often we can forget that the creative process is not only the captivating image, but the sum of everything that has been done before getting to the end result.

Speaking of IG community, we have met thanks to it and I couldn’t be happier about it! How did you end up joining such a crazy place and the gaming community?

Aww I’m so happy too ❤ two of the best people I ever met in this community, you and daddy! ❤ To answer the question, I have to admit its was completely casual. I don’t exactly remember when, my memory is not the best -just like my general health-, but I remember finding some interesting people/accounts to follow through some hashtag search. That’s it, that was my first contact, then my willfulness to put myself out there and share did the rest! A choice I don’t regret at all, since this community has and is still giving me a lot every day, without counting the beautiful people, but wait! SPLENDID people I got to know and whom I really care about.

What does the community mean to you?

I believe the best way to describe what this community means to me, it’s to use a single word: Family. I think I’ve already said it in the past and I still believe it today. It’s gratifying, it’s nice and gives me the feeling I can build something by sharing my passion with all of them. I’m a very shy person and it’s not easy for me to interact with people, but when you realize the kindness, empathy, patience and all the good qualities and nuances of every person you meet, it’s impossible not to get attached to them somehow. I’m really fond of this community, really, really a lot and owe much to it. ❤

Did the community changed your way to approach gaming and even your art?

No, it hasn’t changed my approach to gaming or art, but I can say it has enriched it. As I was saying before, it’s nice to share and this inevitably broadens your perspectives.

Do you have a message for the IG gaming community?

Oh, gosh! xD There’s a ton of things I’d like to say to the community, but one above all is “THANK YOU”, for a bit of everything! For the support, for being so much creative, present, for the kindness, for the respect and for being so inspiring. It’s really a pleasure and a honor to be part of this community and if I was to add something to this, I’d put out a little “plea”: please, always remain as wonderful as you are.

If someone who is reading this isn’t playing FFXIV what would you say them to make them try it?

There’s still someone who’s never tried FFXIV? Hahah kidding! Well, I’d simply say: try it! Try it, play it, relax, have fun and most of all share the experience! There’s so many people in the game ready to get into new experiences with new companions, who knows, maybe together with some fun you might find new friends or strengthen a bond! Regardless, if among the readers of this interview there’s someone who hasn’t tried it and wants to, I’m always available to do something together! ❤

And if they are gamers, what would you say to them to make them join the IG gaming family?

What are you waiting for? There’s a huge and exciting family that can’t wait to welcome you with open arms and to join you in this great adventure! Sharing is always the key word and the more we are, the more fun to be had, no? ❤

And lastly, as for everyone of my guests, I want you to tell me three account names you would like to see as my guests!

Silver.eaglex, Isiriblitz, Chocoboy_james

Thank you so much for agreeing to be my guest and for being so lovely…and most of all thank you for taking all this time to answer my questions and also for spreading some time with me in game too! ❤ 

And thank you all for reading yet another of my interviews! Hope you enjoyed it and please be sure to follow my dear friend Red.lair for more art, and screenshots and adorable animal pics! 

Lastly a big thank you to Unidess for helping me with all the work! See you all in my next interview! Have a wonderful time in game and outside! 

With love,

Interviewing Ali_vaera

Welcome back to my parlour! Today we will get to know better a very special person for me. She’s one of my best friends ever, she’s my sister from another mistress, she’s the wonderful, talented Ali_vaera aka Dani!

You are a well known and beloved member of the IG gaming community and you charm everyone with your personality and beautiful content! But you are a gamer since a young age! Let’s talk about your first approach to the video games world! When was it?

Awuh! Thank you! I can’t remember an exact year but I know I was quite young! And the only reason I played video games was because my older brother Charles got me hooked! Video games for sure changed my life!

What was the first video game that made you fall in love?

The first video game that I ever remember falling in love with and actually fiending on was a game called Monster & Me aka M&M from around 2002 I wanna say. I actually met quite a few people playing that game that I am still very close friends with, and I met one of them in person for the first time in 2018!! We all met when we were about 10-12 years old! I don’t remember it much but it was a MMORPG somewhat like Pokémon and we were Gods/Goddess’s!

What made you stay in love with the gaming universe even growing up to this day?

Honestly, all the friendships I’ve made from 2002 til now, I probably would have stopped gaming if it weren’t for the people I’ve met along the way. Also, for me it was a huge way to escape reality and to just immerse myself into something fantasy and away from the issues of the real world.

Your favourite game at the moment is obviously World of Warcraft! How did you start playing this game?

My older brother Charles ! He got me HOOKED back in 2004, I use to go visit him during school breaks all the time and he’s the one who introduced me into WoW! I still remember creating my first character on his account! A Night Elf Druid of course… hehe.

What is your relationship with the game at the moment and how did it evolve through the years?

I’m still incredibly hooked on the game, my interest fizzled out a little bit this expansion but I am super pumped for Shadowlands and what it brings! I think it’ll be good for WoW! When I first started playing WoW in Classic, I was a complete noob.. all I did was go kitty form and roleplay with a friend as kitties in Auberdine/Goldshire! BC was pretty much the same but I did reach lvl 70 before WotLK! I still remember the night of WotLK release! It was the night my older brother got me my own WoW account and that is when it was the start of a serious committed relationship between me and the game! Wrath was the year I started raiding and playing more seriously. I have become more casual over the years but the game is still super exciting for me! And I truly hope that never changes!

World of Warcraft is also the game you post about the most on your IG account but how did you end up into the rabbit hole? How did you get to know about the community and what made you want to be part of it?

Funny thing is… I didn’t know that there was even a WoW presence on Instagram when I posted my first post! I had just gone through about 2-3 different facebook WoW groups and they were all so toxic and it really killed it for me because I was so lonely had no one in WoW to play with since my brother was one of my only friends who actually played WoW with me… So after I posted a picture on Instagram, I saw that I got a lot of likes and I was so startled because I usually only got like 3 likes on anything I ever posted on IG LOL. I saw a few people like my posts, like I know Koristraza and Shynisti were one of the first people to actually engage with me when I joined but after I found this AMAZING community I went straight to posting my pictures! Which I have always loved taking WoW screenshots so it was just such a great finding! AND OF COURSE ALL THE PEOPLE I HAVE MET IN THE YEAR I HAVE BEEN HERE.

Your account is so pleasing to watch! So many wonderful screens it’s hard to choose only one or two favourites! What is your inspiration?

A huge inspiration for me the past year has been being able to share my love for the game through my pictures! And especially my Night Elves! As well as being able to meet up with players of the community to fiend out in Azeroth with or just to take a simple hi and bye picture!

What is like to meet other members of the community in-game?

SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love it! Even if it’s just for a quick picture! Every single person I’ve met in game so far from the community has been so kind and sweet it makes my heart truly happy!

As you have already said, because of the community we get to know many people and some of them end up being pretty important to us. What does the community mean to you?

The WoW Instagram community means a lot to me… if it weren’t for the people I’ve met and all the friendships I’ve made I would have quit WoW last year, probably for good. Playing an MMORPG alone is very very lonely.. so since becoming an active member in the community it has made me feel so loved and appreciated and actually feel like I matter.

Do you have a message for the community?

Be yourself not who society wants you to be. Be kind in all ways possible. Be positive and always look on the bright side. Do those three things both in and outside of Azeroth and you’ll live a happy life! Can’t strain enough on the be kind part! We all know what it’s like to pug or meet randoms who make the game so unpleasant, don’t be one of those people.

You’ve been part of the community for a bit now, how did all this IG experience change the way you approach the gaming life now?

It has actually helped me become a better person in game, I defend people a lot more, I’m more engaged in the game with others, I’m waaaaaayyy more talkative! Prior to joining the IG WoW family all I did was solo play through everythinnnggggg. I still sometimes get that way out of habit but actually having people to play and talk to now and nerd out about the game is … just the absolute best.

You are not only a gamer but a streamer too! What made you want to stream on twitch?

My husband is actually the reason I wanted to get into it in the first place, he made it seem so fun! And then after I joined the community and saw soooo many other WoW streamers and got to view a few streams it made me desire it even more!

You are a wife, a mom of a beautiful boy and you have the second baby on the way! How is it to be a gamer momma? How do you manage to balance your passion and your personal life?

It’s honestly really really hard! I’m surprised I’m still able to even get a few hours a week for my hobby! When I first had my son it was easy, because I just breastfed him while I played WoW and he’d remain in my arms until he started walking and then running LOL it got pretty rough to make time to play after that. Being a wife, mother, pregnant, having a full time job and streaming when I can is honestly really hard… some days I do neglect my IRL duties such as chores and I always tell myself “YOLO”. I would rather live in a dirty house a few days out of the week and be able to keep my sanity haha. Gaming truly does help me relax.

Let us know more about you! Who is Dani besides this wonderful creature we know and love?

Hmmm.. I’m really bad about describing who I am to be honest hahah. In real life I’m incredibly shy when you first meet me but once I open up I can be suppppeerrrr annoying and huggy and I laugh seriously WAYYY too much. I truly enjoy laughing and making other people laugh, I try and do it as much as I can but mainly it’s by making a fool out of myself just to get them to laugh but it makes me super happy when it works LOL. I’m super clumsy… super protective over people I care about and love.. I can be VERY FIESTY when provoked in any way… I talk super funny and mix my words a lot.. another thing about me.. is that I get really passionate about uplifting others and usually when I get into deep talks (which is a lot) I end up crying because of how passionate I am about what I’m saying. A few of my friends could def vouch for me on this haha. But all in all, I’m a goofy, super loving person also… did I mention I have a temper? LMAO

Let’s get to a couple of questions from the community! The first one is connected to your streams! They want to know if you would consider streaming full time, as a career if you would be presentedwith the opportunity.

Oh wow! I honestly never thought about it as an actual career or doing it full time.. that would be cool and honestly if it would work out like that I would most likely accept.. BUT I honestly love where I’m at right now. I get to engage with every person, and I honestly have nooo idea what I’d do in WoW for 8 hrs a day while streaming LOL but that’s a cool question thanks for putting that in my mind!

Now to the second and last question from the community! Someone wanted me to ask what was the best thing that happened to you in 2019, but I already know that getting married to your wonderful husband and getting pregnant for the second time are up there so I want to ask you what was the “second” best thing besides all these wonderful things, that happened to you last year?

BLIZZCON!!!! It was my first time ever going!! I got to meet SO MANY people from the community and even got on the live cam during a WoW panel!! IT WAS SO COOL!! I truly can’t believe I got to experience all of it! I can’t wait for the next one that I get to go to! I relive the whole experience in my head from time to time to be honest if that doesn’t sound… weird. LOL

Blizzcon is home! And talking about that! You have been a blizzard fan and a WoW gamer for basically all your life! What would you say to someone who doesn’t know the game to make them start playing?

Oh lord… I’m so bad with getting people into the game LOL take my husband for instance! 8 years together and about 4-6 attempts and I still can’t get him to play. If it were a stranger I’d just list all the things that I enjoy doing, the PvE is always amazing, the story keeps you on your toes, PvP is SUPER fun (with friends), professions are seriously the most fun thing for me in the game, Mythics and raids! The things to do in this game are literally endless! That’s why it’s survived for so long!

And to make them join the IG gaming community? What are three advices you would give them if they decide to join in?

1) Post things that YOU enjoy. 2) Make friends, the community is so large and there are soooo many people to meet! 3) Be open to diversity within the game and posts that you see. We’re from ALL AROUND THE WORLD and all play WoW a little different.

Besides obviously all the work you will have to do when the baby arrives, what are your future plans and aspirations? Both in game and real life!

For real life, I just want to become a better mother and wife. If my family is happy, I’m happy. Their happiness is all I can truly ask for in life. For the game, I truly hope that I’ll be able to continue playing and being part of the community as my life gets crazier haha.

And lastly the question I will ask every single one of my guest, who are three members of our splendid community that you would want to see as my guests?

Aghhh! There’s so many people to choose from! Oh my goodness… I hope that everyone gets a round at this! But, my first three would be Alina, Shynisti aka Luna and 14szafer aka Stormy! I talk to those three so much and would love to see what their answers are!

Thank you for the patience and for being such a lovely guest! I couldn’t have had a better second guest honestly! Really wish you the best of luck with all! And really thank you again for supporting me and letting me interview you! And also thank you for spending time with me in game while doing this!

It was an absolute pleasure! I am so happy you are doing this for the community so a huge THANK YOU to YOU!

And as always a huge thank you to all of you who follow me and support me! I appreciate all your comments and likes and all the interest you show towards this project of mine. I’m overwhelmed by all the love and support! Thank you all! Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did doing it! See you all next month with two new wonderful guests!

With love,

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